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  1. Here are my suggestions for the simplest and least expensive way for you to start with the tools and equipment you already have, and some basic additions. Check out this thread By Emiliano Carillo on the small refining hearth. This will get you some smaller products that you can proces on the forging equipment you already have with minimal expenitures on hearth and fuel. For an example of the forging/finishing processes, check out this thread by JJ Simon. When you get that process under control and want to expand the possibilities to multi-bar work, I suggest you spend some time reading this thread by Aiden CC.
  2. Awesome Robert. congrats all around
  3. This is one of those builds that Hancock used to “there’s 1000 ways it can go wrong” well, way 950 and something later… the pommel nut just won’t etch.
  4. I watched this come alive on social media. Just a fantastic bit of creativity. Bravo!
  5. This is something we all tend to forget. Thanks for reminding us!
  6. Well, this is sharpened and assembled. Just a few teaser shots before I start on the sheath. Some mid-blade shots of the PW. A close-up of the guard texture. And the pomell. It didn't hide the pin as well as I had hoped.
  7. Is there a picture of it burning? I think 200K BTU might be a bit small for a gas forge.
  8. I also tend to use slightly longer (8-10 minute) cycles
  9. I drilled a 1/4” hole in a chunk of 416 SS and pushed the hose through the hole. It’s a tight squeeze and the weight is impervious to the ferric giving credit where it is due, I learned this from the late Tim Hancock
  10. I am liking those bold, low-layer twists more and more.
  11. Thanks for the explanation. Sounds like you have created a nice niche for yourself.
  12. Yeah, spalted woods are always kind of dicey, even the stablized ones. The ironwood looks great, even better than the original. Good on you for honoring the repair. A good reputation is difficult to make. A bad reputation is impossible to loose.
  13. Well it certainly looks like you won that fight! I saw this one popping up on Fb and it turned out pure gorgousness!
  14. Time in the etch? Do you agitate the ferric?
  15. Lurk no more! I really like that last one and the slip joint with the iron bolsters and yew handle. I'mcurious about the "UK legal" tag. What criteria do the knives have to follow?
  16. The truth is, I have a mic stand in my shop that comes in handy for all sorts of stuff, not least of which is holding the phone to take pics & videos. I just forget about it sometimes....
  17. The guard is shaped, etched and blued. Front side Back side
  18. It's funny that you mentioned that. I have been seriously considering flattening them a bit. Right now this handle is over .80" thick. I'd like to get it down to .65"
  19. I like both of them, but I'm a sucker for dovetailed bolsters
  20. So the handle got shaped. I may still thin it down a little more though. The finial got turned and groud down to resemble the coffin shape. (a butt strike will be like getting stabbed with a flat head screwdriver). The tang extension got threaded and everything fits together nicely. Side view Full shot I etched all the pieces parts yesterday which was almost catastrophic. (note to self: remember to check the threaded rod used is really the stainless steel one and not the zinc plated one) I have to re-etch the guard again due to some minor zinc plating...... Now I will file work the liners.
  21. Birchwood Casey cold blue paste. Not the liquid. It comes in a tube. These pieces were also etched in ferric before bluing. That brings the grain up.
  22. I've done it. Before bluing After bluing I have to say, my cold bluing technique is atypical. I don't just apply it to the piece. I apply it hot, like around 150-200F, wipe off the excess with a paper towel and bake it for 10 minutes. Repeat.
  23. Nice! That came out really well......hope everything else does too!
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