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  1. I've been talking about posting these pic's in a different thread and have eventually gotten my act together. I haven't made one of these folders for a little while, but that doesn't mean to say that there isn't one waiting to be commissioned some time in the future. At this point I have to mention the book Antler and Iron 2 by Gene Chapman, because it was the writing of that little gem of a book that was the inspiration for me to make these style of folders. These first pic's are of the initial design of the folder and they show how I start to mark out the Sambar stag taper handle, this post may get a bit pic heavy. The pic of this little horse shoe clamp was made after seeing the same one featured in the Gene Chapman book, like I said it is a gem of information. These next ones show the fit of the blade to the handle, how much material needs to be above the antler and how central I've managed to cut the recess foe the blade to sit in when closed.
  2. Start caulking that boat Charles I'm sorting through pic's at the moment buddy. Steve
  3. Gerhard thank you for your comments buddy. It's great to draw inspirstion from other makers work. You know there are some awesome makers around and the skill that they possess never fails to astound and inspire me. As regards to the Spanish notch on the blade, some people can't abide them, but I like them and I feel it gives a certain look to the blade.
  4. Thanks for your comments guys, I'll tell you what I may have somewhere Ross is a set of pic's showing the build of a mountainman folder I've made in the past. If I get the time I'll try and upload some and see if it floats anyone's boat.
  5. Steve Nowacki

    Zorro's sword

    What a beautiful piece, quite stunning.
  6. Steve Nowacki


    Clean lines and quite simply beautiful.
  7. Just a quickie to finish this thread off really. We only have one dedicated knife show here in the UK and that is Knives UK held at the end of June. I entered this Bowie into the professional makers competition and I am very proud to say that it won best in show. I was very humbled and to say the least, not a little bit pleased as this was the third year in a row that I have won this accolade. I think I'm right in saying that I am the only professional maker who attends this show to have done that. Anyway here's a pic of the Bowie with the award, thanks guys for all of your comments and continued interest in this thread. Steve
  8. JD thank you very much for your comments high praise indeed. It was seeing one of your knives which had a spacer in front of the guard which inspired me to incorporate the same type of fittings on the Bowies that I make. Steve
  9. Steve Nowacki

    New chef knives

    Those are beautiful knives superbly executed what a pleasure to behold.
  10. Steve Nowacki

    Custom Nakiri

    I bought three blocks of that stuff at least five years back Brian from some buddies of mine who run a company called Emberleaf. I can't remember what the blocks are called now. I decided to use it on that other Santoku I made because the customers were vegan and didn't want a buffalo horn bolster used. So I found this stuff out in my wood store, cut it into smaller blocks and now use this. It polishes beautifully, has the foil inside and all sots of flecks going on. I've got to try and source some more because once I've used what I have that's it.
  11. Steve Nowacki

    Custom Nakiri

    It's the first time I've tried it Alan, for some reason I didn't think I would be able to get one in this steel. Then I came across a thread from another forum about producing a hamon in 80Cr V2, so I had to give it a go.
  12. Steve Nowacki

    Custom Nakiri

    Ross the makers mark is etched in, I got the stencils from a gent called Ernie Grospitch from Florida.
  13. Steve Nowacki

    Custom Nakiri

    Thank you Charles I appreciate you taking the time to look buddy.
  14. Steve Nowacki

    Custom Nakiri

    Hi Gents I'm just putting the finishing touches to this Custom Nakiri, it has a blade from 80Cr V2 (1080+), the blade is 3mm thick on the spine, 175mm long with a full flat grind, the overall length of the knife is a tad over 300mm. The blade was coated with clay and differentially hardened, it's the first time I've tried to get a hamon in 80Cr V2 and I'm really happy with the results. I have to say that I'm starting to fall in love with this steel, it's a pleasure to work with, heat treats easily and gives a lovely finished blade. There's one nickel silver spacer with a black resin bolster which has foil cast into it. The handle is my own hybrid wood of stabilised oak burr cast in white Alumilite resin. This handle was the other piece left from the Santoku I posted on here a while back. Everything is held in place with one mosaic pin and the whole package weighs in at 194g. Thank you for taking the time to look, all comments and critique very welcome as ever. Steve
  15. Steve Nowacki

    Starting a New Bowie

    This is going to be great to follow, I'm looking forward to see how this progresses and seeing the finished knife.