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  1. Love it. Can't wait to see the knife and sheath completed together
  2. Thanks again guys. Alan, I agree with what you said, and definitely will work on those aspects on my next knife. I plan on doing a full tang for my next knife, so the handle-blade transition should be smoother.
  3. Blade is forged from a bearing race, and is right at 4" long. Handle is maple and walnut, with copper spacer and textured bolster.
  4. Finished her up this morning... Still have to make a sheath, but don't have enough leather on hand to make one. I know it isn't perfect, but I'm happy to have this one finished, and have hopefully made my way through at least some small section of the learning curve...
  5. Here's a couple shots of the handle... First coat of Danish Oil soaking in. I have the second coat on now, and it's really only a half shade or so darker... It isn't perfect, but overall I'm pleased with it. Especially considering that this has been my first woodworking project pretty much ever. The angled taper toward the back on the bottom is intentional, as I was trying to break up the straight lines of the handle as it was. And how about that nice bit of character that was hiding in the maple huh? I love it anyway lol Josh, thanks a ton for the idea to use material to lay off lines to give me symmetry. At least more than I had previously lol
  6. Thanks for the replies and warm welcome everyone. Means a lot. John Page, my biggest concern is the copper spacer and bolster that will be at the front of the handle heating up and breaking down the epoxy, but I'll just take my time and keep check with how warm it gets as I go. Jdsmith, I definitely don't wanna ruin the feel of this knife with too large a handle... I am afraid of taking too much off, though lol
  7. Thanks Kevin. No offense taken. I'm very new to this craft, at least as far as hands on goes, but I've read a lot. Any advice or information you guys can pass along, I will be glad to accept. I got to do some more work on it today, just have to make the front bolster (Thanks Kevin ;-) ) and thin down the handle profile quite a bit. Question... Once I epoxy everything together, how can I keep it cool enough to not break down the epoxy while sanding? I'd imagine water would be a no-no...
  8. I got the blade heat treated today. Quenched in oil after a short soak at non-magnetic, tempered for two 1-hour cycles @ 400* F. Also cut the walnut, maple, and copper today for the handle. Now just to clean the blade, and sand it to it's final finish, epoxy together, and shape the handle.
  9. Gorgeous work, Ruggero
  10. Thanks for the reply. I forgot to add that I'm forgoing the choil... The more I look at my drawing, the less I like it. Also going to do a full flat grind as well. Going for a seax-ish look with this. Trying to take my time and really get the fit and finish right.
  11. Hey everyone, first post here. Gotta say that there is some incredible talent here, and an insane amount of high quality craftsmanship to aspire to. That being said, here is my 3rd knife I've made. It is forged from bearing steel with a 4" blade with some slight distal taper. It was forged to shape, and in the pic has been draw-filed and profiled slightly. I will be using copper sheet for the guard (bolster? Not sure if that's exactly the right term for this design), old growth walnut, copper spacer, maple, and a copper butt cap. The front and rear copper pieces will be textured with a small ball peen. I appreciate any feedback you guys may have.
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