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  1. There are some more news. Unfortunately the article is only in Polish, but if copied to any translator it would be possible to understand to other languages speakers. It is being cleaned in Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. It is supposed the works will be complete by July this year. I can't wait till the motifs on cross guard and upper guard and pommel are revealed. https://portal.umk.pl/pl/article/miecz-w-wodzie
  2. Thank You Joshua. Forging this kind of object was a kind of personal exam of skills, as it is considered amongst some Polish blacksmiths a winged pattern welded spear head is more difficult than a pattern welded sword. However I'm aware the tooth motif requires some practice. I've heard from the customer he'd already bought an ash wood stick to fit the spear head. When I get some pictures, I will share.
  3. Finally I managed to select pictures, as there are plenty of them. I'm quite happy about the result, but not 100%. The tooth pattern on right sides of both blades is not same well defined as on the left edges. That's something I need to practise. The wrought iron has revealed some deep grooves comparing to the rest of material. Anyway, the new owners love them with all imperfections, and even consider this kind of look makes the spear heads more authentic. The wings connections is my interpretation. I haven't seen the original one so I had to choose one of several concepts.
  4. Thanks Allan. I will attach more pictures, not promising when. Btw, I made a mistake about the hard steel. It is obviously 80CrV2. Polish: NCV1 hence mistake about the last digit.
  5. The spear heads are finished (and delivered to customer), but I'm struggling to find spare time to prepare photos. Today just couple of them of the next stage. The sockets. I want the wrought iron on the surface, but it tends to delaminate along it's fibres. I dissolved this problem by welding some hard and soft steel plates beneath the wrought. And it worked fine. I'm going to show and tell next stages as soon as I can, but currently I'm to busy to select and prepare all photos.
  6. Joshua, I don't doubt You could. I'm doing it for the first time, same as wings. And I reckon as soon as one is confident in forging and welding it's just a matter of working hours spent on it. Actually I found this type of spear headsas much time consuming, and the difficulty level imo is similar to some weird shaped axes. I hope to share some more pictures from the process till Sunday. I've almost finished and it will take approximately 100 hr per pair = 50 hr per one spear head.
  7. There is a kind of government's "Office of preservation of monuments" and they were called to make documentations and collect the found object. It will be looked after, examined, cleaned up from corrosion etc. The man who found the sword clearly pronounced his wish/will is the sword to be back to the museum in his town. As it's not certain as the government's officers often tend to deposit the artifact in some remote museum in big cities. And some reenactors diligently look forward till some more details will be revealed. It was such an exciting and lucky find that one guy has already ordered a blade with Ulberht inscriptions. Then we will wait till the details of cross guard and pommel details are known. So the ancient warrier gave me some nice custom order by loosing his sword
  8. Just found this thread. Amazing work Maciek and Mareko! I admire your patience and passion, particularly the work with plasticine.
  9. Here there is a film documenting this find. Actually a passionate was hoping to find some cannonballs from 18th C battle. I don't know if there are some English subtitles. From about 14th minute it starts to happen.
  10. Some more pictures. Actually only the teeth are something new to me, just because nobody had ordered such a kind of pattern before. At last someone did and a I have an opportunity to try it As you can see there are two spearheads. One is for the customer and one is spare. For me it's organizationally better to forge two at the time. In the next couple of days the sockets should be ready.
  11. "Many of those finds have absolutely wild patterns" as Bjorn has noticed. You did a beautiful classic pattern! But there are some absolutely odd ones. I've seen them only on pictures, tried to copy one, but my interpretation came out far from original. And I admire the grip with those brazed wires. It is a jewelry level to me.
  12. I'm currently working on winged spear head. All pattern welding is rather clear and obvious to me. The thing I've been hasitating was the method of connecting the wings. And after some deliberations I decided to go brazing. I've noticed that in some artifacts the wings seem to "emerge" from inside the of the socket, not to be weld glued on the surface. Obviously some were welded, I don't doubt it. But because most reconstructions are welded I wanted to try the other way. Hence the decision to braze. I did a test how it works in coke forge and how strong it holds. And it works surprisingly well. The connection seems to be indestructible. The shape my customer has chosen is inspired by the find from Lednica lake. There were plenty of weapons found on the bottom of the lake, as there were some fightings on the bridge to the island where the pallatium were located. It is supposed the artifacts were deposited during Czech invasion in 1038 a.d. when Polish Kingdom suffered from monarchy crisis. Soon some more pictures. Today the brazing test.
  13. I’m offering four bare blades. First three are a san mai construction. Core of bearing steel [hardness approx. 57HRC – estimated, not measured]. Sides of wrought, fibrous iron. The fourth one is a pattern welded blade with a twisted bar and cutting edge of random damascus of about 180 layers of bearing and spring steels. Spine is some old steel. If You want the tangs to be ground a bit, obviously I can do it before shipping. 1. 85 USD Blade length – 159mm / 6,26’’ Width – 27mm / 1,06’’ Thicknes – 4,4mm / 0,17’’ 2. 85 USD Blade length – 157mm / 6,18’’ Width – 28,5mm / 1,12’’ Thicknes – 4,5mm / 0,18’’ 3. 75 USD Blade length – 124mm / 4,88’’ Width – 22mm / 0,87’’ Thicknes – 3,2mm / 0,13’’ 4. 100 USD Blade length – 102mm / 4,06’ Width – 23mm / 0,91’’ Thicknes – 4,3mm / 0,17’’ All of them for 300 USD Shippping 25 USD Shipping with global express usually is delivered to USA within two weeks, but a maximum time is described as up to three weeks. I prefer payment via Revolut [For people who don’t have a Revolut account it is possible to transfer money from ordinary bank account] Or, if someone prefers, I also accept Western Union. Please contact me via private message here or via email krylip [ad] gmail.com
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