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  1. Thanks for all the great advice guys, a lot to consider. Hey Mr. Coe, the video links on the grinders page were showing up as not available in IE and Firefox. Not sure if the issue is on my end but I thought you should know. Thanks
  2. The one on the right is put together and I believe its just angle of the pic that makes it look like that. The one on the left is not put together and the hub is just sitting on it. For aluminum those hubs are heavier than I would have expected. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the reply. I'm not real keen on using these as drive wheels. Just seems like it would make things harder, like switching to a flat platen. I guess I could just put shafts in them and use pillow blocks on the attachment arm, like you said, that may be easier than milling out the holes. thanks again.
  4. Hey. I scored a couple of 10" "Cosmo" rubber contact wheels at an estate sale for a deal so I thought I would go ahead and start my grinder build. But these wheels have keyed holes with no bearings in them, and the holes are different sizes. With everything I've seen, and with my limited knowledge, all contact wheels have bearings and are mounted in some sort of pillow block. The hubs are aluminum and I have access to a metal lathe so my first instinct says to mill the holes out to accept a standard bearing. But before I did that I thought I would ask the gurus and see what other options I may have. Attached pic of wheels. Thanks for any advice.
  5. That is an excellent tutorial. If you scroll down rather quickly it looks almost like an animation
  6. Got a wild hair and did an "instructable" on this video series. Its my first one. http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Forge-a-Throwing-Knife-From-Recycled-Farm-S/ http://www.instructables.com/ is an interesting site for all kinds of diy stuff incase you don't know what it is.
  7. Nice looking chopper. On the judging, each participant could send their knife to another randomly selected participant to be judged by a specific criteria. Some more honor system stuff if its just for fun.
  8. Just got to watch it and thought it was a great show. And congrats on the win. We all busted out laughing when they announced they were going to shoot the blades of the katanas and you were like "what?"
  9. Here is the final installment for this throwing knife. I think I will try a karambit next.
  10. Part 2, not the best but at least I'm almost done with it.
  11. Hey thanks for the comment. Glad you liked it. Editing the grinding vid has been excruciatingly boring. Its hard to make that interesting. But I want to show the process from start to finish. Should have it tomorrow. Thanks again and to everyone that checkd it out.
  12. Hey, another newb here. Been researching blacksmithing for a couple of years now, with an emphasis in weapons and tools, but I like all of it. Finally got a decent setup and decided to give a little back to the community in the form of videos of things I've learned/learning. Nothing that hasn't been done before but I figure what the heck. Thought someone might enjoy this video. Its probably the best knife shaped object I've made so far. I've got the grinding done but still in the process of editing that video, should have it up soon. Update 9-3-2015: Edited to add a short trailer that has parts of all three vids in it just for the folks with short attention spans.
  13. That was pretty good. Especially the ending
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