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  1. Thank you all for the advice and teaching. Lots of great words of wisdom. Now if it was overheated can I repeat the entire ht process to salvage it or is the blade ruined?
  2. I'm new here. I've been making knives for a couple years now but I've always struggled getting the heat treat right. I have a forge and have read everything on this forum and others about heat treating. Here's what's happening. I anneal the blade three times, I heat it to nonmagnetic and then quench. After I clean off the scale I see these raised areas in the steel. Almost like little bubbles. I'm very careful to not overheat the blade but I think thats what happening and I'm seeing grain growth. I'm not sure. This usually happens when I'm using 1095. Can anyone take a look at these pictures and tell me what they think? Or is this normal and this just has to be ground off after the HT? Thanks for the help.
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