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  1. It's mid-March already. Anyone going to do a KITH this year? I cannot because we are packing the shop to move, but I love watching them happen.

  2. Day one of Blade Show is over. Part one of the mission has been accomplished


    Cert 2.jpg

    1. Alex Middleton

      Alex Middleton

      Congrats Josh!

    2. Bill Schmalhofer

      Bill Schmalhofer

      Just saw this in the status. Congratulations and very well deserved, Josh!

  3. 10 days and counting. As captain Mal said: Looks like a long wait for a train don't come.

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    2. JJ Simon

      JJ Simon

      I have a phrase for this.
      Inconsiderate and inconsistent.
      I run into it all the time.


    3. Joshua States

      Joshua States

      Actually, I don't really mind that he hasn't come through. If he did, that might mean I'm wrong about him. As it stands, the gauntlet has been dropped and I'm just waiting for him to pick it up and prove me wrong. The longer this goes on, the more evidence there is that I am right.

    4. Alan Longmire

      Alan Longmire

      Ah, I know what you're talking about now.  ;)

  4. This may not be news to everyone, but I really thought it was significant enough to share. It looks like the ABS (American Bladesmith Society) has linked to this forum on the official ABS website

    1. Wes Detrick

      Wes Detrick

      Good.  Best forum on the web.

    2. Dave Stephens

      Dave Stephens

      They may faint from the lack of plunge cuts and ricassos on display around here!


    3. Joshua States

      Joshua States

      @Dave Stephens I think they might be making moves toward acceptance of that style. Matthew Parkinson had two such knives in his JS presentation set. Ya never know!

  5. Moving sucks. Packing up a shop to move sucks double.

    1. JJ Simon
    2. Dan P.

      Dan P.

      Done it twice this year, enjoy!

    3. Joshua States

      Joshua States

      @Dan P. only twice? :) The house I'm in right now represents the longest time I have ever lived at a single address, 16 years. When I lived in Boston, I had 14 different addresses in 12 years. Two of them I renewed leases on!

  6. So there I am at the Hidden in the Hills art show today when I see this guy standing in the middle of it all. He's a big burly kind of guy with a camo Tee shirt and full sleeve tattoos, short hair and a thin grey beard. I look at him and say "You look like the kind of guy that needs a good knife". He says "Yeah I am, do you have any?" So I show him into my tent and he starts looking at my work. Turns out he is Louis Krudo of Krudo Knives.

  7. Century Link sucks the big one. No internet service at home. Lightning strike fried the DSL modem. Have to wait for their crappy customer service department to send a new one.

    1. Wes Detrick

      Wes Detrick

      I have to deal with this turds at work for enterprise connectivity for lots of my sites.  I feel your pain.

    2. Richard Furrer

      Richard Furrer

      I am in a rural area and just got Radio broadband (door county broadband) at five times the speed of centurytel for the same money. Will drop them this month and go VOIP for phone. Ric

  8. We just spent 8 days off the grid on our property in New Mexico. Beautiful weather, great setting, and a lot of work. Man, it felt great!

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    2. Wes Detrick

      Wes Detrick

      I appreciate you sending that, but there is no way that my wife would want to live in the sticks.  I wouldn't mind a place in Washington like that.  We shall see for the future.

    3. Joshua States

      Joshua States

      You can come visit when we get it built. The guest house might be an RV trailer though.......

    4. Wes Detrick

      Wes Detrick

      Thanks Josh!  I really appreciate that invite!  

  9. Not for nothing, but the new search engine seems to work pretty well!

  10. There are two very amazed, but very happy New England Patriots fans right here in Arizona!

    1. Collin Miller

      Collin Miller

      I was rooting for the Patriots, simply because I enjoy the chaos.

  11. On the road to Tucson for the gem & mineral show! Time for some serious commerce therapy. That's if I survive the 2 hour drive to Tucson (Liz is driving)

  12. Unfortunately, we lost a very good friend and loved one on Monday. Anthony has crossed the rainbow bridge and entered the great here after. I will miss that guy very much. For those of you interested, he's the little furry fellow in my avatar.

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    2. James Spurgeon

      James Spurgeon

      Sorry for the loss. I lost my "furry fellow" last February so I know that pain.

    3. Brian Dougherty

      Brian Dougherty

      Sorry Joshua, I've been through that recently as well. I feel I have a connection with Anthony because for the longest time I thought your Avitar was a white mouse wearing sunglasses. One day I realized it was a cat, and have chuckled every time I've seen it since :)

    4. Hoy's Forge

      Hoy's Forge

      Sorry about your pet Joshua. Mine had cancer last year, had her 14 years. Irreplacable.

  13. I am so done with the summer heat. Time to head into the mountains. See you all in a few days

    1. Wes Detrick

      Wes Detrick

      I honestly dont know how you stand it. I lived in Vegas for 4 years and I hate the heat.

    2. Joshua States

      Joshua States

      Well, I grew up in the northeast. I deal with the heat here by telling myself that no matter how hot it gets, I never have to shovel the sunshine out of my driveway!

    3. Wes Detrick

      Wes Detrick

      lol, I moved to the PNW for that very reason. Bonus is I love the rain and grey.

  14. At the ABANA conference in Salt Lake this week. This is awesome. There's a separate Blade Making tent with demos by Ray Rybar, Jim Austin (met him today) and David Lisch.

    1. Wes Detrick

      Wes Detrick

      David is a nice guy. I took knife making and blacksmith classes from him.

    2. Joshua States

      Joshua States

      I met him and Mike Quesenberry when they came down to AZ and spent some time at Tim Hancock's place. He's a character.

  15. Going out to our property in New Mexico tomorrow. Going to lay out the cabin, the shop, and meet the well driller.

    1. Wes Detrick

      Wes Detrick

      Is this a permanent move?

    2. Joshua States

      Joshua States

      Eventually, yes.

  16. Contact wheel, or idler wheel?

    1. Caleb Harris

      Caleb Harris

      Contact. I don't know if they actually make them that small, but I'd like something that can fill the functions of both- is that possible?

    2. Joshua States

      Joshua States

      I totally missed this question. I actually forget what you were looking for. I think it was a 2 inch wheel?

  17. I put the emphasis on "in"

  18. Went turkey hunting over the weekend. 3 days in the mountains of New Mexico at 8700+ feet. No turkey in the freezer, but a great three days in the woods!

    1. Jerrod Miller

      Jerrod Miller

      I've had the same luck in E. Washington. I've only seen 3 hens. Great beautiful hikes though.

  19. I don't know squat and I won't get upset if you remind me of that fact.

    1. Wes Detrick

      Wes Detrick

      That's true knowledge man. At least according to Socrates, and I figure he may be on to something.

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