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  1. Nice find. Thanks for posting
  2. This is a really nice knife. Well done. This is getting to be a thing around the forum. The handle is supurb Jake.
  3. So, there are these little wheels for rotary tools made by Cratex, and there are cheaper knock-offs out there. Norton abrasives also make their own version. It's basically abrasives bonded into rubber in varying grits, different shapes, and thicknesses. These make polishing stuff like small fullers, domed pins, plunge cuts, etc. a lot easier. https://www.cratex.com/tools-fits-dremel https://www.riogrande.com/product/tools--equipment/polishing--finishing/?Material=Rubber https://www.ottofrei.com/search?keywords=cratex
  4. I should have checked this BEFORE I started cutting.......
  5. I had a very busy and productive day. It helps that I have half-finished projects lying around collecting dust.....So I started a new project (KITH entry) and spent some time working on my Dirk handle while the KITH stuff was in the tempering oven.
  6. I started this project today. I'm still not sure how this will end up as a KITH entry. There are two sets of 3 tools each set in this mix. I may offer one of the sets or both. I'll probably decide, after I find out whether this works or not. First thing to do was dig through the Damascus cut-offs for usable pieces. I also ended up salvaging this little piece of Flat stock for one of the tools. Then I set myself to forging them into submission. Rough grind to 120 done. That little bit of flat stuff was center drilled, shaped, and curved. Welded those suckers to a piece of scrap flat bar in preparation for HT. And they got hardened and tempered.
  7. Busy day in the shop today. While a few odd things were in the tempering oven, iworked on the shaping and layout for the carving. First off, I will unashamedly admit that the design is stolen from our resident Dirkmaester, Jake Cleland and I am using his desaign form the Georgian Dirk. Jake's work has been a source of great inspiration (and envy) for me. Anyway, Here is where I made it to today. After rounding the haunches and isolating the main core a bit, I laid out the knotwork. Side view After putting the grace lines in the body area. I kind of messed up with my layout. I used a 4:6 spiral and it doesn't flow correctly. I'm too bushed to lay it our again so it is what it is.
  8. A wonderful journey. Thanks for taking us along
  9. The other option is some round rod the same diameter, or slightly less than the fuller. Bend a short section at the end of the rod at a slight angle and wrap the sand paper around the short part. This can be pretty aggressive,
  10. Do you own a rotary tool? (Dremel, Foredom. etc.)
  11. Inspired by the holdfast video/thread that Niels Provos put up, I reworked my Pritchel hold down. It hardened up nicely too!
  12. The obligatory modeling pic
  13. So it's time to dust this one off and get back to work on it. I spent some time reshaping the handle today. I'll probably curve the top of the haunches next.
  14. I made the sheath, also the cutomer's design. He wanted a cross draw that rode high at an angle. The concho matches the ones on his saddle.
  15. Seriously outside the box. I like it
  16. I did some leather work on a sheath over the weekend. This little Ulu I made as part of the 1 cubic inch challenge works wonderfully well as a head knife.
  17. Thank you Mr. Dunlap. It's always nice to see someone using the information I post and doing well with it. Blind pins AND a Damascus frame????? You go brother! Nice work.
  18. So this is a pocket knife kind of thing, right? How thick is it?
  19. There is some seriously cool stuff happening here. Recreation of an ancestor's sword that was started by a different ancestor, recreation of a millenia old sword started a decade and a half ago, cooking steaks over the refinement furnace, Japanese sword quenching, crazy san-mai and a steak knife for that steak.... You guys rock!
  20. Let's say the answer to this question is "yes" or "sort of yes". What does this do for you? What are you trying to determine the temperature for?
  21. Holy smokes that's a nice anvil! I wouldn't even wire brush that. It does look like it's never seen any action at all.
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