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  1. A few of the guys at the wastewater treatment plant I once worked at used a very high concentration FECL on poison ivy! I don’t recommend that, but it didn’t seem to hurt them other than staining their skin for what seemed like weeks
  2. Thanks buddy! Sorry to keep adding pics, but this shows the handle at its final finish
  3. Finally got around to trying to figure out kydex sheath making... ended up being pretty comfortable to carry and use.
  4. If I may add my penny's worth from my admittedly limited experience, find the right pressure and cadence/stroke. It seems to help me with my impatience and poor technique
  5. With only .05% carbon, I don't believe you'll be hardening it any time soon...
  6. Oh wow! That’s a perfect blend of East meets West
  7. Gerhard, they do sell dedicated checkering files, but they will be much finer than what Gary did. Think more along the lines of checkering on rifle/shotgun stocks.
  8. I’d guess oak of some sort, but I could be wrong.
  9. Isn’t cussing a basic process for blacksmiths and bladesmith’s?
  10. Not quite the same thing, but I’ve heard of drilling a hole for the tang as you described, then using a knead-type epoxy putty to fill the hole. Then oil or grease the tang, insert into the putty, and remove before the epoxy hardens.
  11. Sure ya can... just shell out $300 for 25 of em https://www.amazon.com/8-18-Bolts-Thread-Grade-Carton/dp/B0012Y8TJM
  12. I am blown away! That’s amazing!
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