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  1. Yes. It's commonly used for laundry, but smiths found a better use for it
  2. After looking through all my options, I've decided to use bubble alumina for the floor along with coated fire bricks as a sacrificial floor. All of these options were really insightful and definitely things I'll be looking into, but my best personal option is to just suck it up and cut firebricks to fill that 6" gap. Thanks for all of your suggestions, it's amazing how much I learn from this forum!
  3. I'm not completely opposed to using a hard fire brick on the floor, but the bricks I find are typically 9" and the steel tool box I'm re purposing for the forge body is 15" long. I would just cut another brick to meet the missing 6", but I'd rather just have an insboard shelf I can slide in and out. I'm thinking the best way would be to coat the board in bubble alumina and replace it when necessary.
  4. I'm thinking of coating the floor of the forge with bubble alumina and putting a hard fire brick down on top of it. I'll get the that dam effect while hopefully minimizing damage to the lining. I was doing some googling today and saw some people posting about a refractory called "Pyramid Super air set" that reportedly is completely flux resistant and is rated for 4000f. I did my poking around through google and found out that the company that makes it went under. Is anyone still making a refractory similar to this?
  5. I'm making my new forge and I'm thinking of using insboard as a sacrificial floor on top of 2" thick inswool. The typical hard firebricks I find that I used for the floor of my last forge aren't long enough for this one. Would insboard make a good replaceable floor, should it be coated, or is this a bunk idea entirely? Thanks for any help you can give.
  6. I bought a harbor freight 8 gallon 125 psi air compressor a while back to operate a mini forge press. I used it once the day I got it to test it out with the air hydraulic jack before I had the press built with it. Flash forward to today when I have the press ready for its first test run and the air compressor won't start. It seems pretty clear to me that it's because I have an outdoor shop where my best option was to keep it safely covered with a tarp, yet still outdoors. On the off chance it's not because water somehow found its way through the tarp, do any of you have an idea what else it could be? Like a specific part that would be damaged by hypothetical water that I could replace rather than buying a whole new compressor? UPDATE: I'll be the first to admit I know very little about most tools. Air compressors are on that list. So I found a ray of hope when I discovered the reset button. When I push the button and switch the compressor on, I hear the motor hum for a second before switching off. Does this hint at a problem with the startup capacitor?
  7. I swear, every time I quit blacksmithing it's because my shop sucks

  8. I did my inspection yesterday, and after knocking out some loose rust I determined that there was nothing blocking the flow. I'm thinking I have to chalk this up to strong winds and my outdoor shop not working well together. Thanks for all the suggestions, I'm now assured that my burner hasn't become a pipe bomb.
  9. My shop is outdoors, and I actually think you hit the nail on the head. I'll take some pictures tomorrow and try to give everything a cleaning, but I know from trying to clean it in the past that the parts aren't going to unscrew.
  10. I was out in the backyard shop waiting for my forge to get warmed up, when I started noticing my burner makeing a worrying noise here and there. It sounded like the burner was still pumping out gas and sucking in air, but the roaring sound of the flame would cut out every so often. I've used this burner for a long time and used the same model previously, and both had this in common. Is this something I should be worried about? Both burners are considerably rusty since they're only protected by a tarp that's seen better days, and I'm wondering if that's the cause of the problem. I kept imagining my tank and forge exploding in my face, so I shut down the forge before it was even preheated and haven't gone back out since. I just want to know if I'm dealing with a time bomb.
  11. I've heard that that's a common method, but their are no open junk yards or anything like that around me. We have something called the Trading Post, and I remember seeing an old charcoal grill in there. Fingers crossed that it still is.
  12. Oh, I didn't think of the thickness. Thanks, I think I'll end up using an old charcoal grill instead.
  13. I was given a spring form pan that would be good to use as a firepot, but I'm not sure if it's stainless or galvanized. The hinge shows signs of rust, but the pan itself is rust free. I put a magnet to it to see if there was a zinc layer that wouldn't attract it, but it stuck without any issue. However, I know this rule doesn't apply if the zinc layer isn't thick enough or if certain other galvanizing methods are used. I looked up the company name that's stamped on it (Rowoco), but they don't have this pan listed anywhere. Does anyone know a way to test this instead of just heating it up and watching for smoke?
  14. I am on Facebook and I'll definitely be looking him up.
  15. I've been trying to get my hands on a mini forge press for a while now, and have come to the conclusion that I have no interest in making one. After the headache that was my forge build, I've since decided that it saves me time and hassle to just buy my tools rather than make terrible imitations. The only problem is that I can't seem to find anyone that's selling mini forge presses. When I do my google searches and read through threads all I find are people talking about how to make them, but never who is selling them. Can anyone point me in the direction of someone who sells mini forge presses? I don't need anything big or fancy, just something to speed up drawing and forge welding and in the ball park of 20 ton output. Any help is much appreciated.
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