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  1. Joshua States

    WIP - Sami influenced gift knives

    Only a manly man could bake a cake like that and have the courage to show his friends in a public forum. Well done sir.
  2. Joshua States

    What did you do in your shop today?

    Nice job! Not get something hot and hit it hard!
  3. Joshua States

    Knifemaker Interview Series, a biography workshop

    I'm going to let this thread sit for a bit while we all enjoy these fabulous photos. As always, the floor is open to questions and comments from the readers.
  4. Joshua States

    Culver Inspired (Copied) Slipjoint

    You want to paint the resist inside and around both sides of the pivot holes in the blade tang. This leaves a smooth surface against the liners for the blade to pivot on and also allows for a little relief on the sides of the blade to keep it from rubbing on the liners and getting scratched. painting inside the holes keeps the pin tight in the hole. You also want to paint the resist inside and around the pin holes in the spring as well as the surface area between the two holes. (but not along the top edge that is exposed to view) This gives you a smooth surface to pin the liners against while leaving the "springy" part with some relief against the liners so it can operate freely.
  5. Joshua States

    WIP - Sami influenced gift knives

    I am all over that like a cheap suit on a fat man. I need one of those.
  6. Joshua States

    Frozen tongs

    I often heat a fully heat treated blade to 250*F when I apply cold bluing. I know it seems counter-intuitive, but trust me, most cold bluing works much better when applied to hot steel. The rapid cooling, even at that temp causes no concern or problems (just a nice dark finish). The instructions probably tell you that for manufacturer's CYA more than anything. I'm sure many a lawyer has previously thought of a noobie getting his tongs into the red zone and rapidly cooling them down only to drop them on the floor and have them shatter. If the business end of your tongs are too hot to hold with your hand, they are way too hot.
  7. Joshua States

    Cleaning damascus

    The pattern definition is caused by the HC carbon surface having the iron leached out by an acid leaving an oxide/carbon layer behind. This is the dark stuff. The dark stuff can be cleaned off by vigorous cleaning, we do this somewhat when we pull the blade out of the acid and scrub it, but we try and minimize the depth of cleaning so the contrast remains. I think the vigorous cleaning a PW kitchen knife would experience in a restaurant environment would make the dark stuff vacate the surface fairly quickly. However, it would not result in an ordinary looking blade. The etch is always going to show the topography and the HC steel will patina and contrast with the nickel-steel (if that's the combo you use). I have heard some makers claim that packing an etched blade in baking soda overnight will "fix" the oxide layer so that it is somewhat permanent. I have tried this with almost no success. The most stable contrast I have made myself, is with coffee after the etch. This seems to produce a fairly stable and dark finish. How durable it is remains to be seen.
  8. Joshua States

    Frozen tongs

    My point is that regardless of what the tongs are made of, you should never get in the habit of getting them so hot that a quick dunk in the slack tub would have any adverse effect.
  9. Joshua States

    Culver Inspired (Copied) Slipjoint

    Brian (and anyone else planning a PW folder blade) make sure you have some good acid resist handy for the etch. I prefer nail polish and get a color that is easy to see, do not use clear.
  10. Joshua States

    Steel guard hand filing

    Looks pretty good so far. How are you planning on doing the S curve?
  11. Joshua States

    Frozen tongs

    The moral of this story is quench/cool your tongs after you put the work piece back into the forge. I cool my tongs frequently, especially when I am forging multiple pieces.
  12. Joshua States

    Quenching my first knife

    A hot piece of steel as Wes suggested, a small electric hot plate, a camping stove set on the lowest heat you can get, however you do it, keep an eye on it. Charles ain't kidding about burning the house down. Also, go to the nearest grocery store and get a nice meat thermometer to check the temp with.
  13. Joshua States

    New knifemaker's second attempt

    I doubt anyone took it as disparagement Alan, I certainly didn't. I do agree that his method is very complex, but dayem, I have never gotten rosewood to look like that.
  14. Joshua States

    Georgian 'Bulat' technology by Zaqro Nonikashvili

    That is beautiful. Thanks for showing.
  15. Joshua States

    Hunting, post your game.

    The turkeys were really crazy. What I failed to get a photo of was the brown eagle that swooped in and tried to grab one of them. The roar of that eagle is a sound I'll never forget. It was very similar to the Peregrin falcon that buzzed me while I was hanging off the top of Taquitz cliff in California......