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  1. The length of a khopesh varies, but in general, from what I noticed in my research is that the average length is between 20" and 24" overall. Granted, some are smaller and others are a little longer, but that really depends on what the user desires. If you are thinking of using spring steel, I suggest looking for a leaf spring that's about 1/4" thick by about 2 1/2" wide and without any pits. That's just my personal opinion. I hope your fire ban is lifted soon so you can start hammerin' again. Also, a good challenge is always worth it.
  2. A very beautiful blade you have there! This one gives me ideas for a possible build later on. A friend of mine has been talking about a 'd-guard' Bowie, and I might have to draw some inspiration from this classy piece.
  3. Kevin, that was the idea for the hook. During combat, you could pull a shield away and quickly come back and slash. Also, if you are knocked down, you could sweep a leg. Another move is to hook your opponent behind the head so they have to bow down to give you access to a back of the neck shot. These are just some examples of fighting techniques with this weapon, which is why I love this design, it's so versatile, quick, and deadly. Thank you very much, Professor.
  4. Thank you, Tim. The actual forging process was interesting to say the least. Personally, I'd say go ahead and make one, but I'm kind of biased. LOL
  5. Very nice work, Kevin. The first one with the turned handle came out nice and clean. I love the handle treatment on the last one, gotta love rivets! The 'hawk has that rustic feel, love it!
  6. You're welcome, Mark. I'd figure do something a little different, and I like different. lol
  7. Thank you Ondrej. I have always been a fan of these, and then after seeing them in action on a Youtube video or two, I decided to make one. The Forged in Fire episode came on and that just cemented the idea. This one however is a keeper, meaning, it's mine. I think I'm going to start training soon.
  8. That's a pretty clean blade. The hilt is pretty interesting as it almost looks like a separate piece, until you notice the bends. Very nicely done.
  9. After 28 hours, the khopesh is finished. Here's the list of some details: overall length: 26 1/4", blade edge: 14 1/8", overall blade thickness: 7/32". I wanted to pay tribute to the early versions by using bronze for the hilt and brass for the handle scales. After tempering yesterday, I tested it out before any type of sharpening. With one swing along with no real force, it cut into a post about an inch or so. It's no wonder why the ancient Egyptians adopted this design from the Canaanites! I still cannot get over how maneuverable and quick this is. Overall, I'm really pleased with this one.
  10. LOL I agree with Jacob. Everyone has their own idea for 'generic'. This blade has character and beauty, very well done.
  11. Same here, but I can't do anything more about the scale, and thanks, Tim.
  12. Because of the weather, I have to postpone the tempering until possibly Sunday. But, it gives me time to work on the handle. What you see here are two different metals used. The scales and spacers are brass and the hilt is bronze. For now, everything is rough shaped. Once I am ready to permanently mount the handle pieces, everything will be smoothed and polished, and possibly engraved (still not sure about the engraving yet).
  13. Now, that's something different! Love it! And I agree with Kevin, please post pics when the handle is made.
  14. Kevin, I appreciate your input. In the past, I never had a problem with waiting a day or two between hardening and tempering. As far the irregular shape goes, yes it has been a challenge, which is why I like it. To me, challenges are the life-blood of any good project, it keeps us all sharp and on our toes, and we all learn something new in the process. Thanks, Kevin.
  15. The hardening is finished, but I must wait until at least tomorrow for tempering. I decided to start working on the handle pieces. What you see is a mock-up of rough shaped brass for the main handle. The hilt material is still in the planning stages. The brass scales will be finished and polished when the time comes.
  16. Love the 'tiger stripe' blade!
  17. Let's just say putting the fuller in was interesting. lol I still have to thin the blade down more though, it's still a little thick.
  18. Thanks Joshua. I'm pretty excited to get this one done. And for the yard stick, that's why I keep it around.
  19. More progress today... Overall, it cleaned up pretty well. A little more work to do before heat treatment.
  20. These were made mostly from bronze. From some reading I've done, some were made from iron, but those were much later on.
  21. This is shaping up to be utterly amazing!
  22. Well, here's the cleanup work so far. Mind you, I still have a way to go, but it's looking good already, at least I think so.
  23. I started the cleanup work today but had to stop. I had to get another belt and a few other things, so the cleanup will continue tomorrow.
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