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  1. Chef knife 3 ways

    Thanks Mr Mercier!
  2. Chef knife 3 ways

    ive been busy buried under a mountain of bladework ! hoping to get caught up for all my Christmas orders! ironwood, koa, maroon/blk micarta
  3. 100# Cushioned Helve hammer

    i would so buy this if i; A: had money, B: knew any freaking thing about rebuilding this to make it operational, C: had a place to put it LOL
  4. FLat bar tongs for sale.

    Hey scott ill sell you one of my pair i bought from JJ at 5x the price if you like teehee! they are handy!
  5. Mountain of free steel

    i decided I dont want to mess with it right now, ive been selling it for .75-1$ per foot depending on how they want it cut to hobby guys that dont want to just buy known good steel. Oh wells
  6. 1080a

    I thought 1080A was 80crv2 ?! It was listed as such on alpha for the longest, but is identical in composition to 80crv2... at least thats what a trusted fella told me
  7. Neighborhood Nerd Competes on FiF

    Thanks! i got another screen grab, not sure if these screen shots are any better than my pics. I got a snap of Dave mokume bolsters too
  8. Last one for ICCE

    i like this one alot, looks like it should be in a gentleman's gamblers kit for sure!
  9. Neighborhood Nerd Competes on FiF

    i torrent them from a site, PM me and ill give you more instructions on how to get them. I got a few screen grabs if that helps any?
  10. Neighborhood Nerd Competes on FiF

    i dont normally say this publicly but i dont have cable either, i just download the torrent right off of KA and put it on my 4TB storage hard drive to watch whenver i want
  11. Neighborhood Nerd Competes on FiF

    thanks very much JJ, time to get busy. Tons of room for improvement!
  12. Neighborhood Nerd Competes on FiF

    again thanks alot guys!
  13. Neighborhood Nerd Competes on FiF

    I have a cell phone video i took haphazardly before i had to crate it up. But the compression makes it just look like blah. It looks decent on my phone.... idk I should have went for a very high contrast hamon, instead of a subtle one, oh well
  14. Neighborhood Nerd Competes on FiF

    thanks alot guys. I got my Bachelors degree in knife making from this very forum. Thanks all to have answered questions and guided me along the way. I at least was competant enough to fake the funk and pull out a "W" hahaha! here are a few pics of the final weapon
  15. Watch FiF tuesday, Giggle at how i look like a mutant combination of Gru / Lord Voldermort :( TV makes a dude look aweful LOL

    1. Jason McEntee

      Jason McEntee

      It'll be cool to watch you work nevertheless!