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  1. Also in the dishwashing section in big box stores. Lemi-shine is one brand I’ve seen before
  2. I’m looking forward to seeing this finished!
  3. Thanks Alan! That was one of the things I had to change from my initial forging was to reprofile the handle to not interfere with the cutting board. It’s pretty comfortable to use and doesn’t get in the way thankfully
  4. Finished this guy up today… Still not perfect, but I feel like I’m making solid progress. Forged from 80CRV2, it has an 8” blade, is ~2-3/8” tall at the heel, a continuous distal taper, and an edge thickness of .001” and I finished the blade to 400 grit and then with a red scotchbrite pad. Black walnut scales with black fiber spacers and 316 stainless pins make up the handle construction.
  5. 1. Alex Middleton 2. Jaron Martindale 3. Francis Gastellu 4. Geoff Keyes 5. Aiden Carley-Clopton 6. Brian Dougherty 7. Eric Morgan Not sure what to make yet, but I want in!
  6. Incredible craftsmanship!
  7. Bought these off of FB marketplace this morning. I feel like it was worth the drive and the $100 for the pair. Now to get all the parts for the PID temp controller. Apparently the bigger one was still being used until the control box got torn off moving it somehow. The smaller one may need some firebricks replaced if I can’t figure out a good way to keep the coils separated, but it apparently was working as well.
  8. Finished the sheath up today. I really struggle with leatherwork, but ya gotta do the work to get better at it I guess…
  9. Up front, I’m not completely happy with this guy. A couple reasons for that; I’m an idiot and used stainless pin stock in the nickel silver bolsters, the bolsters I stubbornly decided to add to the knife after I’d already drilled my scales, and some fit and finish stuff that I really have to make myself spend the time in to get right. All that said, I’m still reasonably happy with this 4” EDC I forged out of 1084. 3 normalization cycles, quenched in warm canola oil, and tempered @ 325*F for two 1-hr cycles. Stabilized ironwood scales, felt liners/spacers , nickel silver bolsters and scale pins, and an experiment to make an aged-ish look on the steel. The steel tapers from about 0.160” at the butt to close to nothing at the tip. I drilled lightening holes in the tang to keep the balance right at about the back of the bolsters.
  10. Love the knife! Toss some cut up sprouts in salt, pepper, garlic powder, olive oil, and a splash of Worcestershire sauce, then roast until crispy. You can thank me later lol
  11. Doug, I used buckeye burl and blue tinted epoxy for them And thanks guys!
  12. Got em cleaned up a bit and sharpened. Can’t say I’m satisfied with the fit and finish, but I’m proud of them, and hopefully will one day look back and see progress from today.
  13. Could this be it? https://www.preferredabrasives.com/prod-info/belt-mat-desc/
  14. The blade is dirty from handling and masking tape adhesive, but the gyuto is just about finished. Also pictured is the 10” brisket slicer I forged out of 1084 with a scotchbrite finish.
  15. I did some sanding today on the handles for a meat slicing knife and chef’s knife
  16. My understanding is that 1095 would be the hardest of the three for a beginner to heat treat due to how quickly you have to get it properly quenched (right at one second) compared to the other two alloys
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