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  1. Kris Lipinski

    Gyuto inspired san mai blades with alternative handle materials

    Beautiful knives!
  2. Kris Lipinski

    My first steps - playing with leather (kind of WiP)

    My were uneven as well, but before burnishig I ground them with sand paprer (80 grit, then 600 grit). Actually I'm learning and practising.
  3. Kris Lipinski

    My first steps - playing with leather (kind of WiP)

    I did some next steps: guled slightly the edges and curved a groove. On the other side I made a groove after making the holes, to make sure the stitch is gonna fit the grooves on both sides. Two needles with a braided and waxed thread. I used threads of approx. 170% of lenght of the stitching line and it was just enough. Then I ground the edges with sand paper and polished with water and some wood tool from the kitchen I'm going to put some brass plates, copper rivets and one loop to hang on the belt.
  4. Kris Lipinski

    sumac stagwood with hamon

    Actually I've got some sumac from my prarents in low garden - needs one more year to get dried properly - but on the cross section of the tree the grain look really nice. Rhus typhina L. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rhus_typhina
  5. Kris Lipinski

    sumac stagwood with hamon

    Charming - the wood is reaali attractive for eyes And the hamon is well visible. Clay cover method quench?
  6. Kris Lipinski

    My lastest WIP

    Wonderful therad! I'm wondering how I could miss it
  7. Kris Lipinski

    My first steps - playing with leather (kind of WiP)

    Thank you guys. Actually I had read and watched a lot before I started - the theory supports practice. JJ I"ve already polished them And the leather is probably vegetable tanned - as I tried on some other pieces and it didn't work. Soon after Easter the threads and needles should be delivered - then I will start stitching and I'll show the results, step by step. Then I'm gonna do some brass plates etc.
  8. Kris Lipinski

    My first steps - playing with leather (kind of WiP)

    Brian, and so thought I - until I dared to try Actually this sheath is my second one. The first I made 2 years ago was just c**p. And now I'm practising and practising, and it comes out better and better. I'm also exercising some wood curvings and ... the devil is not as black as he is painted. Gnothi seauton as ancient Greeks used to say
  9. Recently I've got plenty of spare time because of ... bronchitis. But sitting at home on the bom can make man even more sick so I deceided to spend that extra given time for practicing the leatherwork. I got some leather offcuts from a friend some time ago. The tools are quick made just for exercising. I'm trying to punch, cut, soon also stitch. The sheath I started is for my wife's knife. I enclose some pictures of my attempts, and in the futer of the progress This motif below was really challenging for my skills and tools - very small details.
  10. Kris Lipinski

    Pattern Welding Explained

    Great idea! Do you think about several types of patterns? As Jochua has asked. Should we send you some pictures? As each smith has some nice and slightly different examples and variations
  11. Kris Lipinski

    Sword. Petersen type H

    ... and another sword This time, short, light, fast - for a "flyweight" sworsman. Blade of 60WCrV8 tool steel, cross guard and upper guard + pommel - wrought iron - etched, burnished with oil then polished with abrasive paper 1000 grit.. Grip - wood + leather. Overall lenght - 867mm Blade lenght - 707mm Grip - 102mm Width at cros guard - 47mm Cross guard lenght - 72mm Upper guard lenght - 52mm Point of balance - 166mm Weight - 990g / 2,18 lb
  12. Kris Lipinski

    Viking Age sword Petersen type Z with wrought + plain inlay

    Thanks guys I still need to practise inlaying , but I'm getting better And the sword isn't sterile neat, as it is a heavy duty "myrmidon". Soon there will be another one
  13. Kris Lipinski

    First Sword

    Wow. Man! I can't believ it is yuor first sword! Looks wonderful!
  14. Another sword finished Blunt blade forged out of massive bar of 60WCrV8 tool steel. Cross guard, upper guard and pommel forged and filed of wrought iron + brass inlay. "Rivets" are actually screws - not historical techinicque, but the sword is dedicated for sport fencing. The grip was made of black locust wood and leather. Some data: Overall lenght - 935mm / 36,8" Blade lenght - 776mm / 30,55" Grip - 102mm / 4 Width at cros guard - 48mm / 1,89" Cross guard lenght - 107mm / 4,21" Upper guard lenght - 77mm / 3,03" Point of balance - 167mm / 6,57" Weight - 1165g / 2,56 lb (41oz)
  15. Kris Lipinski

    Big pattern welded seax with serpent

    The old handle was not historical - just my "artistic vision". I changed it according to customer's suggestions, and the seax flied on the other coast of the pond I was a bit regreting that handle, but now the customer is really happy. There is an ash wood on the new one.