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  1. I wish I had seen this sooner. I was going to suggest that before you break it, you leave it in the FeCl overnight. You could still do that with one of the pieces.....
  2. GO FOR IT! DOOOOEEET! Seriously, most of what anyone knows about patterning steel comes from experimentation. Alan's suggestion to use plasticine is a good one, but how many of us have a box of that laying around? How bad could it be really? If it were me, I wouldn't bother laddering the twist, if I were using it for the edge. I would want that to be a nice row of stars along the edge and would simply forge and grind it down to show the stars. Maybe that will happen in the ladder/ Who knows? Part of learning the art of pattern welding, is being able to visualize what that bar will e
  3. Hi Steve, and welcome to the forum and the madness we all share. (well, almost all of us) Anyway, you are on the path and the first thing you have found is that you really need to learn how to forge correctly. I could recommend that you buy a few good books on the subject or put some info in your bio about where you are located, and we could point you to some blacksmith groups you could check out. Many of these groups charge minimal annual fees and they will have events like open forges or hammer-ins where you could go meet people who would help you learn. So, let's try some d
  4. I kind of got this idea from David Lisch. He made this W2 blade with a round Damascus plug in it. Then he arranged the clay so the hamon looked like a mountain range. The round plug looked like the moon rising over the peaks.
  5. 1095 blade. I decided to go for Hamon and at the last minute, I decided to scratch some figures into the clay and see what happened. They are duplicated on the opposing side as well.
  6. Well, that didn't work either. Turns out my details were cut way too shallow, and any sanding wiped them out. So, I decided to skip the frills around the outer rim and cut a new model. I also had some trouble with the gate area collecting boogers, so I made a larger gate. This casting had some issues, but I decided to start cleaning it up and see how it went. A little time with some rotary burrs, a bunch of hand sanding on the granite slab, and some drilling and tapping of threads later.......
  7. What an epic journey this is! Simpson Strong-Tie epoxy is the strongest epoxy I have ever used. It's a construction adhesive mostly used to hold anchor bolts in concrete. Like JB weld, it is also grey. BTW- Somewhere around here I showed how to use the edge of a wheel on the grinder to hollow out the tangs. Just another useful way to quickly get that job done.
  8. I just got a wacky idea. The double draw KITH. Make a blade for a 3-4" hunter/skinner. Finish ground and HT completed. (We can even do the forge welded component idea) 1st drawing- See who you send it to. They make the hilt/handle. 2nd drawing-See who you send the finished piece to.
  9. Yesterday I rough ground, quenched and tempered these two knives. This is what I found this morning. Then I finished coating the big HT forge with Mizzou Now to go work on the Dirk pommel cap.........
  10. Got the coating finished this morning. Now a few days to let cure while I wait for the temperature probes to arrive.
  11. This is a fantastic WIP thread. Thanks for posting it.
  12. I started coating the inside with some Mizzou and got around halfway done when I ran out of refractory cement. The new bag arrived today. I will try and finish this up over the weekend. I burned up one of the two temperature probes I had left, so I need to order two more for this thing. Bottom Top
  13. People might have trouble finding decent wrought to work with, so I wouldn't limit the materials.
  14. Or a leather working knife, wood carving tool, small Sen scraper, hot chisel, bottle opener, dividers, ruler, you get the idea
  15. How about a San Mai anything? blade, tool, widget, whatever. Any two materials, one for the jacket and another for the core. Get some folks to try forge welding.
  16. I etched the end grains of two bars I forged out yesterday. Planning to try my hand at mosaics
  17. I took the day off and spent some time forging. A day's work in four photos. It doesn't look like much, but it sure feels like a lot.
  18. You mean this thing? I forgot to post this pic. It's 8" diameter and 3/8" (maybe 1/2"?) thick.
  19. I'm there already......
  20. Minor progress, and I'm not sure I like this at all. I finished the forging on the guard. Then I made and fit the 5-piece spacer package. Two twist Damascus plates and three .04" nickel-silver plates.
  21. You have a FB page? I thought FB was for old people....... I like that one. It has that look about it that says "frontier life" where everything had multiple uses and was sort of hybrid in form. Get over that. If someone wants it, sell it to them, as long as you feel confident that the HT is good, and it will perform as intended. Offer a return period and call it good. Don't think of it as a reject. Think of it as an experimental axe, which is exactly what it is.
  22. Now you are thinking. I used to work in the music business, both as a musician and a techie. The best soloists in the Biz used say this about mistakes or bad notes. " If you play a bad note in a solo, play it again. People will think you meant to do it."
  23. Nice work all around. That gate is magnificent.
  24. Well, I really haven't a clue what I'm doing. I am hoping that 1" of wool with a layer of refractory slurry will be sufficient. I hope I have enough Mizzou
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