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  1. Hi all Due to some needs I'm dropping the price. 170$ now. I invite to contact me if you like it. krylip (at) gmail.com or pm here
  2. Just riveted. But there is a tang inside. It is surprisingly strong.
  3. This is my latest comission. Finished today Pugio was a dagger of ancient Roman soldier. Blades forged of car leaf spring, handles made of 1,5mm mild steel sheet.
  4. Just finest work. And I believe there are rich people, who are patrons of art and they love both wokrs of art and supporting great talents. That phenomenon has been known for thousands of years. And this masterpiece is definitely worth it's price. If my feelings were equal with my wallet weight I would buy it
  5. Hi All! I'm pleased to offer for sale a big seax with a serpent in the blade. It was fully hand forged of 80CrV2 tool steel, wrought iron and the serpent of 23 layers. The handle is sculpted from: brass, leather, Hungarian Plum (the root part), leather and the big piece of wood is elm. Plus 3 copper pins. It is rather for a big hand. Some dimentions: Ov. len. 365mm / 25,9" Bl. len. 239mm / 9,75" Bl. wid. 32mm / 1,30" Bl. thick 6mm / 0,25" Asking 180$ and I think it is reasonable price. New price 170$ Shipping: 15$ standard, or 25$ express. Contact via PM here or email me: krylip (at) gmail.com I have also some other blades available here:
  6. Hi all. As I'm gonna do some refurbishing and improvements in my workshop in forthcoming month (assembling a power hammer) and I need some means I willingly drop prices of my blades. New prices are beside the old ones in previous post. And I'm also putting for sale a big pattern welded seax with serpent:
  7. Wonderful!
  8. Just beautiful I love wrought iron. Fittings are really finest! I like them both a lot. Btw, I didn't even know about such a style of folding knives.
  9. wow! That's just marvelous! Perfection in details! I love it man!
  10. Really cool.
  11. Interesting idea to make an axe from a rasp. Looks untypical. Very nice
  12. looks really elegant and clean
  13. I'm impressed with your forging skills! The swords look amazing! I just can't imagine how to shape iron by forging to get such shapes of handles. Jestem pod wrażeniem Twoich umiejętności! Miecze wyglądają niesamowicie! Nawet nie potrafię sobie wyobrazić jak można za pomocą kucia osiągnąć takie kształty rękojeści.
  14. Nice. Particulary the handle. I like that style. Btw. Are there grapevine branches in background? Must have been pretty old.
  15. Look great. Bronze cast?