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  1. Can you really forge weld in a wood forge like the Whitlox? How much air do I need?
  2. I’m working on getting my shi...stuff together so I can try this stuff but I got 2 jobs taking up my most of my time and a travel trailer restoration project to finish for my wife that I need to finish before I can really jump into this. At the moment I’m learning by reading and watching. I looked (not too hard though) for a class or something in my area but didn’t see any, there’re mostly up north. Anybody knows of something in the 92880 area give me a shout. Thanks for the video reference I’ll look for it.
  3. I would like to see it done but have not been able to find any videos. There are plenty on making the billet but not the blade. If the billet is sliced and welded together, how is it welded without distorting the pattern? I’m guessing the tang is forged and not cut in because the pattern looks smashed as it transitions to from blade to tang. How thick would the slices need to be? When forging the 3 patterns together (the spine, the body, and the edge) like the first blade, how do you keep the lines between them so straight? So many questions that why id like to watch it be done.
  4. So then the aluminum would act like a heat sink, cool. Does it work as well as oil quench as far as the hardening?
  5. Geoff, thanks for the link to that article, lots of info.
  6. Thanks for the response guys. I understand the process of making Damascus, the stacking and folding of different steel resulting in the random pattern. I’m talking about the more complex repeating patterns like these. I’m nowhere near this level yet, just trying to understand it.
  7. thanks, cant wait to see.
  8. I’ve been watching lots of videos trying to educate myself. I really like the PW blades but don’t understand the process. I hope I can word my question so it makes sense. I understand the process of making the billet with multiple layers cut and rotated then re-welded or different shapes laid out in a can and filled with the powdered steel forming complex designs. What I haven’t seen is how to make a blade with it. The pattern could only be seen on the “end-grain”. Is the billet cut in slices and laid down side to side and welded again. I have only seen 1 way of doing it, by cutting a zigzag
  9. I'm waiting to hear back from them about 5 springbok horns, they are similar to the ones you got. I'm not sure how to use them but they look cool. have you worked with them before and can you post pics of what you made?
  10. I understand the logic behind a smaller forge. Ideally I would like maybe 3 forges. 1 for horseshoes, 1 for knives, and 1 for long daggers and short swords (if I get good). I was looking at 6" wide by 20" long as kind of a catch all. I guess i could alter my plan by cutting a door on the other side to pass longer stock through, would that make more sense? If i only need to heat part of the blade at a time there's no need to have the whole thing in the forge right? FYI, i'm not a farrier. I live by Norco so i got an endless supply of used horseshoes. I make wall hangings, hat hooks, bo
  11. OK, everyone says blown is better, so I guess I go blown. From what I've read, I will need 2 burners to support about 565 cu in. Would I run 1 fan and 1 gas line then spit that to feed the 2 burners or should each burner have it's own gas feed? Tried to attach a diagram but cant see how. Forgot to ask. is there an orifice or something on the needle valve?
  12. Had my plan, made my shopping list, and ready to go. Now I'm looking at blown burners. Thanks now I'll have twice as many questions.
  13. Sarah Conner used that to kill the first Terminator.
  14. Yes, Venturi burners. Basing my design off the Zoeller side arm i found on this forum. I might end up changing that because i'm finding it difficult to find the reducing tees at a reasonable price What about the size of the tube? i'm assuming that a larger tube would give a better air/fuel mix but too big would need more pressure to work properly. Thanks Wayne, that's what i was thinking.
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