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  1. It's like everyone else said wow, amazing, cool, and beautiful blade.. I can't wait to see the finished product. .
  2. This is me just messing around with two RR spikes.. I think it's Looks cool but I made it so of course it's cool to me..
  3. Thanks kc.. your info was a bit confusing but with the explanation and photos it has given me lots to look at with this sgian dubh and when I get more time I will get more done on it..
  4. Wes this is my first knife just a plain old RR spike I pounded it for 4 hours then filed it by hand for 80 hours some people think I'm crazy but I thought it was fun. .
  5. I guess I really didn't think of that as I looked at the blade and the handle separate. it's good to have this forum for an objective option. I thank you for your help. .
  6. I'm going to be putting in a little bit of copper where the shoulder meets the handle that is why I made the step on the tang..
  7. thank you for all the information and the illustrations are very helpful for someone who has little experience (like me ) and this is not going to be a chopping knife but more of a show peace.. I'm constantly on this forum (my wife says way to much) looking at all your guys posts to learn more about this art to help me along my way.. Again thanks for all the help and advice..
  8. This is an all around amazing peace of art..
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