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  1. Incredible work as always Gary
  2. Could well be. This was basically the middle of the billet. I probably didn’t let it heat up enough throughout.
  3. Hey guys, thanks for all the advice in this thread! This site is truly a treasure chest of knowledge and experience. I'm hanging these pieces in my shop on the wall to remind me that failure isn't the end, its just part of the learning and growing process. Can't wait to get back in there and make a successful billet
  4. Grinding lengthwise being better makes sense... I went by color and let it soak for a little bit before I tried to set the weld
  5. I tried my hand at damascus this weekend. 4 layers of 15N20 and 3 of 1084 approximately 1.25” x 3.5”. The 1084 is 3/32” thickness, the 15N20 is ~.080”. I did my surface prep with a 40-grit ceramic belt and tacked everything together on the corners and sides with my stick welder. Brought up to dull red, dusted with borax for flux, and brought up to temp and went through the steps; fast, light blows from the center outward, re-fluxed, brought back up to temp, another set of light and fast blows, and a final flux/bring to temp before I started drawing it out to either cut & stack or just forg
  6. Forgot to add: the scales are some Osage Orange that a friend gifted me, and stainless pins. I took the finish to 400 grit and etched in ferric for a bit, after which I hit it with a scotchbrite pad
  7. While messing around in the shop the other day, I forged the profile for this out of some 3/32” 1084 I’d bought to make Damascus with. I tried for a hamon because I forgot that it was 1084 and not the 1095 I have in the same size stock. Ended up not forging the bevels in due to how thin this stuff is, but here’s a few pics:
  8. All I can say is Wow! Beautiful work sir!
  9. A few of the guys at the wastewater treatment plant I once worked at used a very high concentration FECL on poison ivy! I don’t recommend that, but it didn’t seem to hurt them other than staining their skin for what seemed like weeks
  10. Thanks buddy! Sorry to keep adding pics, but this shows the handle at its final finish
  11. Finally got around to trying to figure out kydex sheath making... ended up being pretty comfortable to carry and use.
  12. If I may add my penny's worth from my admittedly limited experience, find the right pressure and cadence/stroke. It seems to help me with my impatience and poor technique
  13. With only .05% carbon, I don't believe you'll be hardening it any time soon...
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