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  1. Thanks to everyone. It sure is nice to look at all these pieces. KT
  2. This is the last thing I made for my self.Two holsters and a sheath. Had to quit. Health went to hell. Didnt even get a belt made to match it. Sold every thing off when I quit.Didnt even keep my first pieces. kidterico
  3. Kid when I saw your post on Rob's post of ......... possibly a hobbit sword. My whole day lit up. I haven't seen anything from you in a coon's age!


    I thought you may have passed over the great divide, I haven't seen anything from you in long time. 

    Glad to hear you are still "kickin"!!! Please don't take this the wrong way. I remember talking to you on the phone and it was like talking to an old friend!



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    2. C Craft

      C Craft

      Kid I am sure sorry to hear about the health. Don't worry about me ever forgetting you! There is some knife makers I can look at a knife and tell right off who the maker was without ever seeing the makers mark! 


      It's that way with your leather work. I saw one of your holsters a while back and I had to ask the guy if "Kid Terico" made that one. He was surprised that I knew the maker!! I told him he has a distinctive style and it's not hard to know who made it if you know his work!! 

      Terry, I will say a prayer for you and yours!!



    3. kidterico


      Thank u for the answer. I am pretty much house bound due to bad health. Can only get around with help. Dont post hardly ever. but like to look at all the great work people are showing. Really miss not being able to do my leather work. My wife is typing this for me. Its such a great feeling to see that some one still remembers me. THANk YOU Cliff. KT   Terry

    4. kidterico


      Thank you. Stay safe. Your friend KT  Terry

  4. Bob keeping them out for us old retired geezers .kidterico
  5. Rob thats some fine work your showing. kidterico Rob thats some fine work your showing. kidterico
  6. Rob thats some fine work your showing. kidterico Rob thats some fine work your showing. kidterico
  7. Nice work. Rob leave it to u 2 come up with that idea. KT
  8. Some nice work your showing. KT
  9. Beautiful work. KT
  10. Nice wildlife photos. KT Terry
  11. Those are some very beautiful pictures. No wild life around here like that.KT Terry
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