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  1. Tenon Chopper

    Beautiful work!
  2. Nessmuk-ish skinner

    And it was back to a ‘new’ edge after a couple strokes on a whetstone and stropping on a belt. I’m very pleased so far, and can’t wait to put it to use again.
  3. Nessmuk-ish skinner

    So I finally got to put this guy into service the other day on a 5-pointer I harvested with my muzzleloader. After gutting, skinning, and quartering the buck, the knife was still sharp enough to take hairs from my arm. Not quite as easily as before I started, but it certainly retained a much better edge than any box-store knife I’ve ever used.
  4. Starting a New Historic Bowie

    Looking great, Gary! I love seeing your work
  5. Kitchen knives

    Very nice work! I especially like the third one down
  6. WIP--Southwest Bowie w/ forged D-Guard

    Beautiful work Gary. Can’t wait to see it finished
  7. Walnut Puukko

    Love that style of knife, and this is a beautiful example of one
  8. Nessmuk-ish skinner

    I didn’t mean to imply that you were criticizing me, it was mostly me calling myself out on what I perceive (especially when viewing the caliber of work so often presented on this forum) as shortcomings in my work. No offense taken at all, but feel free to criticize constructively any time.
  9. Nessmuk-ish skinner

    You’re right about the nessmuk being pointier. I haven’t got to try this out on a deer (yet), but it is quite sharp and seems like it will be a great skinning knife. I need to work a lot on my fit and finish, and getting my bevels even and crisper? More defined I guess is what I’m trying to say. I do think one of my handicaps is using a 1x30 grinder. I’m currently building a 2x72 so hopefully that won’t be an excuse much longer
  10. Hot Cut Hardy

  11. Nessmuk-ish skinner

    Finally got this guy finished up. Still a lot of things I could’ve done better, and hopefully I’ll use that knowledge on the next blade I make. Ended up using brass pins and black walnut for the handle. Blade was etched in cider vinegar
  12. Nessmuk-ish skinner

    And thanks for the responses guys
  13. Nessmuk-ish skinner

    Joel, I didn't drill the holes first as I did a differential heat treat, and only the edge is hard. Doug, I did get a little ahead of myself since this is the first forge time I've had in about a year, but I really should make myself slow down lol. Alan, I agree with you about bearing races. I get these races from work, and the knives I've made from them are very strong. I've hammered them through stainless tig wire as well as 3/8" brass rod with no edge deformation or rolling. I'm not positive the steel is 52100, but it sure seems like it. It doesn't like moving quite so easily as some of the lower alloy steels I've fooled around with.
  14. Nessmuk-ish skinner

    Had some forge time today, and knocked this little guy out. Still have a long way to go as far as cleaning things up, but it's heat treated and tempered. Forged from a ball bearing race.
  15. Ricky's Hunting Knife... with damascus made by Ricky

    That is some fabulous work sir.