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  1. Bummer. Now you tell me. I guess that 36" long piece of 8/4 S4S 6" wide is going to go elsewhere. All great discussion and information here. Thanks guys.
  2. A little dab'll do ya. Oh wait, that's for hair.......
  3. I think that came out really well Rob. Now that I really think about it, I may remember something about not leaving the seam a straight line, but having it get a little jagged when skiving. It will hide better. Sorry I didn't remember that earlier.....
  4. I have my set up pretty much the same as this, for both my press and LG hammer. The bottom die on my press sits roughly 48-50 inches off the floor.
  5. Minor progress today. It cooled down and Liz had to go up to Flagstaff for a few hours this morning, so I hit the forge. Finish forging on the scramasax. 37 cm blade length, 48 cm OAL. Just shy of 4cm wide. This blade has some weld problems that hopefully, will grind out. The big bar got drawn out and narrowed. It sits at 3 cm wide, almost 10 mm thick, and about 76 cm long. That big bar welded clean all the way around.
  6. When making hardy tools you need to remember two things: 1. Make the stem long enough to protrude out the bottom of the hardy hole for easier removal 2. After rough fitting the stem to the hardy hole, get the stem and base really hot and hammer/press fit it into the hole. Mark the forward face.
  7. See if this works: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AVPwQoa3cm3cqGcao0Rfvr1dnk9A42eB/view?usp=sharing
  8. That came out great Brian, and you learned a bunch of stuff along the way. Bonus!
  9. Justin! It's good to see you around here again, and great to see you still at it. Nice work there.
  10. That is a spectacular effort and finished project Aiden. +1 to that.
  11. Most wood glues will work and can be cleaned up with water when fresh. Just dampen a paper towel or cotton rag and wipe. Don't saturate it. Any contact cement or rubber cement also works well, but they are more difficult to get a really thin layer on.
  12. I have only done this type of handle once, and that was in a class with Matt Parkinson teaching. We wrapped the handles off the blade, and before the pommel was attached. This enabled us to fold the leather (just a tiny bit) over the ends of the wood and secure it with the guard and pommel. We also dyed the leather after gluing and tying with the string. Then, the completed handle was put back on the tang, and the pommel permanently set.
  13. Otto Frei is currently having a sale on SWISS MADE FILES FROM GLARDON-VALLORBE They are also having a 10% off sale on bench tools using coupon code: BENCHX https://www.ottofrei.com/jewelry-tools-equipment/bench-tools?utm_source=bronto&utm_medium=email&utm_term=Image+-+Save+10%+in+the+Bench+Tools+Category+with+Coupon+Code+BENCHX&utm_content=Swiss+Files+on+Sale+with+BENCHX&utm_campaign=The+Otto+Report+-+October+2020+Vol+5&_bta_tid=16113537935476410410207431320215207152235341842928355149291251778485440540863184379530608987922877250876
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