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  1. Love the knife! Toss some cut up sprouts in salt, pepper, garlic powder, olive oil, and a splash of Worcestershire sauce, then roast until crispy. You can thank me later lol
  2. Doug, I used buckeye burl and blue tinted epoxy for them And thanks guys!
  3. Got em cleaned up a bit and sharpened. Can’t say I’m satisfied with the fit and finish, but I’m proud of them, and hopefully will one day look back and see progress from today.
  4. Could this be it? https://www.preferredabrasives.com/prod-info/belt-mat-desc/
  5. The blade is dirty from handling and masking tape adhesive, but the gyuto is just about finished. Also pictured is the 10” brisket slicer I forged out of 1084 with a scotchbrite finish.
  6. I did some sanding today on the handles for a meat slicing knife and chef’s knife
  7. My understanding is that 1095 would be the hardest of the three for a beginner to heat treat due to how quickly you have to get it properly quenched (right at one second) compared to the other two alloys
  8. Made a hybrid handle block for the gyuto I’m working on The wood is buckeye burl
  9. I somehow missed the hyperlink earlier… sorry and thanks!
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