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  1. Kris Lipinski

    Anothe saber blade + crossguard

    Hi. Another finished blade. Relatively short - customer's project. The handle will be made by a guy himself. Some data: Spring steel 50HF (51CrV4) Blade lenght: 689mm Width: 29,5mm Thickness: 6mm Bend: 36mm Weight: 462g (just blade without the crossguard) The crossguard welded with MIG from plates, empty inside.
  2. Kris Lipinski

    Broken Back Seax

    I love it. Very inspirational! Thank you for sharing.
  3. Kris Lipinski

    Avarian saber - pattern welded blade

    Thanks guys. Soon next blades
  4. Kris Lipinski

    Avarian saber - pattern welded blade

    The guy who ordered the blade is gonna fit the handle by himself - when he's done it I'll ask hem for pictures.
  5. Kris Lipinski

    Avarian saber - pattern welded blade

    Apparently yes. They were pattern welded - it was very common technicque in those times. I got some picture from customer - don't know what book it comes from (I'll ask). It shows the pw structure.
  6. Kris Lipinski

    Avarian saber - pattern welded blade

    Another avarian saber blade. Almost the same as the one here: https://www.bladesmithsforum.com/index.php?/topic/37833-pattern-welded-avarian-saber-price-drop/ This one is slightly longer and wider, the pw twist is 60 layers. The weight remained the same: 565g (which was a surprise to me - it wasn't planned). Blade lenght: 746mm Width: 32mm Thickness: 6,5mm Bend: 24,5mm Steel: 50HF (51CrV4) spring steel Pw twist: old saw x mild steel.
  7. Kris Lipinski

    Silver and bog oak seax

    Beautiful work Man! Congratulations of your well desserved fiery beard!
  8. Kris Lipinski

    The langseax

    Beautiful seax! Classic pattern welding and nicely punched sheath! Congratulations!
  9. Kris Lipinski

    Beer = better forging?

    Wow. Over here in Poland it is twices more expensive than basic Laphroaig, Glenmorangie or Highland Park The only bourbons at reasonable prices here are Jeam Beam or Wild Turkey, sometimes you can get Bulleit in ordinary markets. Btw, Once I had an opportunity to get a bottle of Canadian Forty Creek - and it was a really nice "bourbon-like" whisky.
  10. Kris Lipinski


    This is really cool effect! Actually mustards usually contain acetic acid and citic acid + salt. Probably they are the etching agents. I have never thought about using it for etching! Thakns for sharing. I thought about some simmilar experiment; etching with water after sour(pickle) cucumbers (after natural lactic fermentation). It contains lactic acid + salt. This liquid was known in middle Europe since middle ages (mailnly as an hangover remedy), so it could had been used for etching steel. But it's just a foggy vision of my imagination Anyway, when I try I show the result on the forum.
  11. Kris Lipinski

    Litle hatchet 170g / 6oz WIP

    Thanks guys I hope the customer likes it. And the bigger one from the session is gonna be a present for may Dad in law, who often goes fishing in wildlife
  12. Kris Lipinski

    Litle hatchet 170g / 6oz WIP

    Hi. Today I forged a little hatchet - an urgent job I used a bar of virgin steel 51CrV4 (spring steel). The customer asked me to take some pictures from the process, so here it is [The editor has randomized the order of pictures]
  13. Kris Lipinski

    Pattern welded sword - some WIP pictures

    Every day a bit forward to... the finish It lasts a bit as I'm working on some more blades (visible in the background on one picture). This is the shape given just by forging. I learned I need to prepare some more material for stock removal, as I was struggling to stretch the blade both in lenght and width to achieve proper dimentions. The lenght that will be from below the guard is765mm (30,12"), width is 50mm (1,97"). Weight (before HT) is 870g (1,92lb). I'm grinding using an angle grinder and finishing with pieces of grinding belts and sand papers with help of shaped pieces of wood. As You can see there are some flaws - the result of too small ammount of material. I think it's got it's charm, mayby will be looking more historical, but I learned the lesson to start a PW sword with some more mass for stock removal. Soon all the blades will be shipped to mr Maciej Leszczynski for heat treatment and when I get them back I'll polish and etch the balde.
  14. Kris Lipinski

    Celtic iron.

    Really good replicas. It's hard not to apreciate it
  15. Kris Lipinski

    HeartLine S290 Stainless San Mai

    I'm in awe! Particulary the pattern comes from mono-steel! It's a kind of magic like in wootz.