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  1. Good to know. If it works for you all the better. I guess if you are careful and only work hot on it, it will hold up for a good while. "Blacksmiths go to hell for two reasons: Hitting cold steel on their anvil and not charging enough for their work - Mark Aspery"
  2. I just looked at the start of this thread again. It is more than 8 years old, with 5000+ posts and 210 pages! Holy smokes! The amount of info and incredible work contained in this one thread is formidable. I thank all of you who have made it so alive and a wealth of knowledge.
  3. I took that Nakiri to 400 grit. Lovely hamon peeking through.
  4. Love it, especially that sheath. and the handle. and the blade profile......
  5. Fiery Beards is the section for "Tom Foolery".
  6. It's not a question of need, at least not when posed that way. There is a need for authentic, and artistic, "how to" videos, because loads of folks want to learn and don't have the means or accessibility to do it by travelling to a class or other forum. The amount of bad info out there is appalling, and there is a need for solid, experienced teachers presenting good learning opportunities. Besides, when have the odds ever deterred you before? Spinning off of this for a minute. The most watched, and by my metric "successful" videos are the ones that appear in parts. For example: Video #1: Making a Spatha. Part 1 forging the blade Video # 2: Making a Spatha. Part 2 Making the handle Video #3: Making a Spatha. Part 3 Assembly And so on. Most folks have an attention span of about 30 minutes or less. This is why the short format of YT is so wildly popular. If you can hook them on a 20-minute beginning, they will come back to watch parts 2 through X.
  7. VEVOR Cast Iron Anvil 132Lbs Blacksmith Workshop Vise in the Vises department at Lowes.com
  8. Something that I also do on kitchen knives, leaving just a little forge mark here and there. They will dissapear once the patina develops on the blade.
  9. It did finish out beautifully. I may be delusional, but I only see two bars of wrought in the initial weld form, but I see three in the finished hawk. Is that just an illusion?
  10. We have been going through all our stuff and culling it a bit..... There are a few books to give away and I thought someone here might want this one. It's a small book (5 inches by 7 inches by 1/2 inch thick) THIS IS TAKEN Some pics inside Even some clothing history The ISBN tag
  11. I know this feeling all too well. I subscribed to a bunch of channels (including yours) and I don't even have the time or inclination to check for the updates.
  12. My suggestion is: get the kid to do this. If you can find a kid who understands what’s important.
  13. Every student, without exception, signs a waiver form, or has their parents sign it. Go for it! You got this.
  14. I know I'm a little late to the party, but here is my 2 cents. Is the market already overpopulated? Yes Is there always enough room for one more old fart making stuff? You bet! I have a YT channel and I neglect it terribly. I have 500+ subscribers, but that's a pittance compared to most knife makers with channels. It does take a ton of time to plan the video, film it, edit it and then upload it. Equipment needed? Not much. A simple GoPro camera with a hefty SD card and you can make hours of video and the only thing else you will need is a couple extra batteries that you can buy on fleabay. The camera comes with a variety of mounting apparatus and I just clip it to a mic stand and point it at what I'm doing. You can even mount it to your chest with a harness they sell. Video editing? Either get that kid from cinema school or grab a "free" video editor download. I use VSDC Video editor. The first year was free and each year I pay about $16 for a subscription and free upgrades. It does way more than I know how to do and they have video tutorials for doing it. Making money at this is a whole different ballgame. Get enough subscribers and you can sell advertising. Set up an online store with mechandise and link to it on the channel page. Set up a patreon page and get people to send you money to help pay for the videos. All of these things require a large viewer base, and I cannot tell you how to build that except you need to constantly make videos. Like a minimum of one or two per week. YT will start trending your stuff and soon you will apear in everyone's social feeds. Your biggest asset is your name and you need to sell it to make this work. On the lighter side, you have to consider that books go out of print, but the Internet is forever until society collapses and we all die anyway....wait. I thought this was the "lighter" side? Whatever. For posterity and longevity, the internet is where stuff resides for eternity. Even if you make YT videos and post them here (I'm pretty sure they will become pinned posts) they will forever be available to young makers looking to learn. Yeah old guys like me will buy book IV and will it to our descendents, but they will probably take them to the Goodwill Store. The new way to learn is online through YT University. OK. That was more like $2 worth.......
  15. What? No close up shot of that sweet Damascus chef knife?!?!?
  16. That Nakiri didn't survive the quench either, so today I made another pair. I like these much better anyway, so all's well that ends well.
  17. Awesome success Alan. It's a stark contrast to the spectacular quench fail I had this morning.
  18. I had no idea. Can you take a photo?
  19. C'est tres bon monsieur. oserais-je dire, magnifique
  20. Melting glaciers reveal Viking pass hidden for centuries (bbc.com)
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