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  1. Gabriel James

    Neighborhood Nerd Competes on FiF

    It's My privilege and honor to announce that I was blessed with the opportunity to compete on Forged in Fire. For those of you who do not know, I will be in this Tuesday's Episode on the History channel at 9pm EST. Regardless of the outcome I made 3 lifelong friends and had the time of my life with these Smiths roaming around NYC. Tune in and Cheer for your local Nerd on national TV The experience was nothing but awesome all the way around. Th:D
  2. Gabriel James

    Chef knife 3 ways

    Thanks Mr Mercier!
  3. Gabriel James

    Chef knife 3 ways

    ive been busy buried under a mountain of bladework ! hoping to get caught up for all my Christmas orders! ironwood, koa, maroon/blk micarta
  4. Gabriel James

    100# Cushioned Helve hammer

    i would so buy this if i; A: had money, B: knew any freaking thing about rebuilding this to make it operational, C: had a place to put it LOL
  5. Gabriel James

    Mountain of free steel

    so there i was minding my own business when my dad calls me to tell me he had a friend who wanted to give me alll the saw mill blades i wanted. Here comes the potentially upsetting news. WHile i was there he called his distributor specialist and found out that these blades were made from 4150 and 6150, most blades were made out of the latter of the two. 1-1.5" widths and a nearly unlimited supply can anyone see a functional purpose for these besides the scrap yard? My heart tells me they will not forge well and play nice. Thoughts? anyone with experience with these at all?
  6. Gabriel James

    FLat bar tongs for sale.

    Hey scott ill sell you one of my pair i bought from JJ at 5x the price if you like teehee! they are handy!
  7. Gabriel James

    Mountain of free steel

    i decided I dont want to mess with it right now, ive been selling it for .75-1$ per foot depending on how they want it cut to hobby guys that dont want to just buy known good steel. Oh wells
  8. Gabriel James


    I thought 1080A was 80crv2 ?! It was listed as such on alpha for the longest, but is identical in composition to 80crv2... at least thats what a trusted fella told me
  9. Gabriel James

    Neighborhood Nerd Competes on FiF

    Thanks! i got another screen grab, not sure if these screen shots are any better than my pics. I got a snap of Dave mokume bolsters too
  10. Gabriel James

    Last one for ICCE

    i like this one alot, looks like it should be in a gentleman's gamblers kit for sure!
  11. Gabriel James

    Neighborhood Nerd Competes on FiF

    i torrent them from a site, PM me and ill give you more instructions on how to get them. I got a few screen grabs if that helps any?
  12. Gabriel James

    Neighborhood Nerd Competes on FiF

    i dont normally say this publicly but i dont have cable either, i just download the torrent right off of KA and put it on my 4TB storage hard drive to watch whenver i want
  13. Gabriel James

    Neighborhood Nerd Competes on FiF

    thanks very much JJ, time to get busy. Tons of room for improvement!
  14. Gabriel James

    Neighborhood Nerd Competes on FiF

    again thanks alot guys!
  15. Gabriel James

    Neighborhood Nerd Competes on FiF

    I have a cell phone video i took haphazardly before i had to crate it up. But the compression makes it just look like blah. It looks decent on my phone.... idk I should have went for a very high contrast hamon, instead of a subtle one, oh well
  16. Gabriel James

    Neighborhood Nerd Competes on FiF

    thanks alot guys. I got my Bachelors degree in knife making from this very forum. Thanks all to have answered questions and guided me along the way. I at least was competant enough to fake the funk and pull out a "W" hahaha! here are a few pics of the final weapon
  17. Watch FiF tuesday, Giggle at how i look like a mutant combination of Gru / Lord Voldermort :( TV makes a dude look aweful LOL

    1. Jason McEntee

      Jason McEntee

      It'll be cool to watch you work nevertheless!

  18. Gabriel James

    6" SS San mai St8 hunter

    Thanks guys for the kind words! i wish i were brave enough to try and move the handle down a touch like everyone suggested, bahaha. It's at the laser engraver getting logo'd up
  19. Gabriel James

    6" SS San mai St8 hunter

    Greetings fellas! In my continued attempt to get better, i present my 6th hidden tang knife in a row!!! If you know me thats impressive (i love full tang) I dont have alot of blocks, so this knife was a mortised construction, horse hoof style? 420/1084. Leather, vulcanized paper, suriname ironwood. My first successful SS san mai among a list of a few others. Admittedly I had a bit of help from Kyle Gahagan, hes been really helpful here lately getting me out of my slump! Edit: I pulled out all the stops, please point out any glaring areas that need improvement! Part of me wishes the ricasso was square, and the plunge meeting it at a 45 degree angle....pics arent very good either.
  20. Gabriel James

    Getting Married

    congratulations, should have gotten him to forge you a ball and chain as well! bahaha! jk. Spoken like a true bachelor!
  21. Gabriel James

    6" SS San mai St8 hunter

    Thanks for that input Jake. I see what youre saying about the spine line, but being as how comfortable it feels and indexes currently, i would be afraid of losing some of that with a tweak. For future reference if i decide to do another handle similar to this, perhaps i could rid myself of the top swell in favor of better lines, and still maintain a solid grip. PLenty to work on for the next attempt!
  22. Gabriel James

    6" SS San mai St8 hunter

    Funny you should ask me that Jeff. Besides myself, my worst critic is my best friend, and he "hates that roundy choil-ricasso bit" because "it serves zero purpose". He wants it to be a finger well for an alternative grip. Initially i was going to go a different route, but when my plunges came out absolutely perfectly symmetrical i didnt have the gusto to alter it. So to answer your question.... i dont really know. I do not make a lot of hunter/knives with guards or ricassos so this was my rendition of that i suppose. Be interesting to know if anyone else thinks it looks strange / out of place? Thanks guys for the comments!
  23. Gabriel James

    Peanut butter auto-hamon Nakiri time

    So there i was, making a knife for an order --- supposedly a fully hardened blade....I visited Mark Greens shop and his burners heat up crazy fast, so I guess im blaming him for this baha! My timing was off and this little auto hamon happened. I decided to pull this knife aside and remake one for the client. Im still working on my photography skills. I just bought a Nikon D3400 in attempt at getting better quality pics for some online marketing. Any tips/critiques on the blade or the photo more than welcome as usual. I would have prefered the handle not to slope back down as it does, but its still more than comfortable-- maybe less so after it loses 1/2" of the heel from sharpening. Made to fit a small-med sized hand. 7" nakiri 2" tall 1095 Black n white ebony
  24. Gabriel James

    Best temperature to straighten a katana

    hamon is created at the quench, 500 degrees F= 260 C is not going to change the hamon at all, just hardness. Larger amounts of stress develop in swords from mass and leverage and need added toughness to compensate
  25. Gabriel James

    Best temperature to straighten a katana

    tempering temps wont affect your hamon any 350-500. The penny jig is pretty simple. Find the extent of the warp and place that portion on the penny, and clamp around it so it bends around the penny essentially. Over correcting the warp. Placing it in the tempering oven at say 375 instead of 350 will allow for an easy warp fix! Hopefully! haha I have had a lot of luck with it recently