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  1. Steam punk might be just the ticket for the bottom one... hmmmm...
  2. Thank you again, Alan. Like I said before, other than a few railroad spike tomahawks, I haven't tried a traditional one yet and this will be a good learning experience, so you're input is highly appreciated along with others.
  3. I have a question for you all. I have some finished straight razor blades without handles as I am completely undecided on handle materials. I had the Victorian time period in mind on the middle blade, but the other two, I'm not too sure on. Any suggestions are welcome.
  4. Alan, I may have another 'stupid' question. When you made yours, what size stock material did you start with?
  5. Kevin, the area in question is the diamond on the side of the eye.
  6. Hmmm...separate bowl piece with threads...That idea is looking to be a better route to take.
  7. Alan, I want to sincerely thank you for the information. So, this is a pipe 'hawk then? I guess I was looking in all the wrong places for info. Looks like I have alot of work ahead of me, this ought to be fun.
  8. Thanks Andrew, Overall, I am looking forward to this as well, but I am a little nervous also as I haven't attempted a build like this. We'll see how this goes.
  9. Hello all. Tomorrow, I will be starting another project. This one's going to be a good one, which I need a little advice on. A good friend of mine wants a tomahawk based on the one in the movie The Patriot. From research I've done, it was supposed to be a peace pipe tomahawk given to Benjamin Martin from the Cherokee. My friend wants this to be a fully functioning piece. I have done one or two railroad spike tomahawks in the past, but nothing quite like this, although I have always wanted to. So, I am looking for any advice on this project. I will try to get as many photos as possible
  10. That pattern pops! I also like your choice of wood grain pattern for the handle.
  11. Nicely done! Clean lines and I love the handle!
  12. Thanks Professor, its appreciated.
  13. The pommel... Okay, the end of the brass flat bar I used was notched out to fit the tang. I then drilled a hole through the guard to match up the one I drilled in the tang. Once the fit was nice and snug, I drove a pin in to secure everything. During the design of the guard in this style, a spring effect was incorporated. The spring effect helps keep the wood scales tight and to reduce any rattling that might occur. Here's a diagram: d guard pommel assembly.bmp
  14. The blade has a thickness of 3/16", but with the blade bevel and false edge bevel mixed with the full tang and brass guard, the center of gravity is about a half inch or so in front of the guard.
  15. Thanks guys. Doug, the guard was made from 3/8" thick brass bar. Some precise material removal happened here. I'd say I had about 8 hours total just working on the guard, and half of that was fine-tuning for a correct fit.
  16. Thanks Gabriel. With the design like this, It took some time fitting the guard and the scales. Sure, it was tedious, but it was worth it.
  17. A little while back, a good friend asked me to make a saber. The design of the saber was based from combining a Confederate artillery saber with a Spartan sword. After it was finished, he decided he wanted a companion piece for it. He had always been a fan of Jim Bowie. What you see here is the result. The full tang blade was forged out of a leaf spring, and the D guard is brass. The handle scales are slightly charred walnut. The overall length of this knife is 16" with 10 3/4" long blade.
  18. As for the blade angle, I don't really think there's anything really set in stone, so I'd stick with what you're doing. As for the fuller, again, it depends on if you want a narrow fuller or a wide one. When I set my fuller in my khukuri, I laid out the fuller with a sharpie on both sides then used my fuller groove tool. Somewhere in the tools section is a thread for the groove tool. Other than that, you look like you heading in the right direction. Looks good so far.
  19. Beautiful blade! The fuller really makes the pattern pop. Can't wait to see this one finished!
  20. Wow! Now, this is interesting! Very cool project!
  21. That's the reason why I changed it, Tim. I do plan on training with it and I wasn't comfortable with the hand-feel. And I think it actually looks better myself.
  22. Brian, that's pretty much why I changed the handle...well, that...and the possibility of injuring myself...but yeah, now I don't have to worry about any police reports or hospital runs. Yeah, Now it feels complete and right.
  23. I had to do a re-handle. The brass scales both in finish and design were not functional for actual use. I quickly came to this conclusion during testing as it almost slipped out of my hand, even with the kick-down style pommel. Never a good thing. I removed the brass scales and replaced them with walnut. I saved the hilt pieces, but had to make new pins for handle, which I figured I'd have to. Now, after a vigorous re-test, the re-handle was a much needed improvement.
  24. I think either the axle or crankshaft should work relatively well for a hammer. When you get to that project, keep me posted.
  25. Very impressive! Now that we all see how large it is, all I have to say is... well done!
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