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  1. Are the prices per pair, or for the lot?
  2. The oldest known cave paintings in the world. A fascinating and extremely well done documentary. Cave of Forgotten Dreams (2010) | Watch Free Documentaries Online (watchdocumentaries.com)
  3. Another stunner! I am regretting not being at Blade this year. It would have been a great year to go. Alas, there are other obligations.... Go kill it man.
  4. Still good info for those of us who didn't know. The only times I have made a wood scabbard, I have used Basswood. It is lightweight and strong, with a very dense grain. So dense that it wouldn't stain easily with commercial stains. I have to add the dye to a cellulose lacquer and use that to seal and color the wood.
  5. Holy smokes dude! That's an awesome bit of kit.
  6. Sweet! Those are a pain to do and you did it well.
  7. These are a fantastic side-hustle. Very inspirational too. Please keep posting your progress.
  8. Some things need to wait a bit to each full potential. Nice job.
  9. That's a beautiful piece of work. I have to try that mustard thing. What's going on with the bevel?
  10. Man, your recent work with that hearth steel/iron stuff is truly impressive.
  11. @Dave Stephens This story popped into my head the other day (as I was contemplating my own building projects) and I was wondering if you got her insides done and put her out on the water.
  12. This has been a total cluster-f%&* I couldn't find any talent to help build, or just build the house. Even the contractors who told me they would be interested in giving me a quote finally either said "too busy to take this job" or they just stopped answering emails and phone calls. So we had to switch gears and went the Modular route. We designed and ordered what they call an "off-frame modular". This is a factory-built home built to building codes rather than a manufactured home built to HUD standards. That means it has 2x6 walls, 2x10 floor joists, and serious insulation. The only problem is that the foundation is 32 feet wide and the widest they can build the house is 31 feet. That means that with an 8-inch wide stem wall, the house only bears on 2 inches of block. So it took some creative engineering design to attach a ledger system to the inside of the two long walls. We went out last month and attached the ledgers and built the center bearing wall. This is the engineer's fix. First bolt a pressure treated 2x10 to the stem with 5/8" bolts at 6" on center (o.c,) Then screw a 2x6 ledger over that with 2-1/2" #8 wood screws at 12" o.c. staggered and screw a 2x6 pressuretreated plate to both ledgers with 3" #8 wood screws at 12" o,c. staggered. He also wanted the center wall sheathed and bolted down to the footing. Truly serious overkill. Last Wednesday, they delivered and set the house on the foundation. It took about 3 hours to get the house halves into the site, pick them up with a crane and swing them onto the stems. I shot about 50 minutes of video and sped it up so you can see the process in 5 minutes.
  13. This just in. A very nicely written introduction to pattern welding by @Matt Walker Damascus Notes Matt Walker 1.pdf
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