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  1. Thank you! I wasn't sure how I would like the purple when I fist started working it, but it finished with a really nice color. I think I'll be using more if it in the future.
  2. I've been making knives for four years, gradually obtaining better fit and finish and refining my products form and function. Only now do I feel my product is comparable to the many fine looking blades on this forum and ready to be sold on this site. Thank you for taking a look, I hope you like what you see! This knife is one of 25 I had cut from Aldo's .110" Nitro-V. This has been heat treated by Paul Farner at Paul Bos heat treat to 63 HRC. Specifications- .110" NITRO-V @ 63 HRC .005" behind the edge All edges on the blade are rounded over fro comfort Finished to 800 grit OAL is 9 3/8" Blade is 4 3/8" 1 3/8" tall at the start of the edge Handle is made of African Blackwood, Copper, and stabilized Ipe Burl. All wood was sourced from Ben at Greenberg Woods. There are two brass locator pins running between all three handle materials, and it is all held together with West Systems G-Flex epoxy. I have not made a saya for this knife. Unless requested, it sells as is without a saya. Price is $400 (plus $7.50 Shipped CONUS) Bird and Trout Information: These blades are also from the batch of 25 knives cut from Aldo's .110" Nitro-V. These have all been heat treated to 61 HRC and hand sanded to 800 grit. The spine has been rounded significantly and it is extremely comfortable. Specifications- .110" Nitro-V @ 61HRC West Systems G-Flex epoxy Stainless corby bolts used Thickness behind the edge is ~.005" OAL is 8 3/8" Blade length is a touch under 4" 1 1/8" tall at the start of the edge Weight reduction holes in the tang My signature is engraved neatly on the spine I have two blades currently available, the first being made with Curly Hawaiian Koa stabilized by K&G. The second being made of Mexican Kingwood. Both handle materials where purchased from Ben at Greenberg Woods. Custom sheathes come with each knife. These were made from a good friend of mine, Brett Smith of T-Star Leather in Oklahoma. He does phenomenal work, the sheathes are just beautiful! Price is $325 (plus $7.50 shipping CONUS). I apologize, the picture quality isn't great. All I gave to work with is my phone. If there are any questions or you want more pictures, I would be happy to help. Thank you for looking! -Tanner Saslow
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