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  1. I'm in awe! It is really precision work! And nice for eyes
  2. Thank you guys
  3. I forged it accoding to this find. Don't know where from. To me it is a "google images find" ;-) (thanks to the Author who put the dimentions on it). My is slightly bigger and more massive. It was also one of my first jobs on my new assembled old power hammer. The material (lorry axle) is 48,5mm thick (2")
  4. Hi. My latest work. Something unusual This one was forged from carbon steel (axle from old lorry) I used to do one of this once from wrought iron: http://lipinskimetalart.blogspot.com/2015/06/dolabra-rzymski-topor-kilof-roman-axe.html
  5. Really nice. I like this kind of jazz
  6. Wonderful!
  7. Nice! Another great historical knife I love it.
  8. Really nice. Particulary the pleasure of experience And I believe it is possible to forge a pw blades with such small hammer and anvil. If the pw bars are thin (5-6mm) you can weld quite a long blade and wide blade. Probably ancient smiths had much better skills than we have.
  9. Thanks guys. The handle is comfy - not fully historical, but rather interpretation. It is possible to grind it down to more historical shape - if someone wishes I can do it. And the price is final - I reckon it is reasonable or even a bargain.
  10. Looks raw. Pretty nice as for the first one
  11. The Beauty has been enchanted in simplicity!
  12. Hi. The seax is still available.
  13. Hi. The blades are still available. And I can fit some handles if demended.
  14. I like it. Nice pattern. Handle and sheath as well. The look keeps climate.
  15. Really nice handle. At first I thought it was a bog oak