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  1. Kris Lipinski

    A few new bronzes.

    Wonderful! As usually!
  2. Kris Lipinski


    Wow. I love the hamon - so cloudy.... Does it seem to moove when turning the knife in hand?
  3. Kris Lipinski

    Bearded Axe

    Thank you The eye was mig - welded to main body. I welded in forge first, but then filled up all the uneven places with mig. Then ground and polished.
  4. Kris Lipinski

    Bearded Axe

    Yesterday I finished an axe - model I like a lot! This one was a "budget version" - it was made of spring steel adn ordinary mild steel for the eye partially forge welded and mainly welded using mig welder. Weight approx 500g (1,1lb) Once I made one like this using more traditonal technicques
  5. Kris Lipinski

    My first steps - playing with leather (kind of WiP)

    After a long time I finished the sheath that I showed in first post. The leather work isn't at high level, but the sheath is really functional
  6. Kris Lipinski

    HeartLine S290 Stainless San Mai

    Beautiful! The description says the cutting edge in almost 70 HRC! Is taht correct? And the pattern is mono steel? Or is it multilayer damascus?
  7. Kris Lipinski

    Veðrfölnir, the "Storm Pale"

    WoW! I'm really impressed! It's a testimony of the finest craftsmanship and ... patience. Beautiful!
  8. Kris Lipinski

    Scramasax. Pattern welded blade with ornamented handle WIP

    Today I finished the sheath. What was a bit difficult it was riveting the small plates - while riveting they tended to move a bit i random directions. Anyway, I'm happy with the result. I have the pictures of just the sheath, as the seax was already shipped to new owner.
  9. Kris Lipinski

    Type Z Viking Sword

    Thank you sir!
  10. Kris Lipinski

    Type Z Viking Sword

    Again - a great work. Now I had the time to read all and watch the pictures with proper attention I admire the details: particulary bronze castinings and the scabbard - is that curved wood covered tightly with leather? It looks luxury and like it was saying "be in respect what I'm concealing inside!" Great work sir!
  11. Kris Lipinski

    Type Z Viking Sword

    Top notch! Wonderful work!
  12. Kris Lipinski

    Perhaps the busiest knife I have ever made...

    Wonderful! I love the burl and the pattern, and... indeed it reminds a zebra
  13. Kris Lipinski

    Scramasax. Pattern welded blade with ornamented handle WIP

    Thank you. After converting temperature to Celsius degrees it all can be set up in my wife,s kiln.
  14. Kris Lipinski

    Scramasax. Pattern welded blade with ornamented handle WIP

    Some leatherwork done.
  15. Kris Lipinski

    A couple of knives for an exhibition.