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  1. Nevada? I was looking at a place in Henderson to move to, Disabled army vet and I live on that, but my god the chance to learn anything from you would be amazing. Once I make the move in a month or so I am definitely interested in a few classes!
  2. Well i am from Kingman Az, but lived in that area back in the 90's thinking of Henderson area actually. I'm a single dad and my mother was recently widowed and we all want to get out of the midwest
  3. I am relocating to Las Vegas this summer and wondering if anyone in the forums runs a school or has a forge out in that area I can attend.
  4. here is a thread on this very substance =)
  5. Same here in Nixa, tomatoes are loving it though. Gary, does Menards down there in Branson have a better selection of steel than places up here by Springfield? I cant find a local supplier of high carbon.
  6. SWEET! so glad to see something in our neighborhood! Thanks Gary!
  7. just consider what the antonym of hand-made is, machined. i think the only time it is in question is on the other side of the spectrum, at what point is something no longer hand made, but machined?
  8. its a 4 inch belt with a full platen behind it, no slack belt section.
  9. Pretty sure if worked with files it can make a nice touchmark punch
  10. Sorry, to clarify I am using the grinder on an old file for practice. I do have other files, but so far has just been a little bit of hot work and a butt-load belt work but thank you, you did a good job of explaining how to fix the reuleaux triangle
  11. While practicing grinding with a old file i ended up with this Knife Like Object, but the geometry is all weird. any ideas or suggestions on how to fix it? the geometry is kinda wonky in the cross section, wide cheeks to the bevels, almost tear drop shaped. Hard to get a decent image, but you get the idea Now the cross section i was going for I fixed the bend in the tang by the way. 8" long, 25% is tang 6" in the blade and still working on the shape before I start fit and finish Sorry for the crappy pics, I don't even own a cell phone to take better ones with
  12. most places its the only decent steel readily available, I know in this part of missouri and we have 5 or 6 different steel suppliers Springfield alone, and all mild crap steel so far. The Fastenal drill rods are the only thing i have found local
  13. the O1 drill rod i have found is about $23 for 36" of 5/8 so about right, actually a bit cheaper than what i found
  14. just a 4 x 36 Central Electric from Harbor Freight. Grinder is waiting till next payday, Veterans Disability doesn't give me much to spare for tools http://www.harborfreight.com/4-inch-x-36-inch-belt-6-inch-disc-sander-97181.html
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