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  1. With only .05% carbon, I don't believe you'll be hardening it any time soon...
  2. Oh wow! That’s a perfect blend of East meets West
  3. Gerhard, they do sell dedicated checkering files, but they will be much finer than what Gary did. Think more along the lines of checkering on rifle/shotgun stocks.
  4. I’d guess oak of some sort, but I could be wrong.
  5. Isn’t cussing a basic process for blacksmiths and bladesmith’s?
  6. Not quite the same thing, but I’ve heard of drilling a hole for the tang as you described, then using a knead-type epoxy putty to fill the hole. Then oil or grease the tang, insert into the putty, and remove before the epoxy hardens.
  7. Sure ya can... just shell out $300 for 25 of em https://www.amazon.com/8-18-Bolts-Thread-Grade-Carton/dp/B0012Y8TJM
  8. I am blown away! That’s amazing!
  9. Congratulations and that is a gorgeous ring!
  10. I have to agree with Alan... the novelty wears off fairly quickly imo
  11. I've also heard that you can buy titanium dioxide powder and mix it with water and its as effective, and cheaper too... I haven't tried it myself though. $15 for a pound seems pretty cheap... https://www.amazon.com/Pure-Organic-Ingredients-Eco-Friendly-Packaging/dp/B01N6R7MS5/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?crid=FHCKVFWKZZ7G&keywords=titanium+dioxide+powder&qid=1559625499&s=gateway&sprefix=titanium+di%2Caps%2C228&sr=8-1-spons&psc=1
  12. Friend of mine who is a woodworker asked me if I would make him a fillet knife, and a couple blade blanks ready for him to put scales onto and give as gifts. All he told me was that he wanted a 6” blade. I had recently gotten some 15n20 from a member here and used some to rough this out. It’s only .070 or so thick, so I’m going to HT these at full thickness and grind the bevels in afterward. Anyway, and obvious design issues that you see here? I am going to file in a choil so the sharpened edge has a clean termination.
  13. That’s about as amazing a pocket knife as I’ve ever seen sir. Beautiful work!
  14. No offense taken sir. This was the first blade forged with my dogs head hammer, and I was kind of still trying to figure out if the issue was my use of the tool, or it’s ergonomics. I agree though, it needs tweaking
  15. I absolutely cannot wait to see this thing finished Gary. It’s gorgeous
  16. I’d have to measure but this one might work with some cutting of the plate where the holes are now... https://www.centaurforge.com/mobile/Cast-Iron-Tuyere/productinfo/TUYERE/
  17. What size slots would you recommend?
  18. So I’d been talking to a coworker of mine a while back about my knifemaking and blacksmithing attempts when he told me that he thought there was a forge in the basement of an old house on his farm. I asked him if he’d be interested in selling it, and he said he’d give it to me if I’d be willing to wait til he could get to it. Of course I said yes... Anyway, he texted me this afternoon and said he was on his way to my house with the forge if I could meet him. The firepot is rusted pretty badly as you can see in the pics, but the blower turns freely and everything else seems quite sturdy. I should add that only the bowl part of the firepot is rusted out... the flat plate it’s attached to is still solid
  19. Wrought welds at a higher temperature than mild steel from what I’ve read and seen. Very bright yellow heat is what I’ve always been told for wrought iron
  20. Finished up on adding the horn to my homemade anvil this morning. There’s a bit of a waist where the welds are coming up the sides, but with a 3/4-7/8” fillet, I don’t think it’ll be a problem. Also made a ball stake (I think that’s the correct term) from a 1-1/4” b7 bolt. Cleaned it up on the belt grinder, but I kinda wish I’d made it sit up higher from the face.
  21. Welded half of one of the off-cuts from the body of my homemade anvil to it for a horn and hardy hole. Still have more welding to do, and a metric ton of grinding... plus, I’m really not sure how I didn’t notice that the hardy hole wasn’t square until after I had several beads strung already. The other half of the off-cut I welded on to make the upsetting block...
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