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  1. this is what i was trying to get at Robert, i want the new guys to challenge themselves not each other.
  2. Its not really the idea of a contest. just a collective project to learn new skills and hone not so sharp skills.
  3. i like the challenge of creating somthing from someone elses head sometimes. im sure that i'll come out great if i ever get my mini press finished.
  4. So a buddy of mine brought me an old broken 70's or 80's ish era store bought sword and wanted me to salvage it for him to see what i could do, after a quick dip in the acid tank i realized i had something to work with. so i set to work and this is what came out. im considering maybe some celtic style carvings on the antler, thoughts?
  5. Thats not a bad idea Jeran, i might do that, If i do i was thinking maybe a damascus blade... any ideas on patterns that would look pleasing on such a blade?
  6. Got some new pics, that show the gaurd broken down and step by step on how it goes together, got some of the hamon on the blade and a couple of it put together as is, it still seems like its missing a little something though. Notice the handle grove is offset to one side so the basket brace can fin in without the handle being off center.
  7. Well you guys see it right their, lets get some attention to the post even if its just for the sake of seeing what comes of it.
  8. I'm still pretty new and learning the swing of things boss, I'll definitely look into the KITH, my idea was less tradition and more like a training regimen so not so good smiths like myself can hopefully get half as good as your (S)crap. my goal is to better myself and hopefully help those around me that I have the knowledge to help. working on techniques and maybe gaining a little friendly competition and cohesion among the less experienced.
  9. I agree 100% David, but if we can get a sub forum going on it, then we could have multiple groups working on the challenge that caught their eye. and if we can get that done then the only thing left to do is get the smiths on board with the idea.
  10. Copper splinters suck big ones.

    1. Collin Miller

      Collin Miller

      Indeed. Once I got a rusty steel wire jammed underneath my thumbnail and had to use pliers and a vice to pull it out. It smarts a little.

    2. S. Burton

      S. Burton

      i got a good one right through the webbing between my pointer finger and thumb on my left hand. it was a tricky jagged little son of a gun.

  11. I was looking around the forum and i see tons of talent in this place i'm starting to learn some new names cool inivative ideas and masterful craftsmanship, on the other side of things i see a lot of smiths that are "up and coming" new to the craft and some that are just having trouble trying to do too much work with not enough tools. On this i thought i'd pitch you guys the idea of a challenge board. some of the new guys can post things that can be like a monthly or weekly challenge for the newer guys depending on how its arranged. i was thinking a knife every month and maybe a different
  12. I'm trackin man, and it seems to be a bit clearer today so i can try to get it in this afternoon.
  13. this was helpful. always down to try something new. i'll post pics when it dries up and i can finish it up.( its been raining for days in NC)
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