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  1. Don't worry, you will. I think they are self reproducing sometimes. I find piles of them in odd corners of the shop...…. Looking good Gary. I love making scrapmascus.
  2. Bummer. I was rooting for you. I cannot say for sure why the file crumbled. That's a puzzler. The delamination of the giant saw blade could be that the blade had a coating on it that buggered the weld. A lot of those large bandsaw type blades are coated with a substance that provides friction resistance for ease of cutting. It is death to forge welding. When ever I use old bandsaw blades, I always burn them first and wire wheel them clean.
  3. This is previously smelted material that you ran through a short stack for refinement? Did I get that right?
  4. Ditto what Alan said. That video also shows you how small the tang can be compared to the blade size.
  5. The only thing I can think of to use old small needle files would be a can of powdered steel or steel filings. The bundling, welding the ends and twisting might work, but I'd be pretty worried about creating a bundle of loosely wrapped slag inclusions. Maybe if you heated them up and flattened them down, you could stack them effectively. Then, once they were welded into a small bar, combine that bar with another larger file or two into a billet?
  6. I have only done one of these handles, so I feel your pain. I was lucky enough to do mine under the supervision of Matthew Parkinson, in a classroom setting. My pommel is removable, held on by a threaded end nut and tang.
  7. How on Earth did I miss this? Looking great Pieter.
  8. I just saw this. Very fine work sir. Is that scabbard wooden with a leather wrap?
  9. Yes indeed. Welcome aboard Bjorn. Not being anything other than a rank amateur at swords myself, there's not much I can offer in terms of constructive criticism. The only thing I can offer is in the handle where the leather wrap rolls up on the ends. Was that intentional? I usually see that tucked in and under the guard or pommel.
  10. I'd like to see how that works. Both for the quiver and for this Seax.
  11. For the suspension, I think you will need one or two more of those copper rings. I have seen these long scabbards done 2 ways, The first ties all thee rings to a single loop and the other ties the top two and leaves a third ring to a separate loop
  12. What a great piece of work there Rob. This has been a wonderful WIP to follow along, watching your journey through the completion. I also learned a lot from watching this and seeing how you progressed through the different parts. I hope Alan pins this thread.
  13. CSST (corrugated stainless steel tubing) gas lines like this one, are rated to 37 psi operating pressure. I don't think I have ever run either of my forges above 8 psi.
  14. I am totally and completely unable to find the words. This is absophucenlootly amazing. Pure finitiob Rob.
  15. Seriously true. The WIP post that made me want to do this collaboration took something like 4 months and it was worth every minute. So hang on gents, this could take some time!
  16. Dayum that's nice. There's only one thing about it that bugs me, and it's a really personal pet peeve with folders for me. That's the visible spring notch on the blade in the closed position. I know it's perfectly acceptable in the folder world. It just bugs me.
  17. Hmmm....Not sure if I jinxed you or brought you luck! I packing this up tonight and will have it out in the mail by Friday.
  18. I was thinking about making something that could be used for knife making, or rather sheath making. I would suggest a leather worker's knife for the 2020 KITH. Head knife, Skiving knife, Tooling knife, groover, edger, etc. Get ourselves in the "make your own tools" mindset.
  19. That's true to an extent. I still have handmade blades with none of that. In this particular case, it's more a function of the wrought iron.
  20. They are both 1" wide. The long one is 5.25" long. The little one is 3.25" long.
  21. Having one of the 6 inch wide grinding wheels would make that a little bit easier......
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