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  1. Always OK to add your stuff to mine Wes. Please go for it. The more info on technique, the better the thread becomes.
  2. A bit of information on acid etching PW steel. 1. Most guys dilute the FeCl with 3 parts water to 1 part acid. 2. Agitating the solution while etching makes for displaced oxides and a faster etch. I use a fish tank bubbler to agitate the tank. (learned that from Hancock) 3. The contrast will generally be fairly low. unless additional steps are taken to increase it. Coffee etching, gun bluing (hot or cold blue), and baking soda applied before wiping the oxides off are three methods I know of increasing the contrast. 4. Generally speaking, I etch until the depth is enough that I can "feel" the topography with a bare finger and light pressure. 5. Only etch after HT is complete and the blade is at final tempered hardness.
  3. I just saw this thread and all I can say is WOW. These look so freaking good Joel. I really have to try that patina thing.
  4. Put it this way. I followed that same article and used the same sized pieces and came up with this. It's freaking huge. A lot bigger than I thought it would be anyway. There is plenty of material there to control your forging and wind up with what you want. I didn't really know what I was doing and let it get away from me.
  5. I have that link active on my Google drive. It will be there for a while. Liz is looking into just ditching the Windows 7 OS and replacing it with Windows 10 on the same machine. Her machine has a ton of RAM and most newer machines can't match it.
  6. The finishing is a series of straightening, planishing, and beveling heats, until I am satisfied with the profile and shape. Here is the spine with distal taper. Here is the edge, nice and centered. And here is the finished forged blade next to the template and the drawing. I have found that the template handle is a little too thin (top to bottom) and the blade width needs to be a little wider to match proportions. The blade is profiled and in the annealing oven so I can layout and drill the pin holes tomorrow.
  7. The finger groove is worked on a round bick I made from an old jackhammer bit. The belly curve is worked on the anvil horn. I have recommended this many times, so I'll say it again. I always work from a template made out of 1/8 inch flat stock. I draw the profile out on an anvil with a soap stone for reference while forging. I can lay the forging on top of the drawing to see where it needs to move. The final forging should cover the lines of the drawing to allow for profile grinding.
  8. I found myself with a few hours of spare time today. I picked up a piece of 1095 scrap and thought, I could make a knife out of that. The scrap piece measured about 3 inches long, 1-1/8 inch wide and was anywhere from 1/4 inch to 3/8 inch thick. I welded a piece of 3.8 inch square for a handle and went after it. The first step is making a uniform bar. I forged it out to 1/4 inch thick and 1 inch wide by what ever it came out to be in length (approx. 5 inches) I always work the blade first because I have a size & shape I am intending. Then I draw out the handle area, making it about 3/16 inch thick.
  9. Personally, for your intended use, I suggest this one by @Gerald Boggs It will be the right one, and it comes with detailed instructions on how to build it (and the drift for it).
  10. Or, the very first pinned thread in "Beginner's Place" If all you plan to use it for is heat treatment, all you will be able to use a forge for is the hardening. Shove a baffle tube in there and learn to watch for decalescence/recalescense. Temper in the kitchen oven for the controlled heat when needed.
  11. Here is all 5 I have been working on. All are 1095 clayed with Rutlands Furnace Cement. Blades are approximately 6-8 inches long.
  12. “Only a 50 pound”???? Huh. I have a 25 pounder. Love it too.
  13. I just saw this. Tim was a very good friend of mine. Hopefully you and I will meet next weekend.
  14. Sounds like a project for @James Helm
  15. Geoff, late is better than never. That will be for Mike to provide when he gets it!
  16. Today, I set a personal record. I have made 10 knives this year. The most I have ever completed in a calendar year.
  17. That Seax came out fantastic Rob. I think you and I are the only people who still use the word "whilst".
  18. Rockin" Rob. Your walkabouts are a good thing. You always come back with cool photos.
  19. Conner. Read this: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Y8X4r3wskCYO_DYxSGIQ8WmWT0Wf-T2v
  20. What a tease! Looks great Jim.
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