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  1. @Ken Woodward Where in AZ are you? I'm in New River. You want snow pics? Sure I have snow pics! These are a couple a friend of mine sent Dec 2018. This is one of my trail cam pics, on my lot, right in front of where the shop will be. The date is wrong. It's last winter.
  2. You are close enough that the shipping won't break the bank. Unfortunately, I am not. Shipping from NJ doubles the price of everything I order, and I don't order enough stock to ship FOB. BTW-where are you guys finding the analysis on the NJSB site?
  3. The one I purchased was recommended by several folks on this forum. Where did you get yours and what is it? I used to have one from Omega that was good to 3000*F but they don't have any that go there anymore. At least not in the filter section
  4. Sounds like more work than the $50 it takes to buy a new one.
  5. I have said this before in another thread, probably a long time ago. All steels have a standard range of element content that is acceptable, and still classify as a specific steel type. (AISI) There are two ways to order steel from a foundry. Customer A says I want some XYZ steel. He can get anything with an assay the falls into the AISI range. Customer B says I need 10K pounds of XYZ and these are the specific tolerances I am willing to accept and hands the foundry an assay. The foundry makes the steel and sends samples out for analysis. if it meets Customer B's specs, it ships, if it doesn't, but still meets the AISI values, it goes on a shelf and gets sold to someone like customer A. Most of the knife steel suppliers fall into the customer A camp. NJSB is in the customer B camp.
  6. Ah yes. The corporate office got involved. Well, that's company policy then. Can't change it.
  7. So, just clean the ends, twist them together, and see if that works? Maybe try TIG. If that doesn't work, toss it out and buy a new one...... Thanks Jerrod!
  8. Send it to her and make her hold onto it until December......
  9. How did I miss this? Way cool Bill. How are you going to keep that a secret until December?
  10. I cannot pull the wires out. There are 2 ends showing
  11. "It's a Zen thing" - David Stephens "I fail a lot, so I'm used to it." - J J Simon
  12. I did some forging on the smaller 3-bar project. It was going well until the tang broke off. Anyway, I ended up with this. OAL is 47cm, width is 4cm and the spine is around 7,8mm with no distal taper. I figure I'll get a blade about 35-36cm long
  13. It does not appear to disconnect from the handle. There seems to be some small wire sticking out the business end.
  14. Does anyone know how to fix one of these things when they decide to just output EEEE all the time? I have two of them that just bailed at 2200*F for no apparent reason.
  15. My first reaction was W2. What's wrong with the W?
  16. That's a good way to go about it. I prefer the independent belt loop because it uses a small piece of scrap rather than putting a cutout in the hide that I then have to work around on the next one. Besides, I back up my belt loops with rivets.
  17. very cool. Can't wait to see the sheath. Rock on!
  18. Those pocket sheaths, are really pretty easy to make and they have enough room to do some tooling. Just 3 pieces of leather.
  19. I've been making sheaths for those knives I finished and figured I'd show a couple of them. These are simple pocket sheaths. I use the same template to cut the leather and just adjust the length/width as needed for the knife. There's a simple belt loop on the back side. I made a pouch sheath (also from a template). The snap constricts the opening just enough so the guard cannot pass by. This is before dying and waxing. And I made a loop sheath for that Bowie.
  20. The truth of this is it works well for preheating the quench oil. I just wheel the quench tank outside the door and leave it in the sun while the oven comes up to heat.
  21. I'd prefer some moisture. I step outside and my eyes feel like cotton within seconds. I really wish the monsoon would get here already. we really need some rain.
  22. I didn't do a dang thing. It's 117*F here.......
  23. Well, right now it's freaking hot here. 117*F today. I love forging, but this is ridiculous.
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