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  1. Started a new career, haven't had much time for knives here's a few
  2. I thought the same, then someone else said it's for carving wood, but I can't find anything about it online.
  3. Found these knives at a junk store, have no clue
  4. That is awesome. I would love to find some files like that
  5. The blades have teeth inserts so that's why I wanted the comp sheet. The teeth are clip locked in. So I was leary of the blade steel being not suitable for knife making until you guys cleared it up for me. Thanks again!
  6. It's a proprietary comp for the saws they make, it doesn't have a name and comes from Turkey. I think it'll do just fine. Not sure on edge retention though. Thanks for the input guys
  7. Saw maker gave me some culled blades and a composition sheet of the metal, what do you guys think? C- 0.76% Mn- 0.43% P- 0.008% S- 0.005% Si- 0.23% Cr- 0.34% Mo- <0.01% Ni- 0.77% Cu- 0.01% Al- 0.01% V- 0.01% Fe- Balance
  8. Yeah, thats what I was worried about, I think Im going with the ones they sell on knifekits.com. They have a holder for the dies and I will use my bench vise for even pressure
  9. Whoa! Now thats what Im talking about!!
  10. Alan, it's crazy how they sell that stuff for targets too. Buy 50lbs of ammonium nitrate and aluminum powder on line and the BATF is knocking on your door, buy 10lb packs of tannerite ar rural king several at a time and no one blinks an eye. Same damage. I'm sure I'm on a watch list now
  11. I use it to deactivate some certain materials ,which I am not at liberty to say, but it is one awesome chemical reaction. Just kicking around ideas
  12. Ok so I know its an oxidizer, the question, can it be used for etching steel? Im no chemist and would prefer not to die, but I can get a bunch of it
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