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  1. I wonder why you lost so much weight ? Generally, I would not lose more than a few tens of grams on crucible steels.
  2. A very intriguing finish. Many thanks for taking the time to document your process.
  3. Nicw work, Mr. Richard
  4. Another beautiful piece, Mr. Richard.
  5. They are just mild steel and most guys make their own.
  6. You just keep making more and more beautiful things , Mr. Richard
  7. When I was making folders I used a similar set up. I thought a mist lubricant system would be a good addition but never got around to setting one up.
  8. I was looking forward to seeing this movie but I found it a bit of a let down. All the typical Japanese tropes and a cliched ending.
  9. 218 C is a hell of a hard temper on Carbon steels. OK, on differentially hardened blades but I wouldn't want to be bending a 1084 blade that hard.
  10. Have to agree with Mr. Zuiderwijk. Another thing to remember is leaf spring can be various grades of steel , some of which may be partially air hardening, so a slow cooling is always advisable before any cold work . Something like an AISI 5160 will be a little harder under than hammer than a 1060 or 1070 but they should still work easily at forging heats. Makes me wonder if you are trying to work the steels too cold.
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