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  1. This is why experienced smiths will go on about choosing the right steel for the application. My guess is you are using a piece of steel that is simply not suitable for the intended use. If the striker steel has the right composition, hardening shouldn't be the thing that really makes it work. What does matter is mostly the iron and partially the carbon contents. None of us can say for certain what that coil spring is, and what the composition is. Choose a different piece of steel. Preferably one that is a simple steel with carbon content at or above .7% and you should have a rocking fire steel.
  2. Speaking from experience, an ice-climbing/mountaineering axe is nothing like a hatchet, and when i think "close combat axe" one of Alan's tomahawks comes to mind. There is the Shepard's axe, which is sort of a utilitarian tool used for hiking staff, mountaineering axe, and general self defense weapon and sheep smacking implement. J A Loose is making a few of these as of late. Not a full tang design though
  3. I have a septic system. If there's fish in there, I don't wanna know about it.
  4. For disposal, can we just flush this stuff down the toilet?
  5. I've been following a couple of these projects. Some very cool ideas. I like this one Matt, nice work.
  6. Very nice work Alan. Always a pleasure to watch this happen.
  7. For some strange reason, I just got the idea to redo the "Four Yorkshiremen" sketch as "Four Archeologists".
  8. Lost socks transform into Tupperware containers with no lids.
  9. We say "You can't fix stupid, but duct tape makes it quieter"
  10. I know I'm a bit late to the party, but that is another good looking axe sir. For reference, These guys make a lot of different axes. The Robin Wood line is around what you are looking for. If she gets into making bowls or dugout canoes....the Gutter adze is useful. Northmen Guild
  11. For some reason I cannot see the photo. The link takes me to an error message
  12. These are looking great Aiden. I have to admit I was quite skeptical of the idea at first, but you may have tapped into a niche market to be exploited.
  13. The marginalia killer rabbit! It can leap....look at the bones!
  14. Could you possibly be any further away from me?
  15. Today I took another shot at forging a ring guard out of a single piece of 416 SS. This has been kicking my butt. However, those bull point thingys Alan suggested a while back make excellent mandrels. Rounding the hole on the mandrel. Normalizing after forging The hole is about 7/8"+ in diameter and the ring is 5/16". 3/16" to 1/4" thick. The guard plate is about 3/8" thick. Lots of shaping to do still.
  16. It has spirit. Charge more for it. A 20ft by 8 ft storage container is about $3K Please do it looks great!
  17. Really nice job. Great WIp thread. Thanks for taking us along on the journey
  18. Yeah, you will find that's not an easily solved problem. Things end up stuffed into a corner and you have to dig them out when you need them. At least, that's how I handle it.......
  19. That rabbit's a killer! It can leap...look at the bones! I don't know how I missed this earlier. That's a really nice piece of work mate.
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