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  1. You can build a really useful anvil base from a 2x10 or 2x12 board, and make it easy to move around as well. Cut the board up into equal length pieces at the right height and nail them together with a 1-1/2" offset. Connect a strap across the resulting spaces and you have a hammer/tong holder. Now recess a space in the top to fit the anvil and caulk it down.
  2. There is always another knife.
  3. He's using elevator cable, but you could also use twisted bars. The video also plugs one of our other makers.
  4. Well now. This is taking a serious turn.
  5. call it done and make that sheath?
  6. While I generally trust K&G to stabilize properly, I still always test any "stabilized" wood I purchase. Fill a small pail with water and drop the wood in. If it sinks, it's stabilized. If it floats, it isn't stabilized all the way through. This becomes less important, if you use the whole piece and only grind into the surface area. If you cut that block into scales, the unstabilized center becomes exposed.
  7. Look at oldworldanvils.com. they have a square anvil that makes a good Cutler's block. Good starter for the money.
  8. This has been a fantastic journey. Congrats on your newfound career!
  9. That's the kind of seeing that matters. That's a good thing.
  10. That looks much better. Look at the curve of the handle and the spine of the blade. Nice transition.
  11. More great forgings from Kris. Well done sir, well done!
  12. I don't know. I really like the whole package, but I'm not sure it falls into the "Bowie" category. The shape of the blade is reminiscent of the Bowie, but there are enough stylistic differences to make me either give this a separate name, or differentiate it somehow. I hereby dub this the "Cleland Katar", or is it proper to reverse that, as in "Katar Cleland"?
  13. No apologies necessary. I do remember the difference between good whiskey and not good whiskey!
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