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  1. Thanks guys for your continual appreciation over this piece. I'm glad you've enjoyed it as much as I did making it. Steve
  2. Steve Nowacki

    1750's style french trappers knife WIP

    Thanks for that Wes. I have so many pic's of this build that I would love to turn it into a book maybe sometime in the future, but it's like a lot of things I just need to find the time.
  3. Steve Nowacki

    1750's style french trappers knife WIP

    It's a pleasure Alan you're more than welcome buddy and thank you for your sentiments it means a great deal to me.
  4. Steve Nowacki

    1750's style french trappers knife WIP

    Now to rivet the saddle to the back spring. This is the snap rivet tool held in the vice. The groove on the back of the spring here is to help the blade track nice and true when opening and closing the knife. Now to clean the blade up with successive finer grits of abrasive. The bucking bar here is used to support the antler taper and hold the rivet in place which will attach the back spring to the handle. This is the only place where the back spring is physically attached to the handle. The saddle is riveted to the back spring and then the saddle is pinned to the sides of the handle, this creates more support closer to the pivot point of the blade and adds more pressure when opening and closing the knife. If you look closely at the lower picture you'll see that the inside of the antler is shiny that's because I apply super glue to the inside surfaces of the antler where any soft pith is still present. It just hardens any of these areas and will make the inner part of the handle less susceptible to water or moisture ingress. Everything is now coming together quite nicely. The rivets which hold the saddle in place are dry fitted and then marked and then cut to length so they do not protrude into the groove where the blade sits and cause any obstruction. They are then re-fitted with a little super glue to make sure they don't come out. Here are the final pic's of the completed knife plus a rustic style sheath made so the customer can wear his knife on his belt. I hope you've enjoyed the WIP guys and thank you again Alan for pinning it to the board.
  5. Steve Nowacki

    1750's style french trappers knife WIP

    It's tipping it down here so I've got some more time to load a few more pic's for this WIP. Just extending the notch on the back of the blade so it fits tighter with the back spring. Now the saddle is made from some thin M/S sheet and then coloured using plum browning solution. Making the small rivets which will hold all of the pieces together on the handle. This rivet actually goes through the antler and into the back spring and holds the back spring in place on the handle as can been seen in the lower picture. This round bar I've drilled and tapped so I can hold the pommel cap more securely when filing and shaping it. One more check of everything then I'll gun blue the cap with some Phillips cold bluing solution.
  6. Steve Nowacki

    8.5" Wa-Gyuto

    They look great, nice slim and slicey.
  7. Steve Nowacki

    1750's style french trappers knife WIP

    Next instalment, I've taken a 3.25mm M/S welding rod and hammered it square ready to twist and make the finger ring on the top of the back spring. I'll run the torch along the bar and then twist. The next thing is to make some of the rivets that'll be used in the construction of the folder. Now for the brass crown which will sit on top of the saddle, just as a bit of decoration. Working the back spring, forming the finials each end and a little bit of file work.
  8. Steve Nowacki

    1750's style french trappers knife WIP

    Cheers Alan, you are the man. I'll post some more tomorrow. Steve
  9. Steve Nowacki

    1750's style french trappers knife WIP

    Here are a few more pic's to be going on with. This is just one of the adapted saws that I use to cut the groove into the taper. And the u-shaped clamp in use. Milling in the nail nick. A piece of leaf spring being cut which will be forged and used for the external back spring. A wooden template made so I can see that the shape of the spring matches the antler handle. Getting there. Dry fit up.
  10. I've been talking about posting these pic's in a different thread and have eventually gotten my act together. I haven't made one of these folders for a little while, but that doesn't mean to say that there isn't one waiting to be commissioned some time in the future. At this point I have to mention the book Antler and Iron 2 by Gene Chapman, because it was the writing of that little gem of a book that was the inspiration for me to make these style of folders. These first pic's are of the initial design of the folder and they show how I start to mark out the Sambar stag taper handle, this post may get a bit pic heavy. The pic of this little horse shoe clamp was made after seeing the same one featured in the Gene Chapman book, like I said it is a gem of information. These next ones show the fit of the blade to the handle, how much material needs to be above the antler and how central I've managed to cut the recess foe the blade to sit in when closed.
  11. Start caulking that boat Charles I'm sorting through pic's at the moment buddy. Steve
  12. Gerhard thank you for your comments buddy. It's great to draw inspirstion from other makers work. You know there are some awesome makers around and the skill that they possess never fails to astound and inspire me. As regards to the Spanish notch on the blade, some people can't abide them, but I like them and I feel it gives a certain look to the blade.
  13. Thanks for your comments guys, I'll tell you what I may have somewhere Ross is a set of pic's showing the build of a mountainman folder I've made in the past. If I get the time I'll try and upload some and see if it floats anyone's boat.
  14. Steve Nowacki

    Zorro's sword

    What a beautiful piece, quite stunning.
  15. Steve Nowacki


    Clean lines and quite simply beautiful.