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  1. Hey guys, finished this guy up just before the New Year (Hope everyone here had a great holiday season!) 


    This guy has an 11" blade forged from 1095, bronze guard and pin, dyed maple burl handle, and a mustard patina. This was commissioned by a friend of mine at work for 'sticking' pigs at butchering time, and it oughta manage that pretty well lol

    Dirk Toothpick.jpgDirk Toothpick2.jpgdirk Toothpick3.jpg

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  2. Thanks Joshua! There are things I would change if it had been for myself, satin flats and bevels being chief among them. 

    Of the whole build though, I am happiest with how the handle turned out.


    He also wanted a kydex sheath, but I think I may make a leather sheath as well. I really think the leather will compliment it better



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  3. One issue was a low spot from forging and leaving the texture on it. The scotchbrite belt ended up rubbing it a bit there too. I’m probably gonna attempt etching that spot to darken it back down a bit 

  4. Forged this from 80CRV2 for a friend of mine. He asked if I could leave the forged texture on the flats which I hadn’t done before… I was pretty pleased with how it turned out in the end though.


    Guard and pin are silicon bronze with a black fiber spacer. Handle is Euro Red Stag. Blade is 9” and the knife has an OAL of around 15 to 15-1/2”1DA78762-7DB2-4BC9-B260-C86ED627B6FF.jpeg

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  5. 11 hours ago, AJ Chalifoux said:

    I love pronounced yelmans on blades so I'm a bit biased, but you did a great job on all three. I love the blade profile on the first, the handle shape and wood choice on the second, and it's hard to tell, but is the third the shortest of the three? It looks very convenient and handy.

    Thanks! Yes, the last knife is the smallest of the lot. It's a 3-finger size handle for me, and will be going to my father-in-law to use for a hunting knife this season

  6. Despite time to work on knives having been difficult to come by for a while now, I did manage to get these finished up yesterday. Well, they still need my maker’s mark but close enough lol.


    All three are forged from 1084, have a stonewashed finish, and stainless pins. The handle scales are marbled jade micarta, black walnut, and zebrawood. 

    I need to work on getting more of a distal taper in my forgings, or maybe get off my butt and finish my surface grinder attachment and do em that way lol












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  7. Sorry to pile on the leaving train, but my wife had to have back surgery, and so I'm having to do everything around the house and work to keep the bills paid, so I don't think I'll be able to complete my project I'd intended to for the KITH. Which really sucks, because I was excited to participate.


    1.  Alex Middleton 
    2. Jaron Martindale

    3. Geoff Keyes
    4. Aiden Carley-Clopton 

    5. Brian Dougherty

    6. Doug Webster 

    7. Ted Stocksdale

    8. Chiyo Razi

    9. Joshua States
    10. Robert D

  8. To those of y’all that might not have seen, John passed away from cancer the other day. He had a unique style that I fell in love with the first time I saw his work. 


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  9. 1 hour ago, Gary LT said:

    This is a really nice knife Eric. Damascus lines are unique/different would you mind sharing how you got this look?

    Desert Ironwood and the micarta pins adds some class IMO.

    Nice job!

    Gary LT 

    Hey Gary, thanks!


    I did a few dips in ferric diluted at 1 part ferric to 4 parts distilled water for a few minutes at a time, scrubbed lightly with 0000 steel wool between each dip. Then a 24-hr soak in instant coffee followed by a light sanding with 2000-grit sandpaper. 

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  10. Forged this guy from 5160. Scotchbrite finish on the bevels, 320-grit on the flats and false edges. 316 stainless steel guard with black fiber spacer. Black micarta pin and European red stag handle.


    The blade is .220” at the guard, with a very slight distal taper.





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