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  1. I just happed upon this, so I thought I may add a little abut me (not that there is much to tell) Hello, I am Brad Woollon from Wellington, South Africa. I am a bladesmith part time, and a Mechatronical Engineering student for the rest. I have a small setup on my parents farm in Wellington, and absolutely love everything about knives. I got into knives when I was about 4 years old. Got given an old diving knife, and it just grew as an interest from there until the beginning of last year, when I finally got my forge and everything set up to make some blades! I have been on 2 bladesmithing
  2. Thanks for the tip with the Petroleum Jelly, Ill definitely give it a shot! Brad
  3. Wow, thanks for all the great tips guys! they will definitely help! Hope some more can add, maybe make a sticky if this gets popular? That might just be a really tired brain rambling though I'll be sure to try these out. Brad
  4. Hey guys, I was hoping to put together a list or guideline of some tips from the more experienced makers for all of the people new to decorative file-work. I, myself, am pretty noobish at it, so any and all tips will certainly be of help. So for my first question, if one has done the file-work on the tang, and then the handle scales are epoxied onto the tang what is a good way to get the squeeze-out out of the file-work without destroying the handle scales or marring the tang? Second, what are some good-looking but relatively simple patterns/designs for the newbie to try out?
  5. I'm now on the Facebook and Instagram due to my sister finally forcing me into it! It was a good idea though.

    1. Caleb Harris

      Caleb Harris

      What's your instagram username?

    2. Brad Woollon

      Brad Woollon

      @bjw_custom_knives... Probably should have put that in there too.... oops :P

  6. Thanks guys. Austin, I agree, not my cup of tea either. Alan, how about with stropping? any recommended compounds/ dusts etc? I have one blade (fairly new) with VG10 and a quick strop seems to work pretty well. It is only about a month old, so hasn't seen much use yet. Brad
  7. Hey guys, I was asked the other day about VG10. The person wanted to know a bunch of stuff about it, from chemical makeup and edge retention, etc. but I thought I would ask you more experienced guys what you think about it. Pro's/con's what you like, what you don't anything along those lines. I don't need the chemical composition, or anything I can google, just personal experience with it as a blade steel. Not just stock removal, but if you have any experience with using it in damascus or as a core for soft damascus shell. Thanks in advance! Brad
  8. Thank you very much Brian! I will definitely check those out! Brad
  9. Thanks Alan! I will look for just that! Brad
  10. Hey guys, Okay, so I realize this isn't a steam forum, but I am reaching out to anyone and everywhere to get this information, and I thought I would just throw it out here and see if I catch any so-called "fish". Background: I am a full-time student at Cape Peninsula University of Technology in South Africa. I am studying Mechatronics (Sub-division of Mechanical Engineering, not gonna go into detail here) and this semester, I have been assigned to draw a full model of the steam engine on display here. Have to do a full 3-D model of it in SolidWorks and AutoCAD. The Problem: I nee
  11. I think I may have the exact same! I used it for about 8 months in the beginning, and it worked (for the most part) but you use up crazy amounts of energy to get any steel moving. OTOH it is great to practice accurate hammering (because as soon as you miss your work, you have the evidence) as well as for teaching others to forge, if you have another anvil, because you don't really mind it getting dinged up. All of that said, I was still able to make some pretty decent knives on it! You may just have to do some extra grinding/filing to shape, but it will definitely be better than nothing! I wa
  12. MattM, That's a good idea. Simple, yet probably the easiest way to check! Why didn't I think of that I certainly will try it out and definitely post some pics, fail or not. Think i should try out canister damascus, like you, coz of the oxidation. Brad
  13. Thanks! I have a single-burner "postbox" forge.. Wonder if I could get it to welding heat... hmmm... I hope it can, would love to be able to make some Damascus! Good luck with the project! Brad
  14. Also, as an addition, I don't think (could be wrong here) that anyone was/is able to easily build a growing customer base right from the beginning. It definitely does take a bunch of time and effort to get started in this niche market. Brad
  15. Hello Collin, Here are a couple links to videos that may be of some help in the wider scheme of things, I know they helped me get a better picture of the selling side of knife making: This guy was recommended to me, I have yet to watch his videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/GainMindshare?&ab_channel=CharlesTerrenceHarper I am no financial or marketing expert at all, but after selling a couple knives (literally just a couple) I have found (and been told) that a good start is to sell to friends and family either for themselves, or for them to giv
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