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  1. I peeled the forms off those burners, made a satanite flare for the sword forge burner, and cut a small propane bottle down for a crucible forge.
  2. I decided it was time to cast a new ribbon burner for the forge. While I was at it, I decided to make a couple of smaller ribbons for some other forges in the works.
  3. These are all glued up and ready to sharpen. Three leather working knives And three wood carving chisels I rather like these, so I will throw one set of three into the KITH. Whomever draws my project picks which set they want.
  4. Absolutely looking good.
  5. It's difficult to see in the photo, but I think I got the layout right this time
  6. You are in unknown territory. Make a map and bring it back so we can follow it someday!
  7. You really do need to develop a maker's mark. It's well past time
  8. So after a couple of ferric etches, and stenciling my marks, I did my bluing and here the blades are. The little finger saddle has a nice ladder pattern Now to glue them up and sharpen them.
  9. I come back to this thread and just gaze in awe at some of these specimens. Another thing I need to try. Damn you Daniel Cauble!
  10. Good stuff here Bill. This is a great project.
  11. Thanks jake. A sanding we will go, a sanding we will go! On another note, how common are fulers on these blades?
  12. Well, Even though this handle will probably not be the finished one, I think I will keep carving it, just for the practice. I started roughing it out the other day and have gotten this far along. I still need to get in there with a needle file and smooth some surfaces.
  13. Onward we go....... After taking the surfaces to 220 grit. Then it was time to make the handles. I took some quilted maple and turned them out on the lathe. Then I ground the tangs down to fit inside the 3/16" holes. The finish on the tools is 400 grit in preparation for etching. The handle finish is also 400 grit with some light Pecan stain and Danish oil
  14. That's a unique handle design. Was there a particular inspiration for that? I ran into this problem early on using stencils for my maker's mark. I developed this technique. Put blue painter's tape on 3 sides of the stencil and etch. When you want to check the etch, peel back the two sides, leaving the strip across the bottom in place. You can now clean and check the etch. If it needs more, the bottom strip is holding the stencil exactly where it needs to be to reallign with the original etch. Just tape it back down and go again. Nice work on those knives. Keep it up.
  15. I'm also with Geoff and Alan on this. If you want to reach out to Don, his contact info is listed on the ABS website under Master Smiths. https://www.americanbladesmith.org/membership-account/profile/?pu=don-fogg
  16. I like that. The different finishes on diferent facets/planes always gives the knife more visual appeal.
  17. I make a metal template for everything. All my blades, folders, handle frames, and even solid handles. I do this just in case someone wants me to make a copy of a knife I previously made. However rare that is, it has happened twice. For folders, it's also a good opportunity to try the design out in mild steel (HC for the spring template) and work the bugs out before making a finished product. These six look good.
  18. Nice find. Thanks for posting
  19. This is a really nice knife. Well done. This is getting to be a thing around the forum. The handle is supurb Jake.
  20. So, there are these little wheels for rotary tools made by Cratex, and there are cheaper knock-offs out there. Norton abrasives also make their own version. It's basically abrasives bonded into rubber in varying grits, different shapes, and thicknesses. These make polishing stuff like small fullers, domed pins, plunge cuts, etc. a lot easier. https://www.cratex.com/tools-fits-dremel https://www.riogrande.com/product/tools--equipment/polishing--finishing/?Material=Rubber https://www.ottofrei.com/search?keywords=cratex
  21. I should have checked this BEFORE I started cutting.......
  22. I had a very busy and productive day. It helps that I have half-finished projects lying around collecting dust.....So I started a new project (KITH entry) and spent some time working on my Dirk handle while the KITH stuff was in the tempering oven.
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