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  1. Thanks, I used a mix of cider vinegar and instant coffee.
  2. Those are gonna make some folks awful happy Gary.
  3. I want to participate in this KITH, and will get started as soon as the theme is locked down.
  4. Much nicer than my first as well. Good lookin' small cleavers!
  5. Look forward to seeing how these turn out Gary. I'm sure they're gonna be works of art like everything else you make
  6. Merry Christmas to everyone 

  7. That would be a great addition to any kitchen. Beautiful work sir
  8. Thanks Vern! I have another nearly identical that I also made that has performed very well this deer season for me.
  9. Thanks! While there are some aspects that I could’ve done better on, I was pleased with how these turned out for sure.
  10. 3/16” 1080 with 316 stainless pins and black walnut scales. The scales are actually a bit darker than the pics show.
  11. Thanks! Its a straight Danish Oil finish with a furniture wax over it.
  12. Beautiful! I'm with Zeb on the leatherwork...
  13. Finished these guys up yesterday evening. 4-1/4” 3/16” 1080 Copper front bolster, black walnut, and curly maple handles
  14. And it was back to a ‘new’ edge after a couple strokes on a whetstone and stropping on a belt. I’m very pleased so far, and can’t wait to put it to use again.
  15. So I finally got to put this guy into service the other day on a 5-pointer I harvested with my muzzleloader. After gutting, skinning, and quartering the buck, the knife was still sharp enough to take hairs from my arm. Not quite as easily as before I started, but it certainly retained a much better edge than any box-store knife I’ve ever used.
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