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  1. Kris Lipinski

    Pattern welded sword - some WIP pictures

    Next step is done. Two halves are welded, and obviously they stretched a bit - to approx. 500mm (19,7"). There is also one bad thing, and what occurs to me is a wise sentence I've read somewhere "Experience is something we learn just after we needed it" As I tried to straighten the bar when cold and it cracked on twisted part. After few minutes of bad emotions I decided to take advantage and do an attempt to weld a piece with teeth - apparently after weldeing and stretching into a blade tip it should look weavy (I hope). To show what I mean I've put some paper model on the billets. The final shape of the piece to be welded may change - it's just the idea. During the week it will be sorted out
  2. Kris Lipinski

    Pattern welded sword - some WIP pictures

    I did some next steps. Four bars of 29 layers for the fuller. I used a drilled block of steel which was heated and prevented the bar from cooling down too quickly whilse twisting. Picture taken when it's cold - just to catch the idea. And all 8 bars. Actually I realized there may be not much enough of material, so I decided to put some wedges to be welded - it's gonna be a tang side. Another thing to be solved is welding the billet - as it would be very wide, and as I'm working on solid fuel (coke) and I don't have a hydraulic press, I decided to weld it in to halves. Then weld them together into a blade. The bars are approx. 400mm (15,75"), so they will get stretched twice during forging. Don't know if it is good idea, but I hope it will work when I stretch it at welding temperature.
  3. Kris Lipinski

    Beer = better forging?

    The "Balance" probably means something different to each of beer lovers Some guys hate too hopy, too bitter beer and some love it. Personally I love beers (ales and lagers) with hopy aromas and flavours - particulary some fruity or floral smells with accomapnying medium bitternes with not too much unfermented extract (means not too sweet). And... about whisky, recently I got a present from a friend: Laphroaig PX (pedro ximenes cask - NAS which means and tastes young), and it is really nice till the finish, which tastes like burned "barley porridge" with charcoal between teeth Not the best feeling to me, but some people like it... I prefer basic Laphroaig 10yo.
  4. Hello. I'd like to present 11 bare blades, which can be sold as they are - for DIY finish or I can fit the handles and make the sheaths if necessary. Blades will be sharpened before shipping. If some of buyers would like the whole set (knife with handle and sheath) to be delivered before Christmas, please let me know till 15th of November 2018. I enclose also some pictures with examples of my sheaths and handles + pictures of curved antler spacers that I have remained and can be fitted into a handle. The prices apply to bare blades, all arrangements about pricing handles and sheaths will be discussed separately. So You can build your own knife according to your own vision The order is: Number. Lenght in mm. Price. Description. ("tool steel" means 80CrV2) 1. 145mm 130$ Forged out of offcut from this seax: https://www.bladesmithsforum.com/index.php?/topic/37357-scramasax-pattern-welded-blade-with-ornamented-handle-wip/ Tool steel both on edge and spine + 3 twist bars in the core. 2. 158mm 65$ Tool steel + wrought iron 3. 129mm 120$ Tool steel + 60layers twist + wrought iron 4. 102mm 100$ Tool steel + 60layers twist + wrought iron 5. 63mm 65$ Tool steel on edge and spine + some twist bar between 6. 116mm 65$ Tool steel on edge and spine + some twist bar between 7. 82mm 65$ Tool steel on edge and spine + some twist bar between 8. 90mm 55$ Mini broken back seax - 5 bars: tool steel + wrought + tool steel + wrought + tool steel 9. 103mm 55$ Tool steel + wrought iron 10. 94mm 55$ Tool steel + wrought iron 11. 102 55$ Tool steel + wrought iron + tool steel. Contact: PM here or email: krylip (at) gmail.com
  5. Kris Lipinski

    Pattern welded sword - some WIP pictures

    Thank you Allan. I have forged plenty of pw knives, seaxes + plenty of mono - swords and sabres, so I hope I'll manage to forge a pw sword as well :) I'll keep updating the thread :)
  6. Hi. Recently I've started welding billets for a pattern welded sword. This is something that I wanted to do for a long time. Luckily my cousin who takes part in battle reenacting wants to fight with PW sword. I took advantage and decided to do it even more cool comparing to the agreed price - to practice, to improve my skills, to take the challange and to make myself an "internal exam". The blade will be welded of 8 bars. 4 twisted bars (29 layers 1045x51CrV4 - spring) for the fuller, 2 straight laminate bars (mild steel x 1,2%C steel) + 51CrV4 (spring) on edges. I'm at the beginning of the job
  7. Kris Lipinski

    Two blades with PW bars

    Classics! Really nice hitorical blades! I like your style.
  8. Kris Lipinski

    Pattern Welding Explained

    The animation is really nice! But too fast for my eyes And I saw something simmilar - the forged model of patern welded blade on each stage - in exhibition "Swords of Europe" by Igor D. Gorewicz - I think this is very vivid presentation of the matter - particulary for those, who are not smiths.
  9. Kris Lipinski

    Pattern welded Avarian saber. Price drop.

    Hello! Due to some family needs I'm reducing the price to 310$ = 350$ with shipment.
  10. Kris Lipinski

    Epona - a La Tène period Celtic sword

    I'm in awe! I love this sword! It is just beautiful! The pattern charms with its simplicity, so does the grip - that's what can touch the perfection. I hope one day I'll do some at simillar level Congratulations!
  11. Kris Lipinski

    Karabela - Polish saber with bird shaped grip

    Thanks Kevin Thanks, whatever means the word "barakas" ;P As my dictionary doesn' explain, and I'm not naturall English speaker, I dare to guess it's a compliment
  12. Kris Lipinski

    Scramasax. Pattern welded blade with ornamented handle WIP

    Couple of months later... As I was doing separately the seax and the sheath finally they didn't fit to each other. So I received them back to persuade them it is really benefitial to cooperate and... both elements started slidely doing the good job the result is a "babe knife"! It was forged out of the nice offcut remained ofter forging the big one.
  13. Kris Lipinski

    Moonlight Seax

    Top notch! Wonderful!
  14. Kris Lipinski

    Forge welded broken back seax

    Wonderful! I love such a kind of jazz And about this narrow strap of brass; is it actually wider and riveted together with some narrow darker and grooved strap at the edge? (thats what Joshua has asked I guess)
  15. Kris Lipinski

    Beer = better forging?

    Just couldn't restrain ;-P As many of my friends or love or hate Laphroaig's taste I dare to compare it to Marmite, and I love their adverts... because obviously I like both things