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  1. Did you see the top comment under the video?? "Something so sad to see is a awesome piece of history that had some of the greatest minds coming together to make it only to be filmed by a fuckwit that can't hold a recorder properly."
  2. Would you have any pics of the entire blade you could share?
  3. I'm thinking my definition of "simple" and your definition have some distance between them...
  4. This may be a dumb question - Is making a mini like this easier or harder than making a full-sized katana? I have a feeling the answer is probably "Yes!" If so, would you be willing to compare and contrast for us?
  5. That's a hella workload! How long did it take you from start to finish on 125 blades? Inquiring minds and all...
  6. "You will never defeat my praying mantis style!"
  7. That French site is full of flabbergasting forging pics:
  8. If I'm reading the OP correctly, the tack embellishments are the enabling task to get to PW blades since they benefit the wife who would otherwise have different plans for our intrepid blacksmith's time. If I'm correct, he won't be hardening the items used on the tack, just the blades he happens to be able to produce while working away diligently on his wife's projects. So, he'll need a steel combo suitable both for blades (functional) and for the horsey hardware (showy).
  9. Nice wrap job! I especially like that plump turks head.
  10. Does an atmospheric tube in a vertical electric kiln need to be thin-walled or just plain ole' junkyard sewer pipe?
  11. I want to see how you guys are twisting using these pipe threading machines. Someone else on here mentioned that several weeks ago. Got vid?
  12. Aldo's site seems to show all the .250 in 1075 out of stock and has for a while
  13. I was under the impression that 5160 was fairly forgiving in the heat treat process without a kiln. Not so much?
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