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  1. Once in a while, I get asked if I make folding knives. I haven't attempted any except for some straight razors (if they even classify). I have been wanting to design a folder that is based from the colonial period up to the Victorian age, but I haven't been able to find a good design, until now. I want to sincerely thank you. In my opinion, what you have created here is nothing less than simply stunning and is also exactly what I have been looking for design-wise. Now that I have a very good design to go from, with a few design tweaks, I should be starting my own version with the hopes of maybe turning out a few of them. Thank you Steve, for the inspiration.
  2. Okay, while I'm still on the subject of straight razors, I have had this idea kicking around in my head for a while, so I decided to just get it done. Here is the progress I have so far for the Steampunk straight razor. The blade still needs to be tempered, then aged. After that, I get to set the rivets then tarnish the copper and brass. I have an idea or two on paper right now for the handle, but I'm still gathering parts.
  3. Thanks Kenon. To do the hollow grind takes some patience and time. I have thought about making a grinder similar to that concept.
  4. Ummmm...I think I'm already past that. lol I am currently in the middle of designing a bearded axe. And thanks.
  5. The finished product. I cannot emphasize enough the gratitude and appreciation I have for the advice and suggestions I've had during this build, and I think it all paid off. Again, thank you all, especially Alan.
  6. Thanks Alan, I wasn't sure as this tomahawk will be used as it was first intended. Now, for today's progress. Again, the head isn't heat treated yet, so this picture is still in mock-up phase. I still have some cleanup work before heat treating.
  7. Okay, so here's the progress from today. I started work on the bowl. The stock material I used was 3/4" diameter round bar of low to medium carbon steel. I cut about 4" off and upset one end to flare it out some. Now, on to the grinding, filing, and drilling. I also roughly shaped the haft to get a better idea on the whole project. Yes, the hole is drilled all the way through, and yes, it was rather interesting. In the last picture, you see everything mocked up. I have to finish shaping the bowl (which will be shorter) then fine tune the fit between the bowl and the eye. Also, the head has not been heat treated yet. Now, I have question to anyone that has made a functioning pipe hawk... The hole that was drilled down the center of the haft, what else needs to be done to the hole as far as any dressing or whatnot?
  8. So, here's the latest. I did the blade work near the eye today. I must say, it was rather interesting. I apologize for only one picture today. My friend came over to see the progress and we hashed out a plan for the bowl and the handle. While he was here, we got the haft roughly shaped and drilled, then hung the head for testing. So far, this is going to be one quick and sharp tomahawk.
  9. In the past, I have tried using a flap wheel on a grinder and a drum sanding wheel on a Dremel, but they never came out clean enough. About the only thing I can suggest is very time consuming and that is using sand paper on a dowel rod or something close. I'm sure there are other ways, but for now, that's what I came up with.
  10. Thanks guys, and like I said, I still have a ways to go yet.
  11. More progress today. The main objective for today was to get the blade edge in. In the last pic you see the cleanup work has begun. I still have a ways to go, but so far, I think its coming along well.
  12. I love this thing! Infinite air control! Yeah, I thought about that this morning before I started. I did finally get the edge piece in though. I'll post more progress pics from today later on.
  13. Kevin, the only thing I slightly felt intimidated by while making this was the hollow grind. For these though, I think I have it figured out, just patience and time.
  14. Lucas, I don't have any build pictures, just of the finished project, sorry.
  15. Okay, after much research and asking questions, I finally got started today. I must say, I always get a little nervous when I have to forge weld, so when I do, I take things slow so as to try and not mess something up. So far, things are going good (thanks Alan). In the first picture, I got the bar bent and rough shaped, ready for welding. Yes, I tacked both sides together so that nothing shifted. The second picture shows more progress after taking a good heat. In the third, I am starting to work the shape. Hopefully, tomorrow will come with more pictures of progress.
  16. Gabriel, I had an idea but wasn't exactly sure what you were talking about with the dymond wood, but after being reminded, that material has got to be one of my least favorites. I have more ideas for razors floating around in my head, and I think I may go full steam punk next. I just have to get a few other projects done first though.
  17. The small copper washers you see with the spacer pins were hand made by me. The were drilled, cut, and filed from some copper pipe that was split and flattened.
  18. Gabriel, I was thinking about that last night, but I thought the grain in the wood was too clean and didn't really want to distract from that. If the grain would have been more wavy, I might have done some texturing. About other blades laying around, I still have two more ready for handles, but no real direction yet...
  19. Thanks. I was going for some Victorian style scroll work.
  20. Thanks everyone for all the input. The bottom blade is now completed and a new thread is started under Show and Tell. Now, over time, to come up with handles for the other two...hmmm...
  21. I made the blade a little while ago with a design in mind. As most projects go, during the build, the design goal became somewhat blurred and some aspects went in different directions, which got me off track for the handle design. I want to thank everyone on the Design and Critique section for their suggestions. Finally, this started to take form. The scales are made from a piece of old old butcher's block, the spacer is formed from copper plate, the pins are brazing rod, and the washers are cut from copper sheet. Now, I can breathe a sigh of relief with this one completed.
  22. Chuck, thank you so much with the reference material, it will be a great help along with Alan's and a few others. With great appreciation, I thank you guys again.
  23. WOW! Beautiful work! The amount of time was probably a good bit, but it was all worth it.
  24. Thanks TC. I bookmarked it for more future reference.
  25. At Sage Blades? Yeah, I have them bookmarked as well as Jacob Ray Razors. Both have some impressive work. Dylan Farnham's blades have a more organic feel and style, which I think is pretty cool.
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