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  1. That knife is absolutely beautiful. Great job!
  2. LOL they are pretty bad. I was glad when I built my 2x72. At least the 1" belts are cheap. Nice looking knife there.
  3. Good knife there, great for second blade.
  4. Andrew, I left the tangs thick on a few and found it does not work. Cannot fit bolster/ guard and get tight fit to solder. However, if looking for rustic "highland" look without metal fittings it would be acceptable. But it adds weight.
  5. Newer locks such as Siler are cast steel. They have been doing that since the 60's. Older springs and frizzen would be forged high carbon steel. I imagine lock plate and hammer would be mild steel or wrought depending on when it was forged. If its a cheap import beware case hardening.
  6. Really liking the handle curves there
  7. Wow! I really like the the concave edge and the curved back; very organic lines. Then the sharply angled cutout line and the guard mating contrasts this. Also, the dropped handle makes for a very aesthetic piece.
  8. Reminds me of an Ed Fowler design, except of course you used ironwood. Looks great.
  9. Nice job. I like the laurel wreath and sun motif; looks very Roman
  10. No worries Collin. I agree normalizing, annealing and quenching from the forge is time consuming. Best of luck
  11. Collin, I started smithing when I was your age. 8 years later my advice would be to spend that money on bladesmithing books and practicing basic hardening with a magnet and hot bar tempering. I have practiced for the past year heat treating in a coal forge and can get consistent and satisfactory results. You might be better off mastering these techniques, though they are difficult at first. Just my thoughts, not trying to hijack your thread.
  12. Looks good Emiliano. I like the slim profile fittings. Glad the 1095 worked out well in heat treating.
  13. Hello everyone, My name is Ben Farris. I am a senior mechanical engineering student at Northern Illinois University. I became interested in everything medieval while in high school. My dad had an anvil around and we welded together a forge, took a beginning blacksmithing class, and that is how it all started. I made a few knives but was discouraged by the challenge. I blacksmithed a lot, mostly making small pieces such as wall hooks and cooking utensils for the last 6 years or so. Last year I got serious about knifemaking after I gave one to a friend as a gift. His dad and grandfather soon
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