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  1. Hi Clint Thank you for taking the time to look and your comments buddy.
  2. Morning gents Thank you very much for all of your comments. The Sam Brown stud could be used to hang the sheath from a frog Doug but not in this case. The sheath is designed to be thrust through your belt and the stud just stops it from being pushed to far. It's just an old fashioned way of carrying your rig I guess. A little like those old black and white studio pictures of Bill Hickock and other infamous gun slingers of that era. Steve
  3. This one has been on the books for a little while and it's rather poignant that I've got to do this Bowie just after the legend that was Bill Bagwell has unfortunately passed away. The original style that I call the San Antonio was based on the Bagwell Hell's Belle Bowie. The blade for this knife is made from W-1 high carbon tool steel, it's 258mm - 10 1/8" long, it is 5.5mm thick on the spine and the blade flats have a brushed satin finish. The overall length of the knife is 390mm - 15 5/16" and the clip has been sharpened. There are three coined nickel silver spacers and the forw
  4. Thanks Joe Don't knock yourself buddy, remember every knife is a learning curve and always strive to make the next one better than the last. It's very honourable of you to want to make some knives and donate them to veteran's. I've done that a couple of times here in the UK to a military charity called Pilgrim Bandits. They are based not far from where I live. I look forward to seeing what you can produce. ATB Steve
  5. Thanks for the tip Brandon, if you don't mind me asking what's saran wrap though? I've not had to do that to be honest. The G flex is that runny that all I do is paint it on with a very small artists brush. I got a load off of eBay and use them and bin them as they're no good once the epoxy has gone off. The resin soaks right into the Ito and as of yet I've not had a problem of having to much left on the surface of the wrap. I will keep your tip in the memory bank though as you can never have to much information in knife making. I've googled it, it's cling film I'll have to give it a go.
  6. I used West Systems two part epoxy Pieter, parts 105 and 207. It's super thin and sets super hard. The Ito is from Namikawa in Japan and is pretty bullet proof anyway, but once you put this stuff on it's like Kevlar.
  7. Hi Guys I made this knife, again really to keep her for myself, I didn't even have a name for her. I posted finished pic's of the knife and sheath and a gent contacted me and wanted to buy her he even came up with the name Yuki Onna, the snow maiden. Well it would have been rude of me to not let him go ahead with his purchase. The spec's for this Japanese style tanto are. The blade is made from Shiro2 white paper steel, with a blade length of 152mm and an overall length of 290mm. The handle has grey polished Samigawa over wrapped with grey/green silk Ito which I've treated and h
  8. Morning Joe Thank you very much for your comments buddy. There are times when you make a knife that is hard to let go of. Like I said I've always loved the design of this knife and I did the original drawings to make her for myself. I have a commission to make another so I may do two and keep one for myself this time. All the best Steve
  9. I have to agree with you Alan about the design of this knife. The F/S is iconic and holds a special place in my heart but it's not what I'd call a practicle design. If I had to choose between two daggers personally I'd go for the V-42 over the F/S every time, but if I had to deploy and had a choice of knife to carry on my rig I'd take the SOG recon Bowie. There's just something about the shape of that blade that says, I'm up for it.
  10. Hi Gary Thank you for your comments buddy. I use Phillips professional cold blue cut 3 parts water to 1 part bluing solution. I've got hot bluing salts but I don't use them on the blade because of the temperature needed to make the salts melt. I've also got some Caswell steel ox steel blackening treatment that I'm going to start to use on future projects. Steve
  11. A gent asked me to make him a knife, he said I don't care what it is I just want you to make it. Well that's the kind of offer you can't refuse. I had this design on the drawing board for quite a while as the SOG recon Bowie is my favourite Vietnam era combat knife and I've always wanted to make one. I hoped I could do justice to the lineage of this iconic knife and give this commission what it deserved. The blade for this knife is made from L-3 high carbon tool steel which I cold gun blued. The blade is 180mm long and is 5.5mm thick on the spine, the overall length of the knife i
  12. Morning Gents Thank you for your comments and observations. Steve the blade does have a very slight recurve to it's cutting edge and I like your comment about sinister, I don't mean that to sound sinister if you get my drift. I love the knives that the CAS brothers make and maybe I was trying to capture a little bit of their flair and character in this knife. I have to say that if we were allowed to carry a blade like this here in the UK she'd go everywhere with me as my EDC. ATB Steve
  13. I know I haven't posted for a while, but now you're going to wish I hadn't come back. I called this knife the Gaucho. The blade core of this knife is 80Cr V2 high carbon tool steel laminated with 431 stainless steel with a Spanish notch at the heel. The handle scales are made from Juma super tusk which is a beautiful synthetic ivory with red liners held with two S/S Corby bolts and two stainless pins. The blade length is 180mm and the overall length of the knife is 305mm. The hand stitched leather sheath is dyed mahogany brown and black and has a front panel of crocodile leath
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