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  1. So, you took that hook and reforged it out into that knife? Am I getting that right?
  2. This site is a huge disappointment. I have had 9 listings "pending" for 5 months now. Emails go unanswered. Resubmitting doesn't help either. I still get weekly emails updating me about how many people haven't visited my online store though, so I guess that's a plus.
  3. I have a GoPro HERO 4.......yeah it's old, but it works. The GoPro website offers some free software to help downloading and editing, but my camera is old enough to be unsupported by it anymore. So, I have to use a USB adaptor to put the disc in to download the videos. A newer model won't have that limitation. I also have a mic stand with a boom so I can get the camera overhead looking straight down on a work bench, or from the side at the grinder, or you get the idea. I did buy an external microphone that records in stereo that Sounds better than the internal mic, but that's probably because I'm half-deaf anyway. I got some after-market batteries online somewhere and a couple extra SD cards. The extra cards were overkill. One 32MB card is more than enough. This is my camera. It fits in the palm of my hand. Really, I'm a less-is-more kinda guy when it comes to tooling, and I consider video equipment part of tooling. When you watch all these videos on Tik-Tok and IG etc. you can immediately tell they just used their phone camera, why even bother with any cam equipment? Well, I do have some quality standards to uphold and I draw the line at decent video. Besides, a knife making video will likely be shot in several sections that need to be edited down and spliced together. That's where the video editing software comes in, and I'm also cheap....... So I got this package: https://www.videosoftdev.com/ It's free to download and has more features than I can figure out how to use. I think after the first year it cost like $18/year to renew the subscription and keep the free updates coming. Another business deduction for the tax return. If you want to see what my videos look & sound like, check them out: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdJMFMqnbLYqv965xd64vYg
  4. This is totally worthy of the pin.
  5. (sigh) It's going to be a rough couple of months.......
  6. When I started smithing, my mentor said "Make 100 hooks and when you get done with that, make another 100". Seriously, everything you need to learn about forging steel (other than forge welding) you can learn by taking a small piece of square bar and making a coat hook like one of these. If you like reading and learning, look for a copy of Mark Aspery's The Skills of a Blacksmith. There are three volumes. The first is packed full of real info from one of the finest traditional blacksmiths I have ever had the pleasure of watching work. My advice for making knives is to start with stock removal and learn how to grind. By learning how to grind, you will also learn what you really want the finished forging to look like. You also get to spend most of the time making a handle which is probably the most important part of the knife. Welcome to the madness.
  7. I'd wish you luck on the presentation set, but I doubt you will need it. You have put a lot into this and with the tutelage of Vero and Jean-Louis, I'm positive they have already said it is time. I think it's time for whatever my opinion is worth..... I drove through Memphis and Nashville many years ago and found nothing of interest to suggest. I later went back to both while working some tour in the music business and frankly all I saw was the inside of whatever venue we had a gig at. I also spent a week in New Orleans one night. Fantastic place and Alan has already given you the scoop on what to do and see. Now New York is my old stomping ground, but who knows if any of my old haunts are still around. Find a nice Jewish deli for breakfast, a Chinese place in China Town for lunch and Little Italy for dinner and save room for desert! The South Street seaport used to be a great place to spend a day. Lots of food, shopping, and sight seeing. It's also not far from Battery Park where you can catch the ferry to the Statue Of Liberty island. Check to see if the observation decks are open. The view from inside her head is wonderful. I think the torch deck has been closed for years now. Enjoy the Blade Show and your vacation.
  8. Now all you need is a steamship roast! Nice one Bob.
  9. I just found this posted on the book of faces Javelin - Search the collections (shm.se)
  10. That is the mindset for growth. Nice sword and it's been fun watching the progress along the way on several venues.
  11. Not exactly. Most of it is in boxes waiting for the movers. The large equipment is sitting on the driveway apron waiting as well. They won't move any gasses, chemicals, or liquids, so that stuff is in boxes, buckets, and just waiting for us to move it. @Eric Estlund it's both good and bad. Good that we are finally getting ready to move, and bad because I won't have the new shop set up until around October.
  12. If you need a round cut, get some chainsaw files and see if that works. They are made for filing hardened steel. If you need a flat surface like the knife bevels, and you don't have a belt grinder, I suggest using an angle grinder. They do make attachments for using basically what amounts to a sandpaper disc on a hard plastic wheel.
  13. This is the state of my shop as of yesterday.
  14. That is a really nice bit of forge work Billy.
  15. The last time I checked you can get a 100# tank for about $200. I recently bought a 40# tank for the crucible forge for $130.
  16. We've been using 100# tanks for the shop since I cannot remember when. Easy to assemble the connections with a trip to the local Ace Hardware or Home Depot. They sell all the pipe and fittings. Here is the setup we have coming off the tank. What you can't see is the fitting on the tank going immediately into the adjustable regulator. Our tank feeds two forges and each one operates on a different pressure, so I need an adjustable regulator. If you only have one forge, you can get by with whatever regulator came with that forge. The red shut-off feeds the ribbon burner and the yellow one feeds the venturi burner. Only use 1/4 turn gas rated valves. Do not cheap out and try using a multi-turn gate valve. A word about old propane tanks. All gas tanks are date stamped on the collar with the month/year they were originally certified. The certification is good for 12 years. If the tank is out of date, some places will not refill it. Recertification is expensive and most propane suppliers do not do it for liability reasons.
  17. My standard 15N20 is .063" thick. Yes, the product is inverse from what we normally see in PW where the dark is often thicker than the shiny. Still, even doubling the 1095 to match the 15N20, a 2" thick billet is around 32 layers visually. If you can fit 2.5 inches in your forge, that's 50 layers. Two welding cycles and you are at 150-200 layers.
  18. Lots of reasons these fail, many have been mentioned. I view angle grinders as consumables and have replaced many of them over the years. Here in the States, my favorite brand for long life is Porter Cable. The others seem to just wear out after 3-4 years.
  19. Dude. It hasn't been a year yet. You still have 6 weeks left.
  20. https://cashenblades.com/2021/02/08/1095/ That will get you everything you need to know. I know what I would do with that steel, depending on how wide it is. I would stack that up with some 15N20 and make pattern weld billets out of it. The layer count would be really high realy fast.
  21. That's pretty cool Geoff.
  22. Seriously upping the game Jake. I saw the blade and handle on FB, but that ferrule and sheath! Whoa baby!
  23. Congratulations! Je vous souhaite de nombreuses années de bonheur, de prospérité et de bonheur.
  24. No idea on that anvil, but I like that base. Reminds me of something..... Anyway, I worked on a 200 pound Peter Wright for a long time and recently switched to a 160 pound fisher. The PW was refaced and not very lively and the Fisher is a dream to use. I'm not sure the extra 60 pounds will make that much difference, but the truth is they list the 200 pounder as out of stock. So depending on how much time you have......the choice may already be made.
  25. The big news is the shop building is now onsite! Now to insulate and drywall it.
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