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  1. Looks raw. Pretty nice as for the first one
  2. The Beauty has been enchanted in simplicity!
  3. Hi. The seax is still available.
  4. Hi. The blades are still available. And I can fit some handles if demended.
  5. I like it. Nice pattern. Handle and sheath as well. The look keeps climate.
  6. Really nice handle. At first I thought it was a bog oak
  7. I love it! Really straight welding lines and very even teeth at cutting edge.
  8. I like it a lot. It is a beautiful knife so when the knife is opened/unfolded the blade is not locked? Is it supposed to be hold by a thumb only?
  9. Handle fitted. Beech wood. The stick is pushed from the top.
  10. Really nice axe! And the pattern in wrought looks rich I like it
  11. It looks really nice. Personally I prefer a bit thicker balde , but in some cases that thin cutting part may be useful. For sculpting in wood i.e.
  12. Jerrod Haha I didn't even match in my mind this "beard" with the "mustaches" - Thanks for a good title of the thread Adam 80CrV2 should easlily weld with iron or even with itself. The most awkward steels to weld are those with high content of Cr and Si. 80CrV2 is low alloy steel: http://www.zknives.com/knives/steels/steelgraph.php?nm=80crv2&ss=1 with relatively low Cr and Si content. If you had a trouble, mayby accidentally you used some other type of steel. I use this steel for edges of multibar blades. I use old saws (after testing them and comparing with original bits of 80CrV2), but sometimes saws are made of other steels like 60WCrV8, which contains approx 1,5% Cr and such high content makes this steel really hard for forge welding. I hope this claryfied a bit
  13. Wrought is rather unpredictable in 100% The eye part with mustaches/hooks is almost homogenic (I didn't want that, but....), the beard is swirled and weavy, and the "hood" is straight fibrous. The construction of the axe is my own interpretation, not followed by the original, which I don't know. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Axe_of_iron_from_Swedish_Iron_Age,_found_at_Gotland,_Sweden.jpg
  14. Hi All Recently I had a pleasure to forge a replica of a bearded axe from Gotland. It's not a copy, rather my interpretation. Materials: wrough iron + 80CRV2 on cutting edge. This is left blunt so that the axe is allowed to take part in battle reenactings. It was a great fun to do such thing - but I feel I still need to get some more practice. Already I forged some axes, but slightly different: http://lipinskimetalart.blogspot.com/2016/03/toporek-z-lipowca-bearded-axe-from.html http://lipinskimetalart.blogspot.com/2016/02/toporek-wczesnosredniowieczny-bearded.html
  15. Hi all Due to some needs I'm dropping the price. 170$ now. I invite to contact me if you like it. krylip (at) gmail.com or pm here