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  1. It's called a KSO. I don't mean that in a bad way. We all made these in the beginning, and we made plenty of them. The upswept blade is reminiscent of some butcher knives I have seen. The way I avoid this is to start with thicker stock than I want to finish with. As the bevel is forged in, the length grows and the tip starts to rise. I then forge the spine toward the point, making the spine thinner and the blade longer. This pushes the point back down. I forge by switching from bevel to spine until I have the blade length and width I desire. You could take that blob off the heel of the handle and grind a little more to develop a bird head there. This would push that pin hole more toward the center, reduce the handle length to a manageable size, and not risk having a large piece of handle without any mechanical connection. Honestly, I don't know why we all start with full-tang handles. The prevailing myth is that they are easier than partial tangs and they aren't.
  2. I have one that is currently forged and rough ground, waiting for HT. I really should finish that someday.... How thick did you make yours at the spine?
  3. I am immediately reminded of "The cliffs of Insanity!". Great pics Charles.
  4. Forgive me Earthman, I have been asleep for the last 8 million years and know little of these surf punk bands and barbers named Floyd of which you speak....... Most of the two decades between 1967-1987 are a fuzzy blur caused by the trendy chemical amusement aids of the times. Nice looking lake, and yes, getting out there is often a much needed venture.
  5. Stop slacking........ You are killing it man
  6. Aesthetically speacking, I think the herringbone twisted core with crushed W's on the edge bars would look best.
  7. Zeb! I am so happy to see that the rumors of your quitting the bladesmith game were largely exagerated. Good to see you back at the anvil. You still got it man.
  8. That's a nice horn in the background on the table. Where did you get that?
  9. I typically bronze braze my tang extensions or threaded rods for take-down handles. It's never under much stress to start with and bronze brazing is vey strong. If you brazed an 1/8" rod on there that would make a peened rivet about twice the diameter on the pomell cap.
  10. I'm wondering if it's the paint or the school you prefer.........
  11. Another beutiful creation sir!
  12. Really nice job on that desk @Don Abbott I had a desk that that all through elementary school, except the ones we used, had an inkwell in the upper righthand corner. Yes, I am that old!
  13. A little late to this one, but another option is to braze a piece of brass or bronze rod on there. Then when you peen it against the wrought iron cap, you will have this little gold colored florette in the center of that wrought. You could even use a center punch or a nail set and dimple the brass/bronze and make it textured.
  14. Some of the wood carver groups I frequent said that really tight grained wood is what you want. They suggested fruit woods.
  15. I finished putting my cucible foge togethe and poued the efactory. Built in an old BBQ size propane bottle. Maybe in a week or two I will get the burner fired up.
  16. Truth be told: I gave up on using this handle after I finished the haunch knot. I knew back then that this was only the practice run.
  17. Because I only show you the good parts! Today I indexed the pomell cap to the handle and set blind pins so I could align the design with the blade. I also cast a bronze rod and turned the finial from it. The plan is to set a ruby in the small divot on the finial. This is done for now. I will be doing most of this over agaian as there are too many little things that I don't like and won't let this out of the shop. Besides, I broke the handle and had to glue it back together for these photos........ I took a commission of sorts that is really going to push my limits. It has a due date of late December and will take every bit of time between now and then.
  18. I didn't know if I should post this here, or in the history forum. I was familiar with his political podcasts and videos, but I didn't realize that he was a British Isles history buff as weel. I thought this was worth the watching. The title is pure clickbait........very little of the video is about the Great heathen Army.
  19. Horn tempura! Who would have thought?
  20. The fishmouth weld is not that difficult to do. The trick is making sure the inside sides of the V are the same length. Some folks say to curve the inside edges, but I don't think that's necessary and it increases the chances that the lengths will differ. A few years ago, I posted the process I use somewhere on the forum. This is the first one I did. and the process has worked for me every time on blades large and small.
  21. This project just keeps improving every step of the way. I haven't seen this one before. I've been exercising my Google-Fu and came up empty. Any stats on this anywere?
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