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  1. A friend of mine is getting married, so I told him I was going to make him something out of metal. A few months pass and I haven't decided what it'll be yet - luckily he makes a suggestion. He's a big Liam Hoffman fan, and he likes his Jaegers, but he wants an EDC size. So here she is. 3" blade, 6" overall. Cocobolo handle!
  2. Well it's certainly spring steel. What exact grade it is, I've never found out. I've just learned how to dance with it :D
  3. A chef knife for my personal use, not a knife for a personal chef. This is my second attempt at a chef knife and I am very pleased with the result. I was given the handle scales as a birthday gift a year ago - and I knew what I wanted to use them for - it just took me a while to get the project underway. I'll be honest I don't remember what type of wood it is. I'm sure someone could help me out, it looks very smokey before being oiled. It's an 8" blade, and on the thicker side at about 3/16" at the handle. I learned from my mistakes last time and quenched it before the majority of th
  4. A friend of mine complained that the last time I made him a knife was years ago and I've gotten much better since then. Normally I wouldn't reward complaining, but he was right, and his birthday was coming up so I made him what he'd said he always wanted. A double edged, 6" blade were his only requirements, and I added a little jimping so he doesn't slip and cut his fingies. Decided to try Cocobolo and boy do I want to keep using it!!!
  5. That is the weirdest damn blade I've seen in a while... I love it.
  6. My dad had been dropping hints that he wanted a knife made by me for a while now, so I figured it really was overdue. He had admired some of my previous knives for their heft, and said he wanted something Japanese style. I haven't the knowledge, or the skill to do an accurate recreation of a Tanto, so I figured I'd do what I always do: "This is a _______ inspired knife". His Birthday is in August, and by the time I had decided I was making him a knife for his birthday, I realized I hadn't given myself much time, but I was able to just pull it off. I also made a little knife stand out of Mahog
  7. Yeah, I'm looking to make a shaving razor for myself. Then a kitchen knife probably.
  8. Last year when I was getting my level C welding ticket, my instructor found out that I make knives, and wanted to see what I'd made. When I showed him a few all he said was "Make me one and I'll buy it". He wanted a bowie of some kind, but otherwise gave me free reign. He just wanted a unique knife from a local craftsman. So I got to have some fun, and just go with the flow as I progressed through each stage of it. And I'm quite happy with it! I hadn't made a knife in over a year so I'm glad it turned out, and now I'm back on the train, looking to start my next project.
  9. Absolutely love the look. Yeah Collin, that's what I'm all about, proportion and harmony make a piece more beautiful to me than fancy techniques and materials.
  10. That is awesome! Always love a blackened guard.
  11. Looks fantastic so far. Very clean.
  12. Wow that all turned out just wonderfully! Only thing I don't care for with this style is how long the handle is. I get that it works well with that sheath style, but I always found the proportions a bit strange.
  13. YES! I absolute love themed blades, and themed wavy blades are even cooler! Super unique, I love it. I also really like the ray skin sheath.
  14. That's awesome man! It sort of looks like a bird on a perch. Very cool.
  15. I've only recently fallen in love with this type of saber, but it's quite nice. The blade seems a bit short, but I'd be lying if I said every inch of blade didn't made things more difficult. So that's my weird way of saying: Cool, I like it!
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