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    Family, friends, food, and all things related to making stuff: Woodworking, Leather working, Bow making, arrow making, arms and armour, knives, swords, axes. Martial Arts, Striving to get better at all of them but sadly (or gladly) may not master any. Constantly learning and growing.

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  1. Well? Progress? And that 250# anvil in the background looks a bit like my Kohlswa.
  2. If Rob would supply a WIP of one of those hilts, I can't even calculate the value it would provide to all of us who are completely awestruck by the detail in that piece of amazing art. My sentiments as well are... HOW???
  3. Can you explain a bit more about the neck knife? It LOOKS like the knife "locks" into the wooden sheath and is released by the toggle... I haven't seen this before and am very interested in how you accomplished it. LOVE both of these by the way... Especially the final result of the neck knife. Arriving at the final result with no pre-concept is astounding.
  4. Hey fellas. I noticed on the Show and Tell page, that several of my favourite pinned WIP's are no longer at the top of the board... Is there some plan to create a WIP or makers resource board? The search function works (if I can remember who posted the WIP), but sometimes all I might remember is it was a short sword or a long sword, or a viking axe, and those search results can take a long time to filter through to find the right post. Of course there is always the chance of seeing something new this way, so it's not all bad. Also, there is always the chance that I've got some issues with
  5. Peter Johnsson also detailed the use of this method using thin strips of plywood for veneer on page 3 of this post:
  6. THANK YOU!! I have searched for so long, and yet been unable to find that set of drawings. This will make things MUCH easier... Man I love this forum!!
  7. Wow. This is truly one epic endeavor and you're making it look like you grew up doing this. I'm watching along just as fascinated as the rest of the folks on here... I'm also REALLY hoping for a mini tutorial on making the wire wrap turks heads knots for either end of the handle. I've tried and failed more times than I can count with more varied materials than I can list... It HAS to be easier than I'm finding it... Fingers crossed...
  8. To echo sentiments of all others, THANK YOU, Peter, for taking the time to reply to all of our queries, and go to the effort to so clearly explain things. Your outstanding gifts as a craftsman are rivaled by your gifts as a teacher. We are blessed to have you as part of this community. Definitely staying tuned to this...
  9. Nice! Looking forward to the rest of the photo's hopefully will get a better view of the pommel nut disguised as a peen block. Inspirational idea!
  10. Another fantastic, informative, and immensely inspirational WIP post Peter. Please don't ever stop! I think I'm following most everything you have explained and will likely copy and print this of for an in-shop reference, but I would like to confirm my understanding of the glue-up process for bonding the glued and formed scabbard scales to one another... Are the "plywood strips" added to the margins as shown in my rudimentary diagram below? Sorry I don't have the programs or skill to draw anything prettier, folks... with the final product looking something like this before ras
  11. Thanks, gents! I'll keep trying, and hopefully keep improving and growing.
  12. Here is the finished product. I still need some more practice with the wire wrap. I'm thinking my "nails" are a bit too small, and I'm not completely happy with the evenness of the wire wrap. How the heck Do people get those to stay in place and blend so smoothly? But overall I'm quite pleased with this my first "own" design.
  13. Thanks Peter. I had not thought about attending Ashokan, but your comment makes me want to! Unfortunately I can't take credit for the blade as it is a hanwei/tinker blade. I am working at obtaining the necessary equipment and expertise to do my own blades, but my focus for the past few years has been making hilts. Your online tutorials have been invaluable learning tools. I'm sure the seminar and meeting and learning from people such as yourself would be even more so.
  14. Wes: Oh heck no! Any comparison to Peters work I would take as a compliment. I was only referring to my goal to be original when I'm so influenced by others it always shows up in designs I'm trying to make original.
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