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  1. This from Peter Johnnson. He shared this on FB and I thought there might just be a little interest in this Vid. I had no idea how well preserved some of this is.
  2. Het Zeb, that blade looks multi-bar twists. Like 7 bars? Nice welding job.
  3. Yeah there's that. Push yourself. Try new things. Take risks and test your limits. These are things I do wen I have ample time, not when I'm on a tight schedule.
  4. And, in keeping with tradition...……..
  5. Go man Go! This is looking great Garry.
  6. I just completed a Turkish Twist (see photo above) with 4 bars and thought I would post the process. It all starts with a normal billet of alternating steels that gets forge welded together. This gets drawn out into thin bars anywhere from about 1/2" square to 3/4" square (or whatever you are comfortable twisting). I had enough steel to make two bars 5/8" square and 30"-35" long. You then need to create opposite twists in the bars. For this project, I only needed one of those bars, so I twisted half of it to the right and the other half to the left. I then cut that into 4 pieces, two of them left twist and the other two right twist. I then flattened them back into (mostly) square shape. Grind the mating surfaces clean and parallel. If you have a work rest on your 2x72, make sure it is square to the platen. Keep the same side down when grinding opposing sides. This will make the two ground sides (mostly) parallel. Stack the bars alternating the twists and tack weld or wire them them together. Reweld the 4 bars to each other. When you are confident the welds have taken, hammer the faces flat again. Now I have a 8" long bar that is 1-1/4" wide, and about 3/8" thick. It will take some serious grinding to flatten out and get enough depth for the Stars to come out in the top bar, but the bevels will expose the stars in the lower bars. I will probably forge in the tang, point, and the choil so that the bars follow the contours, but you can also just do stock removal. In the knife above, I did not forge the point. You can see the lower bars just disappear. I did forge the choil and you still see all 4 bars in the ricasso.
  7. Doh! Mr. O'blivious strikes again.
  8. Totally intimidating design...... I have a couple of nice Pyrenean Boxwood blocks that I am waiting for a project to do some more wood carving. (Petr Floiniak and Jake Cleland both like boxwood. I think it was Petr who called it "antler for vegetarians") It's not dark by any stretch of the imagination, but it is a nice gold color. I do have a bunch of elk antler. It's really pithy so that's a maybe. I do have some ivory......hmm. Risky business, that would look cool. I love tossing ideas around and seeing what pops up. 2 people come up with 4 times as many ideas a s 1 person. I like the moon motif. Not sure about the northern lights. I have seen the lights and cannot visualize how to get that in the carving. Maybe in a few years after a hundred or so more carving attempts. Go for it. I'm open to suggestion on this one. I had this idea of making a Seax type of blade and carving the face of Hel in the handle. I would call it "Hel's Defier". This is all going to sit for a while (along with everything else I've been working on) as I just scored a commission that's due in October. I spent yesterday making the steel.
  9. Dayum man. What do you say guys? Can This guy draw or what! What are all those fiddly bits in the second drawing?
  10. It worked out well the first time, so here we go again
  11. Robert, It depends on what style of knife I would make. For the Seax/Viking type of blade with no ricasso: In the picture below, the area in the blue square gets forged into a tang, the part behind the existing plunge cuts gets ground into more bevel eliminating plunge cuts. For a more Bowie/Fighter with a ricasso, the are in the red square becomes the ricasso, the partial beveled area below it gets cut out, and the blue area and part between the blue and red, gets forged into a tang. A couple today.
  12. I could put it through a light etch tomorrow. Will post another pic. Hmm. I could do that for either project, maybe even both.
  13. Are you asking about this piece of steel, or some future knife that someday I'll send your way? For this piece of steel, I am still open to ideas. I am getting fond of that straight spine style of blade recently and those Sami knives seem to have a lot of that.
  14. I have been trying to find a "finished by" date in the threads, and I am coming up with nada. I do not believe we ever really set a date. Can anyone find the post where it is written?
  15. Seriously? I have been waiting for you to make a suggestion for this piece of steel, and you ask about working bone?
  16. I'm thinking this piece of steel isn't the one for collaboration. I'm thinking of making another blade and using this, or something from here, for inspiration.
  17. By "next winter" you do mean like November 2020, right?
  18. Done. Someday I'll send you a blade and ask you to put a handle on it. Someday later, you can send it back and tell me how much you want for the work.
  19. Personally, I think a 5 inch blade makes the perfect all around field utility knife. I really like that sculpted handle Gary.
  20. Do you have an angle grinder? There are lots of guys who do the rough grinding with one of those. You can get flap wheels in assorted grits for the clean up too.
  21. I bought 2 of them. Have you ever worn one when it's 120*F in your shop? In the ER after dying the eyeball and poking around with the black light, the PA couldn't see anything. Then she ordered the X-ray to see if there was anything imbedded. They took the X-ray of the whole head. It came back negative. Nothing to see in there. Two days later I was in the Ophthalmologist's office. He didn't see anything either except a big cut across the eyeball. All good here.
  22. I don't know if everyone got that. I started laughing.
  23. Truthfully speaking, as we all know, the "deadline" is more of a guideline. Anyway, @Zeb Camper you were supposed to make a Puukko, not a sword. I think, if you petition the group to extend, you will find enough support.
  24. Isn't there a small chunk of that bar left over?
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