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  1. PRICE is 222 eur plus shipping total length: 480mm blade: 340 mm thickness: 5 mm weight: 800g I can make sheath for 40 eur material is spring steel toughness 58 - 57 hrc. on the handle is exotic wood gaboun. Unfortunately the wooden hilt is little cracked, but its only estetic. The whole hilt is hardened by epoxide so there is no chance of breaking. More of my work: https://www.facebook.com/kovarstvikundera/
  2. hi this one is for sale! price 204 eur plus shiping. 230 dollar plus shiping I can make sheath for 37 eur / 42 dollar total length 530 mm blade 385 mm thickness: 5 mm weight 850 g material is spring steel, toughness 57 hrc. on the handle is exotic wood gaboun. https://www.facebook.com/kovarstvikundera/ my fb page: https://www.facebook.com/kovarstvikundera/
  3. MY FB PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/kovarstvikundera Knife inspired by the Vikings, price 100 dollars plus shipping. overall length 25 cm Blade length 14 cm Blade thickness 3 mm !! Handle 11 cm Blade: damask of top is from chain of chainsaws linear pattern. Middle damask from chain of chainsaws wild patern. Blades welded butt of 19,312 (high carbon steel) guard bronze, ash with engraving, bronze. Construction on the pin and riveted plus epoxy for sure. Handle surface : Bath from linseed oil and beeswax. cowhide leather of 3.5 mm Knife inspired by the Vikings, price is 100 dol
  4. I added a photo of a "small" bowie knife with sheath. the big one is already sold.
  5. hi guys, this is my first post here, I hope you like it and i glad to answer all inquiries. and sorry for my bad English. STEEL is high carbon (1% C) 19 191 with hamon. toughness 58 hrc HANDLE, leather rings and antler. fixed by epoxy adhesive and one copper Rivet. the left knife: overall length 37 cm, blade length 21 cm price 100 dollars plus shiping. the right knife: overall length 34 cm, blade length 20 cm price 100 dollars plus shiping. middle knife is not for sale the blades are without sheath. my fb site: https://www.facebook.c
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