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  1. Made a hybrid handle block for the gyuto I’m working on The wood is buckeye burl
  2. I somehow missed the hyperlink earlier… sorry and thanks!
  3. I reserve the right to be wrong here, but that’s cheaper than any I can find locally after a quick browsing of CL and FB marketplace. I was seeing $200-300 for post vises in that size range, so I’d say that’s probably a reasonable price.
  4. Forged this out of a piece of 80CRV2 I had laying around this morning Also had to get my propane tanks refilled
  5. I’ll get some this weekend and give it a go when I get a chance
  6. I wonder if a wash of titanium dioxide would have the same effect… I can get loads of the stuff from work for nothing.
  7. I finally cleaned up my 2x72 and painted it. Also made a flat tool rest for it.
  8. Grind a k-tip in, call it Japanese-inspired, and charge extra
  9. I wanted to try grinding a fuller in this evening, so I have it a go. I don’t have any dedicated wheel attachments so I used the 2” wheel on the bottom of the platen, but I don’t think this is beyond cleaning up with some sandpaper and a bunch of patience.
  10. Got some rough grinding in on this guy… 10” blade of Admiral’s 1084
  11. Bjorn, it was about .045” thick at the edge. I also clamped it in some angle iron in my post vise right out of the quench, which took care of most of the warp. I may have not left it in there long enough… I took care of the rest of it during tempering with a jig I made
  12. Thanks Alan! I’m definitely nowhere near the ‘smith most of you guys on here are, but I’m trying to learn from all my blades I make, and continue to strive for excellence and functionality. Even when I’m really really tired of hand sanding
  13. Don’t have a ton of pics between the (very) rough forging and now, but I’m working on hand sanding after the heat treat and final grind. She’s 2.350” tall at the heel, 8.75” cutting edge, 0.150” thick at the tang junction of the spine, and tapers down to nothing at the tip. Full flat grind (a learning curve for me on a blade this size for sure). I did three normalization cycles using my propane forge and middle pipe, then a quench into 130* Canola oil. Tempered at 315* for two 2-hr cycles. I did have to do some straightening during the tempering, but not too bad. I was seriously afraid it was gonna potato-chip on me lol Anyway, here she is at 180-grit. Thanks for looking!
  14. I’d love to go to something like that! If I could get my work schedule to comply, or have the time off I’d definitely be there.
  15. That is beautiful work as always Gary
  16. It’s been a hot minute since I updated this, but I got the blade quenched just a bit ago and it’s now in the oven for tempering… The pattern isn’t even from side to side, but I’m still extremely pleased with myself for getting this far on this one. Can’t wait to finish her up and show it off to you guys.
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