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  1. Unfortunately, space and schoolboy budget plus living in the UK, I'll risk it with a cheap one, but I'll do most work by file
  2. Could you recommended a smallish grinder then?
  3. Or a combination, something along these lines: https://www.machinemart.co.uk/shop/product/details/cbg6sb-6in-bench-grinder-with-sander?da=1&TC=SRC-belt+grinder I get the feeling it might turn out to be a "buy nice or buy twice"
  4. Hello again, Something that I've observed (please correct if I'm wrong) is that grinding takes up most of the time of bladesmithing/knifemaking. I always see belt sanders/grinders, but honestly cannot find an affordable one with a slack belt (which seems important, again, PLEASE put me right). Therefore, I have seen the attractive alternative of a grinding wheel, which costs less but fulfils the same purpose apparently. I know it would leave a rough finish, but I am not afraid to spend time drawfiling and sanding for a good satin at least. For a simple O1 steel knife, would one of the
  5. Ahhh that's great to hear, may try that...is that 10% by volume, mass or moles?
  6. Hello all My name's Will,I'm 16 and blades have always kind of fascinated me. I've always dreamed of making a sword, but about two years ago I started researching all about smithing,stock removal and see that a knife is the place to start. After hundreds of hours staring at screens and pictures, I've decided that this summer, empty after exams, could be a good time to get a basic setup and just dive straight in. Firstly, an odd place to start, but any start is a start... I want to cast a bronze sword. My good friend owns a Neil Burridge, whom I've watched and researched and he see
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