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  1. I feel like i could buy this for 2k and flip it for an easy 8k profit Amazing work!
  2. Just finished this up, my camera died while taking pics - why is taking pics so hard!? 9.5 blade length 22 layer random pattern, African blackwood bolster, curly redwood handle Rainbow poplar saya w/ walnut pin I wanted to shoot for an octagonal handle, but the curly redwood looks really unfinished on some cuts, so i decided to round the bottom 3 sides off so its some crazy hybrid Wa styled handle.. but it works aesthetically and ergonomically so im good with it. You guys know i dont make very many hidden tang knives, im on a hidden tang kick here for the next little bit. I need to improve theres some flow issues visibly in the ricasso and tank junction area that make me angry =p The redwood looks flamed but thats just been wet sanded with tung oil Also finished up a 4 pcs set and mailed it out today before i could get final pics-- doh! Oh well! Dressed in ironwood. Here's what they looked like at 95% finished. Same rainbow poplar for the saya treated more naturally.
  3. Thanks Karim, i was Unsure exactly how to carry about doing this. Concise is usually one of my strong points haha! Maybe not in this case =\
  4. yea you never want economy grade- if you buy economy grade you have to accept that its a consumable not a tool.
  5. commentary welcomed as always-- its probably a little boring for someone not interested in the information its around 15 mins log i think
  6. so i have 1-2 clients who are dead set on learning how to stone sharpen their knives, one of whom recently sent me his pair back to be resharpened.... they were poorly sharpened... so bad so i had to take them back to the coarse stone.. anyway So i made this video edited it and compiled it last night. I would like some feedback from you guys as to if you see any glaring issues before this gets seen by too many folks... Im very apprehensive of making videos and thangs..... and just learned how to use lightworks video editor enough to throw this video together... Anyway here it is
  7. well it was only that one day, it kicked me out like 10 times.. and i dont sign in with multiple devises... anyway alls been fine since
  8. It depends on what you specifically plan on using it for.. The millermatics are very good... but i have a lincoln PRO140 that i traded a knife and some cheddar for..... It serves me well for what I use it for. If i welded all the time I would want something else probably
  9. gotta charge double since its tasted blood- and is apparently blood hungry
  10. Ok heres my finished project. Alot of firsts in this one for me. There are some glaring issues but its a fully functional knife-- just needs to key tweaks here and there... maybe a different process. Interestingly enough I had started a cable damascus billet like a year ago and .. i thought i had cut the billet into 3rds and restacked it. I got busy and never got around to it.. COme to find out! I actually set it up with a 1018 jacket instead.. SO i lucked up and actually kept the core in the middle and fairly even.... sigh.. anyway without further adue (sp?)
  11. 95$ -- whew! i need 2 of these for my furnace
  12. You can start making blades with nothing but a few files (or an angle grinder) and some sand paper. You could even do some of that work sitting at a work bench even. It's not grandiose but it will make a great blade regardless. Heat treat in an open charcoal fire at dark--- all you gotta do is buy some knife quality steel for 20-35$ for a 4' bar and youre in business. If you like making knives after youve made 4 and got your feet wet yourself you can slowly start to acquire some tools. A charcoal forge- Tim Lively Design, can be easily made. The beautiful thing about this craft is you can work with barebones and still come out with a great product in the end. We just have to overcome our desires to work in a giant well supplied shop. Rich hale used to do knife making demonstrations where he used a 6" cylinder about 10" long sitting on a stump as an anvil- and it worked pretty good!
  13. well, i might give the stock removal plan a try, the heat treating regimen looks to be manageable just a bit hotter than normal, i have alot of paring knives and filets i need to make. I just dont want them to be sub par for the sake of using cheap supplies
  14. I was struggling with that as well. Basically i worked backwards i epoxy and JB weld the guard on, after it cured i epoxied the spacer and the 2nd brass piece in. then as a unit i sculpted them mostly to shape before adding my spacer (because the gap was too large- oops) and the rest of the handle. The handle is completed on mine i just need to go back and repolish the blade thanks to some flash rush and epoxy everywhere /sigh. My handle came out just a tad on the small side, due to shaping the guard first, it forced my handle to be a little slimmer than i wanted.
  15. just trace your knife currently on paper. and youll see the lines are out of line even more so on 2-d. THen devise a way to move stuff around to make it to where the drawing everything is in line with itself. It will make things look 10x better if you change nothing else. As Alan mentioned the biggest glaring things i noticed was the guard and the handle not being in line with the spine. Ka-bars were mostly used for fighting and all around everything else, not much hunting involved sadly. When i think hunting i think slight belly in the blade- shorter in the 3-4" range something to get in there and gut and clean and do EDC type duties. Im not sure if thats what you were going with or you just wanted to label it as a hunter.