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    making damascus swords, and hunting knives
  1. l: Our Billets Contains "1095 & 15N20" High Carbon Tool Steel with above 256 Layers and Hardness 55 to 60Hrc. it,s total ength 10 inch long, 2.25 inch width, 6 mm thinkness with stag horn Ready for shipping
  2. Damascus handmade custom hunting knife. We made this knife ,, look my work and try to find out my miss take in it, if some one find out i will be very happy
  3. Damascus handmade sword Total length = 42 inch blade length = 35 inch handle length = 7 inch
  4. wow great work,,, unique sheath
  5. Don could you change mine Rizwan babar , thank
  6. i llike to made unique superb swords

  7. Very very interesting to see this sword, i wish this will be superb sword. intersting to see heating it
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