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  1. There must be something said about some television programs being good for bladesmiths. I recently got a commission for a sword. I know some of you are familiar with Game of Thrones. I had a lady wanting a sword as a Christmas present for her husband (he's a big fan of GOT). Turns out his favorite character is Jon Snow. Immediately, I had to some research as I'm not into GOT (couldn't get into it). Anyways, she wants this sword to be an actual sword, not just a wall hanger but she also said it doesn't have to be an exact replica. I decided to try and stay as close to Longclaw as possibl
  2. Those serrations were hand filed, every single one. Tedious, yes, but worth it.
  3. The heat treat process was the hardest, at least for me.
  4. I've been thinking of doing another Bowie for a while, but I wanted to do something a little different this time. I decided to do a through tang construction with a finger spacer. Here's the result; the blade was forged from some leaf spring, the guard, spacer, and pommel are brass, between the guard and spacer is redwood burl, between the spacer and pommel is spalted tamarind. The dark lines between the woods and brass is thin leather. The woods were worked to a decent sheen then coated with tung oil. The blade has a length of about 10 5/8".
  5. Seeing as how I can't remember if I started a thread on the second rapier project or not, here's the finished piece. The blade was forged from leaf spring, and that is where the similarities end. While mine had the basket made from forged out railroad spikes, the other rapier's basket was made from stainless steel hex bar (5/16"). This was a collaborative project as I shaped and fitted the pieces for the basket and a very good friend of mine did all of the welding and finishing including the stone work (the smaller stones are amber and I can't remember what the heart stone is). Sandwiched
  6. Okay, I know it's been a while since I last posted anything or even have been on here. I've had some computer issues, but now it seems to be taken care of. Here is the finished set. The handles are full tang with walnut scales, brass liners and pins. I'm still working on the block design for these.
  7. I know I've been quiet for a while. I have been working on a few projects which will be shown in the near future. One of those projects is being shown here before heat treating. All six blades are forged from leaf spring. The handle treatment will be walnut with brass pins and liners, nothing too fancy (that'll be the next project). Once I get these blades finished, I'll also be making a block to store these in.
  8. Believe it or not, I've done some grinding on it, and the motor never even hiccuped. Even with an 80G belt, as soon as the steel touches the belt, the machine just eats it.
  9. Over the course of a little over a year, I have gone through two bench-top 4 x 36 sanders. I finally had enough and decided an upgrade was in order, and rather quickly (our annual community yard sale is next weekend). So, I got together with a good friend of mine and we worked out some details and he started the build (he had the motor and most of the frame steel). When the machine got to my shop, I had some work to do to get it in running shape. I must say, this machine works better than either I or my friend could imagine. I'm going to try to list what was used: The drive motor is a 17
  10. Oh yeah, the education I received from this project was well worth the time. Mind you, all of the hammering was done with my three pound hammer.
  11. Thank you Alan, and thank you for your advice on this project, I greatly appreciate it.
  12. Finally, after logging in 87 hours plus, the rapier is finally finished. The maple handle has a spiral braided silver wire wrap and the pommel nut was shaped from a scrap piece of railroad spike left over from the basket work. Every project has new learning experiences and this one is the prime example of that. I sincerely want to thank everyone for the advice during this project.
  13. Thank you, and yes I am. The only real issue is going to be the cleanup, but it'll get done.
  14. I did some more work on the basket this morning. So far, it's coming along pretty well.
  15. Absolutely beautiful work! And thank you for posting this as it inspires me to do some ornamental work on my current rapier project.
  16. Today, I got the 'D' guard forged out and fitted, so now, I have a good foundation for the rest of the basket work.
  17. Thanks. Getting there. Once I get all the basic stuff done, then the details start.
  18. And more progress today. I got the pommel shaped and fitted. Tomorrow, I get to continue on the basket work. I needed the pommel so I could index the 'D' guard scroll end. Now, the balance is right about where the blade bevels meet.
  19. I have a good foundation for the basket now. I also got a jump start on the handle as well. The wood for the handle came from an old butcher's block.
  20. Thank you. I try to get pictures when I can, but sometimes, I just get caught up in the build, but I'll keep everyone posted as much as possible.
  21. The hilt build has begun. I've decided to use railroad spikes for the basket. Yes, I know it'll be a long process, but I think it'll be fine. All the pieces will be welded together.
  22. Mild steel...interesting. As usual, thank you Alan.
  23. Okay, this maybe stupid question time, but this question is for those that have made swords, especially rapiers. What steel did you use for your hilts? I'm at a material usage crossroads and don't know which way is best, so any input is greatly appreciated.
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