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  1. Joshua States

    This almost killed me

    Found 6 of them. Saw no axes.
  2. Joshua States

    This almost killed me

    Oh Yeah. I saw the demo in Salt Lake and watched his DVD several times. Something about your tutorial made me think it was the easier way to go when learning, probably the symmetry. I made all the tools he has in the video except those top & bottom fullers. I have a 25# LG hammer that I can do single strikes with, so it acts more like a treadle or drop hammer. I figured that if I needed to replicate his forging technique, I'd have a way to do it without having to ask my wife to be a striker!. I also made something to replicate your radiused anvil edge, because I don't have an anvil with nicely radiused edges......1-1/2" square stock I didn't think the process itself was difficult to understand or systematically approach. It was just a lot of hard forging and I'm not doing this every day. As a matter of fact, I don't even forge once a week. Taking a whole day and spending it turning some O-1 drill rod into a Bowie and doing this axe pretty much all by hand, was a bit of a workout.
  3. Joshua States

    Wrought Iron / Bog iron - normal?

    There is no challenge in black smith work so great, that it cannot be solved with a suitable application of heat and pressure. (adapted from a USMC saying about high explosives)
  4. Joshua States

    This almost killed me

    I am seriously considering giving this a second shot at killing me. I think there is still enough steel in that blade to do some widening and maybe get something closer to this.
  5. Joshua States

    Decisions, decisions Hmmm

    I did finish this little one. The pics are in Show & Tell.
  6. Joshua States

    Culver Inspired (Copied) Slipjoint

    That came out great Brian. Now I want to do another slip-joint.
  7. Joshua States

    Wood Beam Joinery

    These guys are awesome. https://youtu.be/B1qCl61Hpgo
  8. Joshua States

    Off to Texas

    You rock dude!
  9. Joshua States

    Off to Texas

    Nice for you!
  10. Joshua States

    Forge welded axe. WIP pictures

    I really like that project Kris. The eye looks very stout and strong.
  11. Joshua States

    Trying to decide on a standardized process

    I use a 3M spray adhesive like #45 and 3M spray adhesive remover. I have tried acetone and lacquer thinner as removers, but the 3M remover is the best by far.
  12. Joshua States

    WIP - Sami influenced gift knives

    I actually worked mixing sound for GC & the P-Funk Allstars once.
  13. Joshua States

    Trying to decide on a standardized process

    I am going to share my newest method for finish grinding that I think saves a lot of time. Mind you, I have a 9 inch reversible disc sander, So if you don't have one, this isn't going to work for you. I take the blade to 120 on the belt and then move to the disc at 150 this basically flattens the bevel and straightens the edge. Back to the belt at 220 and then to the disc at 220. Hand sand inline with the blade to 220 to remove all the 220 disc scratches. Disc at 320 to remove all the 220 hand sanding. Hand sand at 320. And so on back and forth from hand to disc upping the grit at the disc until I put the final hand sand at whatever grit I want my finish at.
  14. Joshua States

    WIP - Sami influenced gift knives

    Having never used half-tan, I can only throw ideas out there. I do have to get some and try it myself. I only use the edge guide on the side I mark the holes out with the stitching wheel. I find that if I groove both sides before drilling, the back side never comes out right. So, I take the groover and freehand the groove on the back side. Sometimes, I can use a straightedge as a guide.
  15. Joshua States

    WIP - Sami influenced gift knives

    Looking at the last picture on page 7, I might have a suggestion or two. 1st, get a stitching groover to make a recessed groove to run your stitching down. This will let the thread lie down a little more even with the surface. 2nd, and you might do this already, but your drill bit needs to be tapered and sized according to the thread you use. I use a 5/64" drill bit and I taper it to a point by putting it in a cordless drill, run the drill in reverse and hold it at an angle to the 220 grit disc or belt running at medium speed. The pointed drill bit allows more precise location of the holes. After marking the groove with the stitching wheel. I mark each dot with a red pen so I can see the exact spot I need to put the point of the drill into. A smaller hole will make the thread touch each other in the hole and appear as a solid line. I do not widen my stitching holes with an awl. I literally have to grab the harness needle with a small pair of pliers and pull the second one through the hole to complete the stitch. I also tie an overhand before pushing the second needle through This helps fill the hole with thread and lock the stitch tight.