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  1. They would look good! The reminds me I need to go get a cheap drill press, probably harbor freight for now.This is the first time having my own shop so I am slowly getting tools On a side note.my wife asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I sent her a link for a carbide file guide! Thanks brother,I have done really well with leather over the last few years. Now I am focusing on blades So I can offer wallet/knife combos
  2. My buddy gave me 2 blocks of wood. I'm not sure what type of wood it is. I'm thinking about using that. Cutting them in half and flatten them out . I was able to get a grizzly2x72 and a vertical disc sander off Craigslist,$300/each
  3. Hey guys,it's been a while since I been on. I miss being active,and looking at everyone's awesome work. I finally forged and ground my first knife and I feel like it relit the fire lol. I am a leather worker now full time and when not doing Leather I been back practicing at the forge. Made a friend with a local ,19 year old kid who makes blades and he's been teaching me what he knows.Helps a ton Wanted to show yall my first decent blade and some of my leather work
  4. Hey brother!I am so sorry for the long reply.I haven't logged on in months,I got a new phone and just never logged back in. I hand cutted all the panels from a template. I have a techsew 1460 walking foot..I have been doing Leather full time now. Now days I only hand sew things like sheaths or really high end Leather
  5. thats awesome, let me know how it goes!
  6. Hey guys if this is not allowed just delte I appolgizs.I have been very focused on leathercraft over the last 6 months.Check out my latest fathers day gifts. mens long wallets made to look old and distressed
  7. I think I need a new burner..no matter how much psi..air choke settings..can't get it hotter..I get no dragons breath..
  8. Question.I know this is different for every forge.But normally how long does it take for your metal come to heat?I was trying to upload a video I took but it keeps failing
  9. Thank you all for the replies.They make sense and I feel retarded for not thinking of them on my own lol.I will get some photos tonight on the dark!Simce I used a old propane tank that was almost empty I got a new tank.I seen a YouTube video saying that maybe the propane tank didn't have enough volume or pressure of its old.
  10. Thank you for the advice.If bright orange normally blade forging temp then I am good.I just thought I had to get it to a bright yellow so if its a bright orange then that's cool.That's just unexperience on my end
  11. Thank you wayne I will make some adjustments and we shall see what happena
  12. Thank you for the reply.My appolgizes I thought I listed that information but I must have forgotten to. I had to run the forge at 20psi to get a bright orange. I was under the impression I needed to forge at a bright yellow..Granted I am very new it just seems the metal takes a while to move at bright orange.It might just be user error. Ah shoot ima have to go re measure and get the cubic feet ..Ill upload a photo.Not that this tell you the cubic feet but from end to end my forge is 9inches
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