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  1. Jonathanbradshaw

    Good inexpensive wood rasp set?

    I have one of those Shinto rasps. I've never used it on a knife handle, but it is excellent at removing wood and does not gouge.
  2. Jonathanbradshaw

    Knife makers vise (wip)

    Looks good. What size is the smaller pipe the the knife goes in?
  3. Jonathanbradshaw

    My hydraulic press plans

    Do these 5-7 ton splitters have enough force and speed to be useful as a press? I'm asking mostly from curiosity since I just finished making one of the air over hydraulic mini presses.
  4. Jonathanbradshaw

    My Mini Hydraulic Press

    I finally got my press frame welded up. I have not made the attachment for the dies yet. How are people locking the die plates in for the slide in method like pictured above? Does this require a screw or will a drop in pin suffice?
  5. Jonathanbradshaw

    symetrical axe wrap

    I agree. That is an excellent article. I especially appreciated the details about determine the eye/poll size and making a drift.
  6. Jonathanbradshaw

    My Mini Hydraulic Press

    Can you link to the pedal you purchased?
  7. Jonathanbradshaw

    My Mini Hydraulic Press

    Thanks for the feedback. I was planning on reinforcing the critical welds with bolts and then got to thinking, "If I am using bolts anyway do I need to weld it at all?" I'll stick with the original plan of weld plus bolts. And I certainly will not be trying to press steel cold. I am mostly looking at trying to use this to punch eyes for axes and hammers.
  8. Jonathanbradshaw

    My Mini Hydraulic Press

    First post. Sorry to drag up an old thread. I am preparing to build one of these presses. I plan on using 1/4" wall 2" square tube for the frame and 2" x 3/8" for the guides on the ram. I wanted to ask for feedback from the builders that used bolts to make the top bar moveable. How has this design held up in the long run? I am also wondering if anyone has built a version of this that is entirely bolted together, instead of welded. The 1/4" wall that I am using is at the upper limit of my welder so I am considering reinforcing all of the welded joints with 5/8" grade 8 bolts. Thoughts?