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  1. Ondřej, these are fantastic as always. I will gladly buy the first one if it's unclaimed. If for some reason both are unclaimed, I would take them both!
  2. Lookin' for a bladesmith in the Seattle area. Or a way to clone Jake Powning maybe.

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    2. Wes Detrick

      Wes Detrick

      You are certainly welcome Jan. I am a bit South of you in the Tacoma area, but not far.

      I guess it depends on what kind of blade you are looking for and your budget. All of the smiths I mentioned are talented and their work is worth what they charge.


      I have taken two classes from Dave Lisch, and they were both worth. Good foundational stuff. And Matt is right, Dave is a good guy. And makes outstanding knives. He is known for his Damascus and is a full time blacksmith...

    3. Wes Detrick

      Wes Detrick

      Stupid sidebar :( Cut off my comment. Anyhow, welcome to the forum, and it is always nice to see another local get involved.

    4. Jim Walker

      Jim Walker

      Aren't we all looking for a way to clone Jake Powning?

  3. Such a beautiful blade. Lucky owner!
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