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  1. You just keep making more and more beautiful things , Mr. Richard
  2. When I was making folders I used a similar set up. I thought a mist lubricant system would be a good addition but never got around to setting one up.
  3. I was looking forward to seeing this movie but I found it a bit of a let down. All the typical Japanese tropes and a cliched ending.
  4. 218 C is a hell of a hard temper on Carbon steels. OK, on differentially hardened blades but I wouldn't want to be bending a 1084 blade that hard.
  5. Have to agree with Mr. Zuiderwijk. Another thing to remember is leaf spring can be various grades of steel , some of which may be partially air hardening, so a slow cooling is always advisable before any cold work . Something like an AISI 5160 will be a little harder under than hammer than a 1060 or 1070 but they should still work easily at forging heats. Makes me wonder if you are trying to work the steels too cold.
  6. Heaven forbid ! To be called an 'Australian'. Better to be called a yarpie ;-)
  7. Oh no, Mr. Richard. You have been tarred with 'South African'. For an NZer , surely a hienous crime .
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