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  1. And thanks for the responses guys
  2. Joel, I didn't drill the holes first as I did a differential heat treat, and only the edge is hard. Doug, I did get a little ahead of myself since this is the first forge time I've had in about a year, but I really should make myself slow down lol. Alan, I agree with you about bearing races. I get these races from work, and the knives I've made from them are very strong. I've hammered them through stainless tig wire as well as 3/8" brass rod with no edge deformation or rolling. I'm not positive the steel is 52100, but it sure seems like it. It doesn't like moving quite so easily as some of the lower alloy steels I've fooled around with.
  3. Had some forge time today, and knocked this little guy out. Still have a long way to go as far as cleaning things up, but it's heat treated and tempered. Forged from a ball bearing race.
  4. That is some fabulous work sir.
  5. Thanks Jason, I had found that site, but some of the products had mixed reviews so I wasn't sure if I'd order from them. I'll give em a try
  6. Thanks Mike. I hadn't thought about doing something like that...
  7. Hey guys, I'm building a knife for a friend that is going to require scales that are 2" wide. I've found a couple presentation grade ironwood scales, but as the knife is going to be a "beater", we decided not to go that route. Any of you guys have a source for scales that are at least 2" wide? Thanks in advance
  8. Very cool! And a second for wondering what the sheath/saya is made from
  9. That oughta skin like a dream, and look good while doing it too.
  10. Beautiful!
  11. That is absolutely stunning!
  12. I like it... Looks like a seax and a Bowie had a baby lol
  13. I like the flow and simple elegance of it... Also agree with Jacob.
  14. As a fisherman, that is very awesome!
  15. Love it!