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  1. Nice laminated frame. I like that idea for the kitchen knives.
  2. Serious necro-thread action going on here. This thread was started like 5 years ago.............
  3. My brother in law sent us this property for sale information. He lives in Massachusetts. I guess he wants us to move back east...... Anyway, if anyone is interested, this looks like a great deal, if you have any desire to live in Maine. http://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/755-Pinnacle-Rd_Liberty_ME_04949_M46921-58837#photo3
  4. Start with friends and family. Give some away as gifts. Word gets around. If you do good work, the interest will show.
  5. Before he passed away, ABS MS John White posted this regarding his technique for producing Hamons. John White-Hamons.doc
  6. Gary, I couldn't help but notice that lack of responses here, and I never want someone to ask for advice and not get it, so here it comes. First off, I think you are using the Bowie label rather loosely, I do not look at any of those knives and see "Bowie" This is just my personal opinion, I don't think there is a hard definition of the Bowie Knife, but I know one when I see it. The larger blade shape is more of a fighter, I think. It looks like it is meant to do battle. I do like the blade and handle shapes on the smaller knives a lot. Nice looking EDC types. The larger one looks a little out of whack to me with the humpback handle and the rising point. It looks like it would be clumsy to wield properly especially when thrusting. Typically the spine of the handle drops off and downward toward the heel with the handle not rising above the spine of the blade (on this style of fighter). This one the hump is above the ricasso area and the point rises up even more. It looks bent or broken where the blade meets the handle. I have moved away from full tang handles on larger knives. I find it too difficult to get the balance right.
  7. Sweet Matt! Now you can boast about being "published" I wonder if I subscribe now, will I get this issue?
  8. Oh boy. Time to click that follow button again.
  9. Just trying to catch up on all these threads I've been following. Incredible work Mark, Well done in every way imaginable.
  10. Awesome news Dave! Thank you Petr for stepping up. Can't you just change the title of this one and add Forianek?
  11. I hope they sell that series on video disc.
  12. Aces JJ!
  13. That came out beautiful Pieter. Nice work!
  14. Oh BTW- you do not need to keep that man door 4 feet from the corner if you do not want to. I am assuming that you intend to sheath this entire structure with a minimum of 3/8" wood structural panels (OSB or plywood) if you plan on using T-111 siding, you should use the 5/8" thick panels.
  15. I have been off the grid for a while and I just got back to this. I went back and took a look at the roof framing thread. 24 ft wide with a 16 in. overhang. 6/12 pitch. 10# snow load +15# Dead load + 16# Live Load = 41 psf and the tributary area = 12 + 1.33 ft.13.33 x 45= 546.53 pounds per linear foot on those bearing headers. Whip out the trusty beam chart and........it says that double 2x4 headers are minimum for the 3 foot openings (double 2x6 would be a better choice). That 10 foot opening will take any of the following: 1. triple 2x12 or a solid 6x12 (need a 2x6 wall) with double king and jack studs. 2. 3-1/8" x 9" GLB (glu-lam beam) with double king and jack studs (2x4 wall) Now that 10 foot opening in the gable end wall. Same calculation for total load=41 psf but the tributary area is much smaller. Assuming the rafters are spaced 24" o.c.. the trib area is only 3.33 feet, giving us 136.53 plf on the header. Double 2x8 sandwich with a piece of 3/8" OSB will carry the load. Double the king and jack studs. If anything here sounds like gibberish, I can draw you a detail.