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  1. thanks for watching guys dont forget about tonight National Geographic Channel: http://on.natgeo.com/12N9v8W
  2. Howard would make u another for what that one sold for
  3. Tune in again at 9pm EST on Wednesday night for another new episode. If you haven't seen it yet, check out the teaser below. https://vimeo.com/58645930 Hammer
  4. neetneat ax head too much work to fake!!! the folks that owned it were real viking reenactors they were all eat up w/ it they had a club house villege set up and treated us... welll??.. like vikings...!! next week i sword stufffff to death hammer
  5. i cut mellons, gallon jugs and DRY tatamie(sp) matts
  6. here in afew epasodes the turn me loose" the master of mayhem " w a sword.. a damn good one too be sure and watch
  7. the blunderbuss was an awsome piece!!!! and the amo and powder was free:)
  8. i wanna know whats good and whats bad about the show?
  9. the new one comes on tonight watch and i hope u enjoy!!!
  10. hope yall enjoyed it the reruns are tonight and it counts in the rateings!! new show wed at 9:00 i really appreciate all the kind words and encouragement. i,ll be comeing out w tshirts w/ harleyisms ant no dog like an old dog perxactley life is easyer if u plow around the stumps etc etc etc that winchester was head and sholders from what winchester makes now. it locked up like slaming the door on a caddie not like a vw. i think it was the buckhorn sights that whiped jim and adrian they have other excuses why i out shoot them in other episodes too:) and the film don,t rea
  11. did anyone catch the show last night?? feedback??
  12. because of dads t.v. show weve revamped the web sight heres a sneek peek. ive layed in a lot of knives for the premier http://TuneRanch.com/lpk/?page_id=91'>http://TuneRanch.com/lpk/?page_id=91 http://TuneRanch.com/lpk the sight will also have t shirts hats etc when the show airs. Richard Harley
  13. larry harley


    ITS OFFICIAL!!! I get to co stare in a new reality T.V. show about antique firearms and cutlery. i have loved my job for these past 30 yrs; obsessed w steel and knives swords etc,i never grew up.just keep schooling my self all these yrs and creating. i always felt that everybody else had a job and i got to go play in my knife shop teach my self how knives were made 5000 yrs ago and every subtle nuance ever since. now its took me here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if i felt any better it would be against the law.
  14. UNCLOAKING for self defence!!!!!!! so the above pic is Jan. Feb. March.April and May????? UhhhhhGGGG YUUCCKK i think i,m gona throw up!!!! Washing computer screen and RECLOAKING!!!!
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